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The Rise of Bike Cafés: 7 Must-Visit Spots for Cyclists

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There’s an undeniable synergy between coffee and cycling.

Both are deeply engrained in the other culture. Whether it’s the impromptu caffeine refuel mid-ride, the shared ritual, or the excuse for a catch-up, the two have a deep connection.

We take a look at the top seven bike cafes from around the world that combine these two infatuations. There’s something for everyone, from quaint neighborhood spots to chic urban hangouts, so stay tuned. 

1. Wielercafe Cyklist, Eindhoven

In the center of Eindhoven, we’ve got Cyklist. 

Far from being a snobby cycle shop, Cyklist is a welcoming environment that integrates and celebrates all things cycling. In fact, it’s best described as a meeting place for everyone.

In their modest, hall-style cafe, they’re serving burgers and hearty plates of pasta, amongst other specials, perfect for the post-ride crash. Alongside their meals, quench your thirst with a Kwaremont, the sugary full-malt that’s a favorite among keen cyclists.

Onsite, there’s also a terrific cycling museum dedicated to the former track champion and Dutch biking legend Bert Oosterbosch. The top floor is a memorial to the ‘red one’, the tragically departed Eindhoven-born and bred athlete.

It’s also a great place to watch live races on the big screen with your friends, from the old legends to the new ones.

If that wasn’t enough, they’ve even got a shop stocking International brands like Basso and Linus, among others. 

2. Pas Normal Studios, Seoul

While not an independent, the Seoul store is one of the most remarkable flagships from Pas Normal Studios.

Known for its exquisite, uncompromising cycling apparel, the premium Danish cycling brand has opened up a few bike cafes around the world, from Copenhagen to San Francisco.

Even compared to these, their Korean store stands out. Located in Gangdong District next to the Olympic Park, the store has become a hub for cycling culture in the Korean capital. You can enjoy a signature Specialty blend roasted by the Coffee Collective with fellow biking enthusiasts before heading out for a ride with their International Cycling Club.

The shop itself is a work of art, with a huge glass front, minimal wood interior and coffee bar, it’s a pleasure to be inside. It’s also well situated for a ride through downtown Seoul, making it a great stop for tourists and locals alike.

3. Rapha Clubhouse, London

It would hardly be fair to have a list of bike cafes and not include Rapha.

The legendary cycling brand launched the Clubhouses in 2012, and the first-ever was in the British capital. Following an expansion in 2021, it relaunched with a bigger retail space, cafe area, increased stock, and even a dedicated exhibition space. 

Sitting just a short walk from Picadilly Circus, the Soho Clubhouse is suited not just for the Cyclists in the city but also for passersby fancying a quick coffee and bite to eat. Recognizing the intrinsic link between coffee and bikes, coffee is the ‘heart and soul’ of their clubhouses, bringing everything together neatly. 

In all their locations, their food is locally sourced, light, and perfect for those looking to jump straight back into the saddle afterward. With the Rapha Cycling Club, you can join one of the daily rides, exploring the city’s secret gems and history. If you’re looking for a cycling cafe that lives and breathes local culture, Rapha’s London Clubhouse might just be what you’re after.

4. On Y Va, Barcelona

For a celebration of the cycling lifestyle in the Catalan Capital, you’ve got On Y Va.

On Y Va, meaning let’s go in French, was born as a place to share and relive experiences with astounding coffee as the common context. Now, with a few locations across Barcelona, their cycling store in Sarria is the go-to place for the city’s growing number of cyclists.

With community building at its core, the cafe isn’t just a pit stop for brunch but is a bike shop and repair service all rolled into one. Organizing cycling events around the city, On Y Va, is at the center of a growing movement across the country that favors life on two wheels. 

Alongside group rides, they offer activities like yoga training for cyclists, brand events, and more. Good vibes, good food, and good coffee; what’s not to like?

5. Cranks & Coffee

It’s little surprise that Copenhagen is home to one of the must-visit bike cafes in the world. It is the cycling capital, after all.

Cranks & Coffee was born in 2017 out of a desire to build a space dedicated to cycling. Founded by a former professional rider, a bike mechanic, and a life-long enthusiast, it was built as a place where passionate people could meet and exchange stories from rides worldwide. 

Offering excellent products, guidance and service from former industry experts, it’s a great place for all, whether you’re looking to get your bike fixed at the workshop or your caffeine fix at the cafe. 

Dedicated to cyclists but welcoming to all, it’s a standout, even in the world’s most bike-friendly city.

6. Le Club – Café Cycliste, Montreal

Cafe and boutique cycling shop Le Club’s Cafe Cycliste is a warm, welcoming space in the center of Montreal.

Inspired by third-wave coffee, they serve blends from around the world to caffeine-deprived patrons alongside fresh food and pastries. 

The modern bike cafe/shop has become locally famous for its daily morning rides, great for social cyclists looking to meet new people with the same passion.

Their boutique store features some of the world’s most exciting cycling brands, like Rapha, Maap, and Universal Colours, all set in a beautifully minimal environment.

Overall, it’s a great place to hang out, have food, and bond over your love for bikes.

7. Steel Vintage Bikes, Berlin

Steel Vintage Bikes lives and breathes cycling. 

With two stores in the trendy district of Mitte, enthusiasts will find everything they could possibly want. Their stores are perfect for a quick bite to eat, coffee, wine, or beer, whether it’s before, after, or even during a ride. 

With a vast selection of magazines, artwork, and illustrated cycling books in their cozy cafe, it’s a great place to pass the time and feel at home. 

But what makes Steel Vintage stand out is their gorgeous collection of vintage racing bikes, tantalizingly hanging in the window. If you don’t come by bike, you might just be tempted to leave with one.

Alongside these, the store sells all the spare parts and accessories that you might need, as well as a good selection of apparel. 

These bike cafes aren’t just a place to grab coffee, they’re cycling hubs, testament to the love of our dearly shared lifestyle. The blend of caffeine and camaraderie is irresistible for seasoned cyclists or keen amateurs. 

So let’s raise a cup to the enduring appeal of the bike cafe, as well as the communities that they cultivate around the two simple pleasures in life, a good ride and a damn good cup of coffee.

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