Author: Matthew Chandler

How to Get Bike Lanes in Your Town

Especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, with more people averse to using public transport, there can’t have been many better times in recent memory to demand segregated bike lanes in your area. Already, it feels as though the wheels are...

Why Has Coronavirus Caused a Cycling Boom?

Nothing since arguably the Second World War has brought the entire planet, or certainly Europe, to such a standstill. At the time of writing, COVID-19 / coronavirus has claimed the lives of almost 9,000, with more than 200,000 cases discovered...

These 5 Countries Are PAYING People to Cycle

It’s already garnered a reputation as a cycling hotbed, with the number of bikes (23 million) outweighing its inhabitants (17 million), who make a higher proportion of trips by bicycle (25 per cent) than any other nation. But now, the...

How EuroVelo is Providing a Cycle Route Across Europe

If you ever feel like embarking on an enormous, country-to-country cycle, Europe is well-equipped for that thanks to its 14 EuroVelo routes. Encompassing almost the entire continent, there are no other cycling trails quite like them. But just what is...

Is Bike Ownership Coming To An End?

Remember buying things? Remember actually parting with your money to take full ownership of a possession? Ask anyone younger than about 25 and they probably won’t. We are now living in the so-called millennial age of ‘Generation Rent’, where more...

How Cycling Boosts the Economy

We all know the many reasons why cycling is great for your health. To name only a few positives, it keeps you fit, improves your mental wellbeing, increases your stamina and strength. But getting out on the bike on a...

Where to Find a Cheap Commuter Bike in Your City

When it comes to investing in a bike, value for money is everything. If you’re a commuter looking to cycle to work, for example, it’s important that you’re sure you’re making the right choice before parting with your money. Don’t...


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