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TENWAYS vs VanMoof: E-Bike Comparison

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With electric bike sales booming around the world, competition is naturally fierce amongst the top brands. E-bikes don’t come much more popular than VanMoof. These are often considered the best on the market, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some stiff competition.

Bikes Like VanMoof

TENWAYS, along with Cowboy Bikes, are undoubtedly one of VanMoof’s biggest competitors. These beautiful bikes share a similarly modern aesthetic with VanMoof, and are great for urban cycling, but for a significantly lower pricetag.

There are several other places to find VanMoof alternatives, including:

VanMoof Bikes Pros + Cons

Despite the growing market, TENWAYS is one of the main VanMoof competitors, with many cyclists wondering which brand to go for. VanMoof is popular for a reason, but these bikes do have some drawbacks. 

TENWAYS bikes are generally lighter than VanMoofs, offer extremely low maintenance and have some impressive tech features at an afforable price.

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of VanMoof bikes.


  • Long battery life
  • Loads of tech (future proof)
  • Multiple assistance levels
  • Turbo boost
  • Robust anti-theft systems


  • Quite heavy
  • Longer charge times
  • Chain can’t be removed
  • Battery can’t be removed

TENWAYS Bike Pros + Cons

TENWAYS bikes are one of VanMoof’s biggest competitors. As well as being slightly cheaper, they come with a range of other advantages. These e-bikes are lighter, feature intuitive assistance that matches your pedalling speed from the first kick, and have a more “sporty” geometry. 

TENWAYS are renowned for their exceptionally smooth ride quality with a virtually silent motor and excellent range. They’re also visually appealing and have a unique aesthetic that sets them apart from the VanMoof S4 and S5. In short, they are the perfect urban e-bike, so it’s no wonder that they’ve risen through the ranks to be one of VanMoof’s biggest competitors.


  • Cheaper than VanMoof
  • Extremely light
  • Excellent range
  • Instant assist
  • Maintenance-free carbon belt
  • Removable battery


  • Minimal anti-theft tech
  • Less on-the-road support
  • Design isn’t as modern
  • Less tech

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IMAGE CREDIT: Tenways.com

The CGO600 is TENWAYS’ entry level, all purpose commuter e-bike. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t an innovative bike, though. It offers instant power with no delay and a super lightweight frame of just 15kg, perfect for zipping through commuter traffic. You get a fantastic 70km range via a 252 Wh battery that can be recharged via a simple USB cable. 

Connecting to the TENWAYS app unleashes a whole new dynamic, giving you information including battery life, ride time, distance covered, average speed and much more. The app is essential since the bike’s in-built screen is quite minimalistic and keeps details succinct. The CGO600 is available in four different colours ranging from the more retro stylings of lime green to super modern midnight black.


IMAGE CREDIT: Tenways.com

Opt for the CGO800S if comfort is your primary concern. The low slung riding position on this bike makes commuting a pleasure. The range is slightly improved from other models (up to 100km) but the bike is a touch heavier, coming in at 19kg. For added convenience, the battery can be removed, making charging/servicing much easier.

A special front suspension fork cushions any bumps from even the most uneven of road surfaces while the detailed LCD display does a fantastic job of giving directions and providing information like speed and battery life. It can be synced with the TENWAYS app to unlock more features.

Rear turning indicators light up red for additional safety at night and the saddle is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. 


Which model you opt for largely depends on your priorities. The CGO600 is the sportier and lighter of the two. It will zip through traffic with ease and its slim profile gives it a much more agile feel. The CGO800S, on the other hand, puts all the emphasis on comfort.

It’s a more sedate ride that absorbs bumps, comes with an ergonomic saddle, some additional safety features and a longer range, but it’s heavier.

70km range100km range
25 kph top speed25 kph top speed
Sporty designEngineered for comfort

TENWAYS CGO600 vs VanMoof S5

IMAGE CREDIT: Vanmoof.com

The first thing to note here is that the S5 is significantly (over a thousand pounds) more expensive than the CGO600. Whether you feel as though features like Halo Ring (this displays important information on the handlebars), kick lock (allows you to lock/unlock your bike with a toe tap) and formidable turbo boost justify that price tag ultimately comes down to personal choice.

70km range150km on economy.
25 kph top speed15.5 kph top speed
Sporty designHalo Ring

VanMoof A5 vs TENWAYS CGO600

IMAGE CREDIT: Vanmoof.com

As you might expect, the A5 will set you back much more than the CGO600. Both are sporty, agile rides but the VanMoof comes with more technology as standard, including that all important Halo Ring and auto locking.

The CGO600 is far lighter than its VanMoof counterpart and you can replace much of the Halo functionality simply by syncing with the TENWAYS app. That said, VanMoof’s turbo feature is harder to replace and makes a big difference if you’re after a truly sporty ride. 

140km on economy70km range
15.5 kph top speed25 kph top speed
USB chargingTurbo feature

Is TENWAYS Better Than VanMoof?

Both brands have loyal followers, but ultimately the question is impossible to answer. VanMoof is the more innovative of the two. These bikes include cutting edge technology like Halo Ring and auto locking, future proofing them for years to come. They’re also substantially more expensive. 

TENWAYS don’t come with the same array of tech but they’re lighter rides, incredibly smooth, comfortable and much easier on the wallet.

In the end, it comes down to what you want from your ride. If comfort and cost are your biggest concerns, you’ll love TENWAYS. If you want to catch a glimpse of the future of cycling, then VanMoof is worth the investment.

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