The Perfect Bike Setup for Women: 5 Tips for Maximum Comfort 

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Although the world of bikes is still very male-dominated in terms of products available on the market, there are some great women-specific items and hacks out there to improve comfort when riding a bike for women.

These women-specific cycling products and hacks are not just for lycra-clad women who want to ride fast on skinny tires.

Thankfully, there’s a great way to ensure maximum comfort regardless of what bike you ride or why you choose pedal power. 

These tips often won’t break the bank either! 

Women bike fit

1. Consider a Bike Fit 

Okay, I know we just said it won’t break the bank, and this one may be expensive, but it could be completely life-altering. 

Therefore, the cost is very much worth it.

Bike fitting is available all over the world and is also available for all styles of bikes.

Essentially, a professional bike fitter will fit you to your bike and adjust it to fit you and your specific needs after a consultation covering your flexibility and issues you may have.

A bike fit will also make you more efficient at pedaling and getting more out of your current bike.

Another great aspect of a bike fit commonly complained about by women is the saddle fitting.

Bike fits often advise on a saddle that suits your body and needs.

Bicycle seat

2. Comfy Saddle 

The last point brings us to our next top tip: finding a saddle that you find comfy.

What others find comfortable doesn’t necessarily matter, as women’s bodies differ greatly. Therefore, it is very important to test different saddles out. 

But a comfy saddle that suits you will make a whole world of difference. 

No one likes to be numb or sore in the nether regions, especially while riding a bike!

But you don’t have to, and many saddle companies and bike shops will let you test saddles and offer saddle fitting services.

Therefore, there’s no excuse; you don’t have to suffer in silence. Everyone in the cycling industry knows how common saddle issues are, so you can rest assured that your issues will be handled carefully and taken seriously. 

Padded cycling shorts

3. Comfy Padded Shorts That Suit You 

Moving swiftly on to another cracking piece of advice that your bottom will be very grateful for is finding a comfy pair of padded cycling shorts that suit you.

Online bike retailers can be a great place to start, but going into a local bike shop is also a good way to get a feel for the materials and see the padding, also referred to as a chamois, so that you can see the thickness and thus which brand may suit you.

All brands differ in terms of the padding they offer, both in thickness and pattern, so it’s recommended to look within the shorts to see if they are thick enough for your needs. 

Once again, it’s important to reinforce that women are all built differently, making padded cycling short selection, just like saddle choice, incredibly specific to the individual. 

Couple your chosen pair of padded cycling shorts with a comfy saddle, and numbness and bottom pain will be a thing of the past.

women wearing cycling gloves

4. Padded Gloves

Now for potentially our lowest cost tip: padded gloves.

Many women notice pain in the palms of their hands when riding a bike, which is why padded gloves are another great tip for ensuring maximum comfort. 

Padded gloves can come in a range of sizes and designs. Some are women-specific, and others are unisex; as long as they fit, the gender specification doesn’t matter.

Some are short-fingered (often called mitts), which are great for warmer climates, and there are also long-fingered gloves, which are more suited to cooler climates.

The padding in these gloves has been explicitly positioned to reduce numbness and provide a cushion for the palms of your hands.

This padding is great at reducing the impact of vibrations from the road that occur when riding along.

Not to mention that padded gloves also provide warmth, which can help maximize comfort.

Sports bra

5. The Right Sports Bra

Okay, this one may seem uncommon, but sports bras may be one of the most overlooked comfort aspects of women’s cycling or any sport.

Finding a sports bra that fits you correctly and gives you the support you need for your chosen activity will make a difference in comfort. 

This is true for both women on either end of the spectrum in terms of breast size. 

Sports bras are often too restrictive, negatively impacting breathing or not offering the right support.

Therefore, finding the right sports bra to suit you and your needs can be life-altering when it comes to maximizing comfort. 

Many sports bra brands now come with size charts that match up with standard bra sizing; therefore, getting measured properly and matching that to your sizing and support needs should ensure you find the sports bra you need.

Women shouldn’t experience pain or discomfort when doing something as joyous as riding a bike. 

Small changes can result in some really drastic changes. 

Therefore, these five tips for maximum comfort will help you be pain-free when out on two wheels, no matter your riding style.

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