Cheap Electric Bikes USA: 8 Superb E-Bikes under $1500

Man standing with an electric bike against orange background.

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In the past few years, there’s been a marked rise in the popularity of electric bikes. They are slightly more expensive than regular bikes, but still much cheaper than fuelling and running a car.

As the market has grown, more electric bikes have come to the party. Thankfully this now means you can come by an electric bike for a reasonably cheap price – $1500 or even under. Here’s a list of Discerning Cyclist favourites.

Cheapest E-Bikes in the USA: Top 8

  1. aventon soltera e-bike in white background

    Clean battery integration

    Aventon Soltera

    At first glance you might not recognise this as an electric bike. Great for slicing through city streets on a commute.

  2. engwe P26 e-bike

    80+ mile range

    Engwe P26

    Suitable for pedalling too and from work. The front suspension fork promises extra riding versatility.

  3. ancheer a37 hummer in white background

    500W motor

    Ancheer AE7 Hummer

    With 5 assistance modes, 21 gears and a front suspension fork the world is your pedalling oyster with this bike.

  4. engwe m20 ebike in white background

    Moto-inspired looks

    Engwe M20

    Taking cues from motorbike inspired design, this e-bike is extremely plush to ride thanks to dual suspension and fat tyres.

  5. ancheer fat mtb in white background

    Top performance, anywhere

    Ancheer Fat Tire e-MTB

    Rolling on fat tyres, this electric bike is for those who want to ride beyond the humdrum and explore their riding boundaries.

  6. engwe engine pro e-bike in white background

    More than just a folder

    Engwe Engine Pro

    With an 1000W motor, dual suspension, 4″ tyres and equipment like lights, mudguards and a pannier rack, this e-bike is feature packed.

  7. Engwe EP2 Pro Folding e-bike

    Throttle or pedal-assist

    Engwe EP-2 Pro

    Folds for convenient storage. When it comes to value for money this is an e-bike that has plenty for the price.

  8. ancheer folding commuter e-bike white

    16″ wheels, folds small

    Ancheer Folding City Commuter

    The lowest priced electric bike on the list, its ideal for short commutes or trips around the city.

Electric Bike Benefits

Like anything these days, electric bikes have their detractors but do ignore them – e-bikes can have many benefits for many different people.

Electric bikes enable more people to enjoy the pleasure of cycling. It’s not uncommon for people these days to not have ridden a bike since their school days. Whether it’s old age, an injury or operation or a lack of mobility, electric bikes make it easy for anyone to enjoy the pleasure of pedalling.

Don’t think that riding an electric bike isn’t going to help fitness though. Studies have shown that electric bike riders ride further and more often than those who ride regular, non-electric bikes – just be sure to use the pedal-assist mode rather than the throttle!

Electric bikes help you explore new places. Whether you live at the bottom of a very steep hill or are hemmed in by fantastic forest tracks, electric bikes make any type of bike ride more accessible and ultimately more fun.

Electric bikes could also make cycling to work a viable option. The electric assistance makes long distances achievable and with the power on, the ride home isn’t a drag either!

Speaking of which, an electric bike is often a faster (and cheaper) way of getting around, to work or on short journeys when compared to a car or public transport.

How Much Money Can You Save with an E-Bike?

Let’s face it, cars are expensive. Buy one and you are facing large monthly payments or a hefty upfront cost, even for a second car. The spending doesn’t stop there either. Insurance, servicing and fuel can quickly put a dent in your wallet. Public transport isn’t much better either.

Electric bikes offer an excellent, affordable alternative to other modes of transport. The average e-bike costs around $2000 – the average price of a car can easily top $30,000.

It’s the same for running costs or should we say charging costs too. An electric bike costs around $0.04 per mile (or around $0.18 per charge) to run with a non-electric car hitting around $0.16 per mile – you don’t have to be a mathematician to work out the difference.

In the US, there’s also the possibility of buying an electric bike with a rebate or subsidy (how much you save depends on the state you reside in) to save even more money.

