6 Things Female Cyclists Are Tired of Hearing 

Female cyclist

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Countless women worldwide who ride bikes are probably used to hearing certain annoying comments about their bike and/or cycling knowledge.

You know the type of comments: mansplaining about how to do simple mechanics or unsolicited advice that was not wanted.

They may initially seem comical, but they can become annoying and infuriating after a while.

Well, enough is enough, we say.

If you are someone who does this, STOP.

If you are someone who encounters this rubbish, then we are sure you can relate to our list of the top 6 Things Female Cyclists Are Tired of Hearing.

Please let us know if we have missed anything and how you deal with this nonsense! 

female cyclist bicycle seat

1. ‘You Need to Put Your Saddle Up / Down’

Wow, I didn’t realize that you were a bike-fitting professional.

Stop telling women how they should have their saddle and what height it should be. Unless they are asking for advice, this information is not wanted.

If women had an issue, they would vocalize it and ask for your opinion or go to a professional bike fitter to get advice from someone qualified to do so.

So, if you have not been asked, don’t say. Women don’t need more mansplaining in society. Kindness, sure. But condescending remarks on how women should use their own possessions are boring. 

Imagine someone told you every day that your glasses didn’t suit your face, even though you love those glasses, and picked them out yourself. You would be annoyed and fed up with the comments because it’s no one’s business. 

Much like women’s preferred saddle height isn’t yours. Simple. 

female cyclist with bicycle

2. ‘You Need a Different Size Bike’

Another super annoying remark that is seldom asked for.

Let’s spell this one out real clear: unless a woman has remarked that she is really uncomfortable on a bike, leave her be.

Sure, maybe the bike is the wrong size to you, but if she is comfortable and can ride it, then there isn’t any issue.

Women are more than capable of researching bike sizing advice or asking industry professionals for advice if they need it. 

So, if you haven’t been asked, don’t say.

Once again, no one wants your unsolicited advice. 

female cyclist fast

3. ‘You’re Fast, For a Woman’


It is potentially one of the most condescending comments female cyclists hear.

It’s not the compliment you may feel it is. 

Telling a woman that she’s fast despite her biological sex is incredibly rude. What does it matter? 

Women can ride their bikes at their own pace, and being fast or not isn’t something anyone needs to validate. 

So leave them be. 

Let women ride at their own pace and enjoy riding their bikes. 

Grown women can decide the speed they want to ride at, and if they want to know the speed, they can check their bike computer, which is far more accurate than you.

If not, leave her alone. K. Thanks. Bye.

female cyclist

4. ‘You should change gear’

Another classic piece of unsolicited advice that women often complain of hearing.

Once again, it’s up to the individual what gear they prefer riding in.

Whoever you are, if you are comfortable and enjoying yourself, that’s all that matters.

Even if someone is spinning a lot or sloughing, they should research or seek advice if they feel they need it.

So if they haven’t asked, don’t say it.

Female cyclist

5. Anything Surrounding Body Type

Oh, sorry, I didn’t realize women have to look a certain way in the world of patriarchy to enjoy riding a bike!? 

Any comment on body composition, build, height, weight loss, weight gain: women are tired of it. Don’t say it; don’t comment on women’s muscular legs or how slim they may be. 

Women’s bodies, their choice. It’s nothing to do with anyone. Let women enjoy riding their bikes and being happy without people commenting on their aesthetics and body composition. 

It’s none of your business.

female cyclist style

6. ‘You Can’t Wear That While Riding Your Bike’

Errr… Yes, they can.

Whatever anyone chooses to wear—lycra, a suit, waterproofs, a skirt—it’s all cycling kit.

Women should wear what they want and in what they feel comfortable. 

Once again, it’s not your business and not your issue. So leave them to look fabulous and feel great while doing what they love and getting from A to B. 

Expressing individual style and feelings through what women wear is their decision. 

Not yours.

This isn’t PE class at school, and there’s no set uniform. This is the real world, so mind your own business. 

Honestly, people need to mind their own business.

What you can do to avoid being that person is only give advice when asked.

DO NOT comment on people’s bodies.

Be kind and help promote the great activity that is cycling!

Making comments like these can put women off cycling, and that’s really not okay.

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