Best Hybrid Electric Bikes under £1000 for Commuters [Top 3 in 2020]

Best Hybrid Electric Bikes under £1000 for Commuters [Top 3 in 2020]

You’ve been there hundreds of times before. You’ve taken your bike to work again and there you are now, sat at your desk drenched in sweat.

Or, perhaps you’re thinking of packing in the cycle to and from work because you’re too old, or not fit enough, to put your body through it, especially up that daunting hill every day.

Fortunately, if you can relate to any of these issues on your own commute, then there is a new type of bike just for you.

Electric bikes (or ‘E-bikes’) are perfect for commuters who keep running in to these kinds of issues. And while they may cost a little more than usual, you can’t put a price on comfort.

One of the many benefits of electric bikes is that they are fitted with a battery-powered motor, which give you a much-needed boost; a welcome relief particularly for those navigating steeper stretches or on longer commutes.

And despite this help they will give you, studies show that using an E-bike is just as beneficial to your fitness as regular cycling. After all, it’s still exercise.

What’s more, E-bikes comes with built-in sensors which track the amount of ‘pedal pressure’ you’re applying, and adjust the battery power accordingly so that none of it is wasted.

Likewise, hybrid electric bikes are ideal for commutes, because in many cases, they work just as efficiently on-road as they do off-road with suspension.

Here are three of the best hybrid electric bikes you can find less than £1000:

Aerobike Mens’ Hybrid eBike (£769.99)

With Torque sensors and an in-built computer system to monitor your pedalling, this model from Aerobike will give as much of a helping hand as you could ask for.

When the computer thinks you’re needing a bit of a push, it will tell the motor in the front wheel to get going, making it easier for you to pedal uphill or cycle longer distances.

And if you’re not the most confident with using your bike’s gears, this could be ideal for you. Its SRAM Automatix gear changing system does all of the work, knowing when you need to adjust them and doing so for you.

Fully charged in three hours, the battery will give you 30 miles’ worth of cycling at most, so plenty to get you to and from work.

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Riverside Original 900 Electric Hybrid Bike (£749.99)

As cheap electric bicycles go, you will struggle to find many decent ones at a lower price than this.

15 - Cycling Cycling - Original 900 Electric Hybrid Bike - 36V RIVERSIDE - Bikes

Taking six-and-a-half hours to charge, this Riverside model has one trigger for different seven speeds, and comes with a screen on the handlebars that is clear and easy to use.

It can go as fast as 70km in mode 1, 50km in mode 2, and 30km in mode 3 and you’ll be riding in comfort the whole time with its adjustable gel saddle which promotes a good, strong upper-body position.

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Riverside 500 Electric Hybrid Bike (£999.99)

It costs a little more than the other two, but this is one of the best electric hybrid bikes money can buy.

15 - Cycling Cycling - Riverside 500 Electric Hybrid Bike RIVERSIDE - Bikes

Built to provide extreme comfort, its saddle is height and tilt-adjustable, while you pedal it just as you would a normal bike thanks to its in-built torque sensor.

Its screen is exceptionally easy to read from the handlebars, while top speeds of 90km in mode 1, 80km in mode 2 and 30km in mode 3 (which can be easily changed with its 8-speed shifter) mean you’ll be finishing your commute in no time at all.

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