Best French Bicycle Brands: Top 30 Manufacturers in France

French man with a moustache riding a bicycle in Paris

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Few countries rival France when it comes to cycling. With a long-standing history of producing some of the world’s best bicycles, from Tour de France racers to casual cruisers, there’s a French bike brand for almost every type of cyclist.

With so many different options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide on the perfect bike. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 30 French bike manufacturers.

In this article, we’ll first look at some general trends and statistics in French bike manufacturing. Then, we’ll not only outline our top 30, as well as our list of French e-bike manufacturers, but we’ll also give our shortlist of the top 5 from across the whole country. So without further ado, let’s jump into it.

Are Many Bikes Made in France?

While the nature of the French bike industry is changing, there continues to be a significant number of bikes made in France. In 2022, according to Eurostat, the country manufactured around 450,000 bicycles, making them the 10th largest producer in the European Union.

Whilst cycling in France has always had not just its romantic -and practical- appeal, it’s become increasingly popular again over the last few years. Though the cultural significance of cycling, as well as the apparency of its environmental benefits, are both causes of this, so is the rich heritage of quality and innovation when it comes to French bicycle manufacturing. 

However, while their heritage is principally in road bikes, their future is in electric bikes, where both domestic and imported brands enjoy an explosion in popularity nationwide. In fact, in 2022 alone, nearly 740,000 e-bikes were sold in France

cyclist on a bike
man on a bicycle

French Bike Brands and Manufacturers

Here’s a list of the 30 top French bike brands and manufacturers. It’s worth noting that there are many classic brands that, whilst having had a great influence, are no longer producing bikes and, as such, are not listed here. 

ArcadeVendéeChainless e-bikes
B’TwinLille/WorldwideProduce a huge range for Decathlon, predominantly more budget options
CaminadeIlle sur TêtGravel, AllRoad, Cargo
CavaleParisLightweight e-bikes
CorimeLoriol-sur-DrômeCarbon wheels
Cyclo2ParisElectric urban, cargo, and 3 wheelers
CyfacCenter Val de LoireHandmade Frames
DecathlonFrance/InternationalInternational retailer of all types of bikes
DilectaCenter Val de LoireGravel & Road
DouzeLadoix-SerrignyandElectric Cargo
EovoltLyonLightweight e-bikes
GitaneMachecoulMTB, Gravel, City, Trekking, Kids, E-Bikes
GorilleLandesFat-tire e-bikes
LapierreDijonHigh-end MTB
Look CycleNeversCarbon frames, Clipless pedals
MaaSeignosseElectric fat bikes
MavicAnnecyBike components
MoustacheVosgesDiverse range of e-bikes
OrigineSomaineRoad, urban, gravel, kids, and a variety of e-bikes
PeugeotSochauxLegendary bike label
René Herse Paris/SeattleHigh-performance components for road and gravel bikes
SolexParis (now Italian)Motorised bicycles
T-BirdSavoieeWide range of e-bikes
VelomadRouenMainly e-bikes 
VepliVilleurbanneFolding e-bikes
VitusSaint-Étienne/BelfastMTB, Road, E-Bikes
VoltaireParisStylish city e-bikes
table of top 30 French bike brands and manufacturers

Best French Bike Brands (Top 5)

moustasche bike brand

1. Moustache 

With e-bikes set to dominate the French bicycle market, some great domestic contenders are looking to take advantage of the boom.

From their modest-sized factory in Bosges, Moustache Bikes is a 100% electric brand who are a leading provider of e-bikes in France. Offering a range of electric bikes, from kids to cargo, they’ve got an e-bike for everyone.

Utilising Bosch Technology, some of the most reliable and performance-oriented in the industry, they produce electric bikes which are extremely functional, effective, and durable.

Their current range of 69 bikes is carefully and beautifully designed to offer real alternatives to automobiles in France. If their success story continues, there’s little doubt that they will become the favoured choice nationwide with their bikes which aren’t just good for the present, but also for the future. 

la pierre bike brand

2. Lapierre

With a history spanning 75 years, Lapierre is no newcomer to the French bike industry. Bringing together a wealth of experience and expertise in manufacturing, this long-standing brand has continued to excel.

Specialising in both electric and non-electric road, MTB, and gravel bikes, they continue to impress with their innovative design and exceptional customer service.

Whilst they operate in several categories, they are truly renowned for their mountain bikes, considered by many to be some of the best in the world. Rigorously tested by professionals, and still assembled in France to this day, they’re a favourite for those who value attention to detail, performance, and quality.

look cycles bike brand

3. Look Cycle

Another brand with a rich history of cycling excellence is LOOK.

At the performance end of road cycling, few other brands can celebrate such innovation as LOOK. In the 1980s, taking design elements from their skiing heritage, their celebrated and revolutionary automatic pedal helped Hinault on to victory in the Tour de France.

Since then, their aims have not diffused largely, and they continue to specialise in top-of-the-line electric pedals, as well as carbon frames.

Recommended by professionals and coveted by enthusiasts, their products have become legendary in the French performance cycling scene and remain so to this day.

peugeot cycles logo

4. Peugeot

If there’s a cycling brand that needs little to no introduction, it’s Peugeot.

With roots in the late 19th century, Armand Peugeot began manufacturing bikes, and by the early 20th century Peugeot had become one of the most successful bike manufacturers in the country.

It soon became a major contender in the racing world, sponsoring several professional cyclists, like Paul Bourillon, and since its founding the cycling division now celebrates 10 Tour de France victories, a feat only topped by Pinarello.

These days, the legendary French brand has diversified into almost all categories of cycling, but has established itself particularly in the field of e-bikes, where it continues to be a main contender.

voltaire bikes

5. Voltaire

Voltaire develops electric bikes that cater to different needs and preferences, from daily commuters to adventurous riders.

Born in 2018, this young brand is redefining the French cycling experience by creating elegant and sleek bikes with a contemporary electrical system, making them not only stylish, but practical too.

Their city models have made them exceedingly popular across the country, and are a great solution to the ever-growing traffic problems of the French city centres.

One of their most popular models, the step-through ‘Bellecour‘ is a great illustration of this. Inspired by the iconic mechanical French bicycles of the 1960s, the design retains its vintage charm while incorporating (and concealing!) some excellent electrical components, such as a premium Samsung battery.

French E-Bike Brands

E-bikes around the world are growing in popularity, and France is certainly no exception to the rule, boasting a market that’s showing significant growth and potential.

According to forecasts, the value of the e-bike market in France is expected to rise from $1.32 billion to almost $2.3 billion between 2021 and 2027.

Already, their significance is showing, and of the cumulative sales of nearly $3.6 billion achieved in the bicycle market in France in 2022, e-bikes made up around half of the French bicycle market share value.

Whilst there are plenty of new e-bike brands emerging in France, there’s also been a clear diversification from the long-standing heritage brands that are introducing electrical bikes to remain competitive and relevant.

Table of french e-bike brands

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