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This is the Cheapest Electric Bike For Sale in the UK

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Perhaps not state of the art anymore but still clearly a more advanced product than most alternatives, you’d do well to find a good electric bike without shelling figures well beyond the £500 mark.

But, with Christmas drawing ever closer, Halfords have just released what they say is the cheapest e-bike in the UK: the Assist Deluxe, for a fantastic bargain of just £379.

Certainly, Halfords’ commitment to outdoing its competitors, such as big retailer brands like Argos, is undeniable, with this product launching soon after they also released the UK’s cheapest e-road bike, the Carrera Crossroad E, priced at £999.

Never mind just settling for any old affordable electric bike, you’d do well to buy an electric bike under £400 from anywhere. But does it still offer great value for money?

How Good Is The Assist Deluxe?

Well, let’s start with the obvious pointer – it’s a cheap e-bike; in fact, compared to others, it’s a really cheap electric bike. So, if you want to reap the typical benefits of an e-bike, such as less of an onus on your own force and pedal power if cycling up steer stretches, this is a great solution which will prevent you from breaking the bank, too.

The Assist Deluxe is compact, steel-framed electric bike fitted with 20″ wheels; in fact, it is based on Halfords’ existing Assist 20″ Hybrid e-bike – although they say this one has even more attributes and is an altogether improved model available for the same price.

Its removable battery has an impressive maximum range of as much as 30 miles, while the electric bike’s motor features 12-point pick up, so that it is particularly sensitive to pedal turns, so the power kicks in especially quickly. The motor is located in the front hub of the electric bike, and it also offers you an LED display to the left of the handlebars which allows you to control the assistance.

What’s more, the bike has just a single gear to simplify things for you, as well as a double chainguard to help make it more resistant to mud and dirt off the road, and is also equipped with V-brakes, which are a great deal easier to maintain and replace, even while out cycling, and place no extra strain on your electric bike’s hubs or spokes.

It also possesses a bundle of other great add-ons, namely a bell, front and rear battery-powered lights, reflective wall tyres, improved comfort grips with anodised red styling, and a rear luggage rack with bungees to help keep your stuff extra secure.

Its battery takes only between three and four hours to fully recharge, and it also boasts a handy walking mode feature to help you off the bike if you find yourself struggling to carry it, with its 18kg weight, around with you.

A perfect option for commuters, especially those tired of wearing themselves out on tougher terrain each day and night, the Assist Deluxe is a cost-effective solution that solve any cycling issues you may previously have had.

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