Tenways Review: Are Tenways Bikes Actually Any Good?

Image showing three models of Tenways bike.

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The Short Answer

Tenways electric bikes are generally considered good, offering city-specific designs at affordable prices. Their bikes feature belt drive systems and hub motors, providing a reliable and low-maintenance riding experience. While their range may have limited gears and shorter battery life, Tenways stands out as a brand worth considering for urban e-bikes.

Tenways splashed into the electric bike market in 2021 with a successful crowdfunding raise. Using ‘energized urban ride’ as their strapline, Tenways make city-specific e-bikes, at excellent prices.

When shopping for anything online it’s sometimes challenging to see beyond a packed website, full of catchy slogans and happy lifestyle images – so should Tenways be worthy of your attention, or more importantly your hard-earned cash?

Read on to learn more about the Tenways electric bike brand and the models they currently manufacture.

Are Tenways E-Bikes Good?

Tenways are city commuter e-bikes designed in the current fashionable European style. Low weight to help lifting, svelte batteries for a traditional look, neat integrations for the design conscious and app connectivity to appeal to those Gen Z cyclists.

Whilst these features aren’t unique to Tenways, indeed you could say competitor Vanmoof pioneered this kind of e-bike, there are still plenty of good reasons to choose Tenways – they’re certainly up there with some of the best urban e-bikes around.

All Tenways electric bikes use a rear hub motor. Although this doesn’t provide a riding experience that’s as good as a crank-based motor system, it does make the overall bike more affordable. Indeed, all Tenways e-bikes retail for under ÂŁ2,000/$2000/€2,000.

Tenways use motors from the brand Mivice in their bikes. The exact power rating of the motor will depend on which Tenways e-bike you choose and which country you have your bike shipped to. In the UK, to meet current legislation, all Tenways e-bikes are sold with a 250W Mivice motor.

To keep their e-bikes light in weight, Tenways use batteries with a small-medium capacity. The trade off? It means that the riding range, that’s the distance you can ride the bike before it needs charging, is less than some e-bikes in this class.

The Tenways CGO800 has a 250W battery which is good for around 40 miles of riding. The Tenways CGO600 Pro, which is the newest bike in the company’s range and the Tenways CGO600 do have uprated batteries (350W and 374W respectively), which extends the possible range to 100km or around 60 miles.

You should also be aware that currently, all Tenways e-bikes have one gear – sometimes this is commonly referred to as single speed. By removing the gears, Tenways have kept things simple for the rider – simply, hop in the saddle, choose one of the three pedal-assist modes and ride away.

The single-speed setup could leave you wanting in hillier towns and cities, however. So be sure to factor this in when choosing whether to buy a Tenways electric bike or not.

tenways fact sheet

Is Tenways a Good Brand?

A feature that marks Tenways out from its competitors, and one that you don’t often see on e-bikes at this price point, is the use of belt drive.

When the rider pedals, the power is sent to the rear wheels using a belt, rather than a traditional metal chain. Belt drive (to be specific, Tenways use a combination of Gates CDX and CDN parts) is known to be extremely long-lasting, much longer than a normal bike chain. Plus, the material the belt is made from doesn’t require lubrication, meaning it won’t attract dirt, grease or mark your trousers.

The belt drive is a welcome feature on urban e-bikes. Their reliable nature means you can trust them day in, and day out. A Tenways could easily be your mode of transport in town, replacing an expensive car or the need to use public transport, so it’s comforting to know the bike will be dependable on a daily basis.

Ultimately, if you’re searching for an urban e-bike, cheaper than the likes of VanMoof, then a Tenways electric bike should be on your shortlist.

Where Are Tenways Bikes Made?

Unlike some global brands, Tenways are pleasingly open when it comes to disclosing how their products come to life.

A Tenways electric bike starts its life as a design in the brand’s Netherlands head office. Production of key parts including the frame, electric motor and battery happens in a variety of locations. Guandong, China, Manila in the Philippines and UkmergÄ—, Lithuania are currently the brand’s three main manufacturing hubs.

Post manufacturing, Tenways electric bikes are shipped throughout Europe, the UK and over the Atlantic to the USA. European warehouses in Eindhoven, and Grolsheim, Germany host e-bikes destined for the UK or the rest of Europe. Unfortunately, UK shoppers wanting to buy a Tenways Electric bike will have to wait up to 10 working days to receive their order.

US customers searching for an electric bike can rely on Tenways e-bikes being shipped from three different warehouses across the country. Storage facilities in Illinois, North Carolina and California mean bikes can be delivered in as little as two days, with most arriving in five days.

In our opinion this level of supply chain transparency can only be a good thing – it shows Tenways have nothing to hide, plus it also helps us end-consumers understand how our e-bikes are made and come to arrive at our front door.

tenways product round up

Tenways Bikes Review

Shopping the Tenways website is an enjoyable experience. All the important information is easy to find, plus there’s a plethora of lifestyle images and videos to get your bike riding juices flowing. From simple product shots, to computer models and real lifestyle images in real cities, there are certainly no purile, AI-generated images on this site.

Despite being in its infancy as a brand, Tenways have many happy customers aboard its electric bikes. Somewhat amazingly, each of the three Tenways e-bikes has exactly the same 4.8-star review rating on their website. That aside, the bikes have garnered good reviews from other external websites and those in the know.

Popular Tenways Electric Bikes

  1. tenways cgo800s

    Simple single speed

    Tenways CGO800s

    The original Tenways e-bike. This is an electric bike destined for the commute and at just over 15kg its still a pleasure to ride without the assistance.

  2. tenways cgo600

    Step-through with suspension

    Tenways CGO600

    Sold in one size to a variety of different riders, this step-through e-bike should be comfortable for anyone to ride.

  3. tenways cgo600 pro

    Good battery capacity

    Tenways CGO600 Pro

    Still lightweight, still single-speed but this time with an uprated battery for a longer riding range. Available in four colours and three frame sizes.

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