LUMO Clissold Bomber Jacket – Review

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Last year I reviewed LUMO’s Herne Hill Harrington, a jacket that was particularly eye-catching due to its unique LED integration that ensures maximum visibility in low light.

Now LUMO are back with an all-new, yet ever-so-familiar, jacket.

LUMO caught people’s attention with their cycling-friendly products that offer LED lights embedded into them to ensure extra visibility on roads. And they haven’t lost sight of that goal (pun intended).

The latest addition to their still embryonic range is the Clissold Bomber Jacket.

LUMO Bomber Jacket - Front

The Bomber Jacket has proved a popular item in many-a-wardrobe in 2016, and LUMO have retained  the same effective LED functionality of the Harrington jacket in their latest release.

Indeed, the Clissold Bomber Jacket is, at-the-time-of-writing, not yet immediately available. Although it can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter, where it has already comfortably surpassed its goal, with delivery expected by February.

Cycling Bomber Jacket

So let’s get into what makes this jacket the bomb for cycling.

For starters, it’s waterproof and breathable. Check and check.

It’s a notably thicker than the Harrington jacket, making it better suited for autumn and even winter months.

I’ve found that wearing it over a t-shirt and a light pullover (e.g. the John Smedley one I reviewed in August) provides a very cosy (but not sweaty) combination for temperatures around 5˚ to 10˚C. While the jacket can be worn with just a t-shirt in temperatures reaching 20˚C.

The disguised Lycra cuffs also provide insulation and are wind proof – which is very much welcome in the cool months. While the jacket also comes with Chambray lining which provides an unusual – yet satisfying – combination of being warm, yet breathable. A dropped hem at the rear (i.e. a lower back), also provides ample backside coverage.

LUMO Bomber Jacket Rear LED

Pockets are also plentiful. There are two zipped pockets at the front and another zipped pocket on the left bicep – in typical bomber jacket style – which is not quite big enough for a phablet (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S7), although can fit regular sized phones and music devices . There is another vertical zipped pocket on the inside, as well as a small open pocket towards the foot of the zip, where the LED controller comfortable sits.

Which leads me on to the primary feature of this jacket: the LED lights at the front and rear.

Running vertically in front of the zip is a waterproof white LED tube hidden behind a silky material, while on the back bottom hem of the jacket is a horizontal red LED tube. These can be easily switched on using the LED remote and offer a couple of different flashing settings. These offer a battery life of about 9-14 hours and can be charged by detaching the LED controller from the jacket and plugging it into a micro USB. Easy peasy.

Importantly, the lights are nice and bright, with visibility of up to 400 metres.

LUMO LED Bomber Jacket - Front

One thing is apparent throughout this jacket – and indeed with every LUMO product I’ve come across – it that it’s a premium product. It exudes quality.

Naturally, premium products come with premium price tags. The LUMO Clissold Bomber Jacket is set to retail at £175, although – if you’re fast – you can grab one of the last few early bird specials on Kickstarter for £125.

Even despite this price, this remains a jacket I thoroughly enjoy wearing on and off the bike and one that I highly recommend.

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