Best Electric Bikes under $1500

With a motor, battery and controller, it’s no surprise to understand that some electric bikes are expensive. But the good news is that there are plenty of electric bikes available for less than you might think.

Typically electric bikes under $1500 will have fewer watts, but there are a few on our list with extra powerful motors for speed and hill climbing performance.

1. Aventon Soltera

aventon soltera e-bike in blue background
aventon soltera e-bike colours
aventon soltera e-bike in use
aventon soltera e-bike on the road
  • US Flag $1199

Prices are approximate

Weight: 43lb

Wattage: 350w

Range: 41 miles

Gears: 7-speed

Sporty riding position

Standard and step-through frames

300lbs capacity

The Soltera by Aventon is the ideal e-bike for zipping around your local town or city. Two frame types are available. Both have been designed to be ridden fast and handle quickly and nimbly.

Both pedal assist and throttle options are available to riders. In pedal assist mode, riders can choose from 5 different assistance modes. The top speed from the 350w motor is 20mph and the riding range is a shade over 40 miles.


  • Colour display with app sync
  • Thoughtful battery integration
  • Integrated lights


  • Sporty riding position may not be comfortable for all
  • Mechanical not hydraulic disc brakes

2. Engwe P26

Engwe P26 e-bike blue background
Engwe P26 e-bike on the road
engwe P26 e-bike
Engwe P26 e-bike features
Engwe P26 e-bike colors
  • US Flag $1100

Prices are approximate

Weight: 53.35lbs

Wattage: 500w

Range: 86 miles

Gears: 7-speed

Two frame colours

Suspension fork for comfort

800W peak motor power

With its battery safely tucked away in the frame, you’d be forgiven for thinking the P26 is a standard, non-electric bike. Except this is another value-packed electric bike.

The 500W motor is located in the rear wheel. Both pedal assist and throttle modes are available so every ride, no matter the time of day, is fun-filled and good for the body and mind.

By adding a suspension fork, rather than a rigid fork, Engwe has made the P26 capable on light off-road trails too.


  • 7 speed gearing
  • Fits a variety of rider heights
  • 18.6mph top speed


  • No mudguards or pannier rack
  • One frame size
  • 26″ wheel doesn’t roll fast

3. Ancheer AE7 Hummer

ancheer ae7 hummer e-bike in blue
acheer ae7 hummer e-bike in use
  • US Flag $830

Prices are approximate

Weight: Not known

Wattage: 250w

Range: 40 miles

Gears: 21-speed

Value e-MTB

21-speed gearing

Pedal assist and throttle modes

Despite its more basic battery integration, the Ancheer AE7 is, on the face of it, an electric bike that will get you places with a smile.

The bike can quickly switch between both throttle and pedal assist modes. With 21 gears on board, it’s easy to settle into a cadence that helps you work out without going overboard.


  • Suspension fork
  • 27.5″ wheels roll fast
  • Easy-to-read LCD display


  • Basic looks
  • No colour variants

4. Engwe M20

engwe m20 e-bike
engwe m20 colours
  • US Flag $1,300

Prices are approximate

Weight: 76.72lb

Wattage: 750w

Range: 47 miles

Gears: 7-speed

Great looks

Suspension front and rear

Dual battery option available

As far as looks go, the M20 is certainly a winner in our books. With more than a nod to motorbikes, this electric bike is bound to get you noticed.

But let’s be clear, this electric bike isn’t all show and no go. Powered by a 750w motor this bike is capable of taking you pretty much anywhere you can think of riding. Steep hills in the country, and cobbled streets in the town, this bike is extremely capable.

With dual-suspension, wide tyres and that bench-style seating the M20 should be comfortable from the moment you take it out of the box.


  • Gutsy 750w motor
  • 3 colour options
  • 4″ tyre to ride anywhere


  • Riding position is not adjustable
  • Super heavy

5. Ancheer Fat Tire e-MTB

ancheer fat mtb blue
ancheer fat mtb battery
ancheer fat mtb motor
  • US Flag $880

Prices are approximate

Weight: Not known

Wattage: 500w

Range: 40 miles

Gears: 7-speed

4″ fat tyres

7-speed gearing

Suspension fork

Ancheer’s second bike on our list. Being an electric fat bike this is a two-wheeled machine designed to ride off-road, fast. On tarmac or pavement, the 4″ tyres and suspension fork provide comfort. Off-road this combination gives traction on all kinds of surfaces.

