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Why Do Cyclists Bloody LOVE Coffee?

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I should probably start this post with a disclaimer, one that may greatly offend and possibly upset the cycling community.

Okay, here it goes… I don’t like coffee. In truth, I’m not really bothered about any hot drinks. They don’t do it for me. I’ll have the occasional cup of tea or hot chocolate, but coffee… blah!

On the whole, though, cyclists tend to bloody love coffee. Like, really love it. But, why? Is there a special connection, or is it just a coincidence?

Cycling in Paris
Cyclist in front of coffee shop in Paris. Image credit: Cycling in Paris Valerii Ladomyriak

1. Coffee Is a Performance-Enhancing Drug

Caffeine is – and I’ll happily admit the following words aren’t my own – a ‘crystalline xantine alkaloid’. That sounds either scary or impressive. And, fortunately, it’s the latter. It basically means caffeine is a go-longer stimulant. Perfect if you’re on a long ride.

2. Cycling and Coffee Have a History

Cycling and coffee is by no means a new phenomenon. Indeed, in the 1960s, Italian espresso machine manufacturer, Faema, sponsored a pro cycling team to promote its machines.

Friends cycling

3. The Social Scene

Coffee and a cake, the perfect way to end a group ride. Relax, maybe warm up, have a chat and – as you’ll see in #5 – is actually a great idea scientifically.

Bicycles in a coffee shop

4. A Love of Stuff

Cyclists love their gear. Whether it’s the weight of the frame, your new tyres or the length of your crank, cyclists love a good discussion or debate about their rides. This can also cross over into coffee, with machines, exotic beans and more, all up for debate.

Cycling and coffee cycling meme

5. Coffee Aids Recovery

A study by a team of Australian researchers showed that having a few cups of coffee, combined with a high-carb meal, will help your body refuel faster after a ride.

Snow-covered bicycles

6. Warm Up

Cold winter ride? Icy hands? Get your mitts around a nice warm cup and feel yourself come back to life.

Cycling meme

7. The Feel-Good Factor

Like cycling, coffee kicks your positive hormones into overdrive.

Cycling sorts you out with vitamin-D, aids muscle tone and improves sleep quality.

Coffee provides the ‘happy hormone’ dopamine, boosts metabolism and is a handy ergogenic aid.

Not a bad team.

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