Canadian Bicycle Brands: 37 Bike Manufacturers in Canada

Canadian Bike Brands

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Canada’s bike industry has earned itself a reputation for its top-tier quality, efficiency and durability. Canadian crafted bicycles have crafted out a niche for themselves both locally and internationally.

Whilst British, German and American brands hold their own in popularity, Canadian bicycle manufacturers often feature prominently among the elite of international producers and are a force to be reckoned with. Household names like Devinci and Norco exemplify the quality and craftsmanship associated with Canadian bike brands.

However, there’s also a huge number of other manufacturers and designers across the country that are well worth investigating. From high-performance triathlon bikes to those made to tackle the snow, there’s something here for everyone.

Canadian Bicycle Manufacturers and Brands

Here’s our list of 38 bike manufacturers and brands in Canada. Whilst you’re sure to see some familiar names, we’ve also added some smaller and more specialist contenders, so be sure to check them out as well.

Alchemy Bicycle Co.Custom bikes, mainly road and gravel.
Argon 18Known for road, triathlon, track, and e-bikes.
Blacksmith CycleHigh-end custom road bikes.
Brodie BicyclesProduces a variety of road, touring, and commuter bikes.
Cervélo CyclesFocuses on road and triathlon bikes, known for their high-performance models.
DevinciOffers a wide range of bikes including road, mountain, and electric bikes.
GarneauPrimarily known for apparel but also offers a range of bikes.
HillstrikeSpecializes in snow bikes.
La BiciclettaA Toronto-based store that also sells its own branded bikes.
LunacycleOffers a variety of electric bikes and kits.
MacNeil BikesFocuses on BMX bikes and gear.
MarinoniCustom road, touring, and track bikes.
Moose BicycleOffers affordable road and fat bikes.
NA Cycles (Northern Ally)Custom frames and steel bikes.
Norco BicyclesKnown for their mountain, road, and hybrid bikes.
OHM CyclesFocuses on electric bikes.
Opus BikesOffers road, urban, and youth bikes.
RiseSpecializes in freestyle mountain biking frames.
Revelate Designs CanadaKnown for bikepacking gear, but also distributes bikes.
Rocky Mountain BicyclesSpecializes in mountain bikes but also offers road bikes.
RSD BikesOffers mountain bikes, fat bikes, and gravel bikes.
Ryders EyewearWhile not a bike brand, they are a Canadian , that specializes in eyewear for cycling.
Simcoe BicyclesSpecializes in city and commuter bikes.
Spawn CyclesSpecializes in bikes for children and youth.
Stealth Electric BikesSpecializes in electric mountain bikes.
Surface 604Known for electric bikes.
Terra BikesKnown for their cargo bikes.
Trident TrikesSpecializes in recumbent trikes.
True North CyclesCustom-made bicycles, based in Ontario.
WikeKnown for bike trailers and cargo bikes.
YNOT CycleKnown for bike gear but has branched into bikes.

Are Any Bicycles Made in Canada?

Yes, there are indeed Bicycles made in Canada. Canada has a thriving bike manufacturing industry with several Canadian brands producing bicycles. Brands such as Wike, Mariposa and Marinoni have been designing and manufacturing in Canada for many years.

Whilst there are currently limited statistics on Canadian production, there’s evidence of significant growth and sales in the Canadian bike market.

The region of Quebec, for example, saw a significant increase from 600,000 annual bicycle sales to 950,000 in 2020. 

There’s also a huge increase in Canada’s e-bike market. Growing awareness of clean transport options is largely responsible for a projected compound annual growth rate of 12.6% in the sector between 2023 and 2030. 

Several provinces in Canada are also offering customer rebates for e-bikes purchased from Canadian stores. E-bike brands such as the Ontario based Emmo are also expected to be involved in the scheme.

Best Bicycle Brands in Canada

alchemy bikes best bike brands

1. Alchemy Bikes

Founded in Colorado, USA in 2008, Alchemy bikes is a brand renowned for its bespoke and high performance bicycles. Founder, Ryan Cannizzaro, leads the brand with a combination of a deep cycling passion and unparalleled craftsmanship. 

Seeing the rider benefits of bespoke frame building and ‘made-in-the-USA’ quality, Alchemy set out with the intention of being a little different to other bike brands. Whilst some companies feel the overwhelming financial pressure to import components, producing the signature carbon fibre frames in house has allowed them to reach new heights.