Like most bikes on our list, it has 7-speed gearing and that’s plenty when combined with the electric assistance. When the going gets really tough a throttle is always within reach.


  • 5-speed mode assist
  • Throttle
  • Lights


  • Small range

6. Engwe Engine Pro

engwe engine blue background
engwe engine in use
engwe engine pro colours
  • US Flag $1,500

Prices are approximate

Weight: 69.67lb

Wattage: 750w

Range: 75  miles

Gears: 8-speed

Powerful e-folder

Fat bike fun

Long range

Engwe’s third entry on our list of the best cheap electric bikes in the USA and it’s another doozy.

The Engine Pro has a 750w motor on board. The extra 250w over a standard 500w electric bike really makes a difference to any bike ride.

The Engine Pro is finished with excellent features. Hydraulic disc brakes, colour display and dual suspension make the bike well worth the money.


  • Rack, mudguards, lights
  • Dual suspension
  • 4 frame colour options


  • Heavy to lift

7. Engwe EP-2 Pro

Engwe EP-2 Pro Fat folding e-bike in blue background
Engwe EP2 Pro folded
Engwe EP2 Pro handlebar
Engwe EP-2 Pro folding e-bike features
Engwe EP-2 Pro folding e-bike specs
Engwe EP-2 Pro fat folding e-bike colors
  • US Flag $1,100

Prices are approximate

Weight: 74lb

Wattage: 750w

Range: 74 miles

Gears: 7-speed

Excellent range

3 riding modes

3 step fold

Another Engwe electric bike on our list. The EP2-Pro is essentially a down-weighted version of the Engine Pro. You get the gutsy 750w motor, the large riding range, plus the benefits of a folding e-bike.

Unfortunately unlike the Engine Pro, the EP-2 Pro doesn’t have hydraulic disc brakes or dual suspension. However, for most riders that won’t be an issue, plus the 4″ tyres will give some level of comfort no matter what terrain you are cycling on.


  • 4-hour charging time
  • Fits a range of riders
  • 4″ tyres offer comfort and versatility


  • Heavy
  • No dual suspension

8. Ancheer Folding City Commuter

ancheer folding city bike in blue background
ancheer folding city bike folded
ancheer folding city bike motor
  • US Flag $510

Prices are approximate

Weight: Not known

Wattage: 250w

Range: 30 miles

Gears: 1-speed

250w motor

3-speed assistance

Throttle option

Sometimes simple is best. Ancheer’s folding electric bike is the epitome of this with a basic 250w motor and single-speed gearing.

Riding this bike you don’t have to think about changing gears, just deciding what pedal assist mode to ride in or to plump for the throttle option.

The bike folds for storage and with mudguards on board, you can ride it in the rain without fear of road spray soaking you.


  • Cheap
  • Folding pedals
  • Removable battery


  • Single-speed gearing won’t be good in hilly areas
  • 16″ wheels can feel rough to ride
  • Only good on tarmac or pavement

Where to Find Cheap E-Bikes in the US

  1. Engwe Logo

    Wide tyres, big fun


    Bikes should be fun and it’s no different with Engwe electric bikes. With fat tyres, powerful motors and large capacity batteries Engwe e-bikes put a smile on your face.

  2. ancheer logo

    Value for money


    Keeping their electric bike range tight and simple, Ancheer offer a way assisted riding, for much less than you might think.

  3. Himiway Logo

    Big battery, big range


    Standing out from its competitors, Himiway produce electric bikes with huge riding ranges. This means less time charging, more time riding.

  4. aventon logo

    All kinds of e-bike


    Growing in popularity, Aventon have a range of electric bikes for sale and they’re all excellent value, well-equipped and finished nicely.

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