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Bicycle Fails: When Cycling Tricks Go Wrong

bicycle fail

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I remember the first fall from my BMX as a kid. I was trying to do an epic wheelie when I lost control and ended up on my backside with my bike on top of me.

Bicycle “fails” often happen when riders become too comfortable with their ride and push themselves beyond their limits.

It took me a while before I tried that wheelie again, but ultimately, I made it and went on to do some pretty cool tricks that I sadly won’t be able to pull off at my age anymore.

Sometimes, when scrolling social media, I find funny “bicycle fail” videos that take me back to my daredevil days.

While our aim at Discerning Cyclist is to inform and share bicycle facts and information, it’s always important to have a little fun.

So, I searched the web for some of the latest bicycle bloopers to watch. Remember, never try these at home.


Stay safe out there.

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