These days, alchemy offers a range of bike types to suit various riders. Their selection covers not only road, but gravel and mountain bikes as well. This, combined with their “direct-to-rider” approach, guarantees, so they promise, the best ride you’ll ever have.

norco bike brand

2. Norco Bicycles

Dating all the way back to 1964, Norco Bicycles has established itself as a prominent name in Canadian cycling. Founder Bert Lewis has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation, dedicating themselves to producing high-quality with a rider-centric design.

Not shying away from the more creative side, they’ve always been a brand defined by their dedication to the future. Lewis has always had an interest in cutting-edge technology, creating solutions with their “insatiable appetite for improvement”. From suspension and frame design, to trailblazing in the electrical era, Norco has it covered.

Whilst they offer a wide range of bikes, their specialty is undoubtedly their mountain bikes. After all, the mountains of British Columbia are hardwired into their DNA. 

It’s this rich history which has allowed them to delve into the world of electric mountain bikes; expanding the possibilities for off road adventurers and adrenaline junkies alike.

de vinci bike brand

3. Devinci

The Devinci journey began in 1987, emerging from the vision of two aspiring engineering students and a passionate bike enthusiast. What began as a university project has since grown into a formidable presence on the global racing circuit. 

Devinci is known for its unwavering commitment to quality and performance. Their bicycles are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, resulting in bikes that are high performing yet durable. They’re also proud to say that they manufacture more bikes in Canada than anyone else. 

Their product range is versatile, covering a wide spectrum of cycling disciplines. “Whether it’s a Wilson that’s destined for World Cup racing or a Marshall that’s destined for weekend adventures”; every element is treated with equal importance. And if that doesn’t convince you; then their lifetime warranty surely will.

cervelo cycles

4. Cervélo Cycles

Cervélo Cycles, a familiar name for competitive cyclists, traces its roots to 1995. When engineers Gerard Vroomen and Phil White joined forces in Canada, their shared vision of creating the fastest and most innovative bikes paved the way for the brand’s remarkable journey.

But what makes Cervélo unique? Undoubtedly, it’s their unrelenting pursuit of speed and aerodynamics. Their founding commitments still remain, clearly seen in their P-series triathlon bikes which are celebrated for being extremely agile yet comfy and usable.

Whilst being infamous for their commitment to professional road racing, Cervélo Cycles is also the choice for the dedicated cyclist craving top-notch performance and engineering. Although having a shorter history than some of the other names on this, since 1995 they’ve excelled and have established themselves as an exemplary Canadian bike company.

garneu sports brand

5. Garneau

Garneau was founded in 1983 by Canadian cyclist Louis Garneau. A former Olympic cyclist, Garneau’s passion for cycling has been the driving force behind the brand’s success.

Garneau is unparalleled in Canada for its commitment to innovative, stylish and functional clothing and accessories for cycling. It’s this commitment which has earned them a global reputation for excellence, making them a trusted choice for recreational enthusiasts to professional athletes alike.

For Garneau, “every part of your body that comes in contact with the bike is an opportunity to create comfort”. It’s this obsession to better their products that’s helped athletes get more out of their performance.

They’ve also got a dedicated site for those wanting premium, customised goods for specific needs.

Canadian Electric Bike Brands

There’s been a global surge in the popularity of e-bikes, so it’s little surprise to see that Canada is also enjoying growth in the sector. Canadian brands like VoltBike are gaining recognition for their commitment to quality and sustainability. 

Whilst some brands producing Canadian made bicycles have added e-bikes to their existing portfolio, there are also newer companies dedicating themselves specifically to the e-bike cause. 

Here’s a list of some of the Canadian brands offering e-bikes.

Amego Electric VehiclesBased in Toronto, offers a range of electric bikes.
DevinciA well-known Canadian brand that offers electric bikes.
EcoloCycleProvides electric trikes and bikes.
LunacycleOffers a variety of electric bikes and conversion kits, available in Canada.
OHM CyclesSpecializes in high-end electric bikes for urban commuting and off-road use.
Rize BikesA Vancouver-based company offering a variety of e-bike models.
Spark BikesBased in British Columbia, focuses on affordable electric bikes.
Stealth Electric BikesOffers electric bikes that are popular in Canada.
Surface 604Known for a range of electric bikes including commuter and off-road models.
Terra BikesKnown for cargo bikes, also offers electric options.
TrivelQuebec-based company specializing in electric trikes and adaptive bikes.
VoltBikeBased in British Columbia, offers a wide range of affordable electric bikes.

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