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European Electric Bike Brands: All 113 E-Bike Brands Listed

europe e-bike brand

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Across the world, e-bikes have become enormously popular, and Europe is no exception. From e-cargo bikes to e-trekking, there’s an electric bike to suit any needs. But did you know that many of the brands producing them are European?

This article will look at the top 10 best European electric bike brands. We’ll also provide a list of the best e-bike brands from each individual country in the European Union, as well as in the UK, Norway, and Switzerland.

We’ll include a mixture of European e-bike manufacturers, brands which produce exclusively e-bikes, and others that have electric bikes in their portfolio.

Best Electric Bike Brands in Europe (by Country)

🇦🇹 Austria🇩🇪 Germany🇵🇱 Poland
🇧🇪 Belgium🇬🇷 Greece🇵🇹 Portugal
🇧🇬 Bulgaria🇭🇺 Hungary🇷🇴 Romania
🇭🇷 Croatia🇮🇪 Ireland🇸🇰 Slovakia
🇨🇾 Cyprus🇮🇹 Italy🇸🇮 Slovenia
🇨🇿 Czechia🇱🇻 Latvia🇪🇸 Spain
🇩🇰 Denmark🇱🇺 Luxembourg🇸🇪 Sweden
🇪🇪 Estonia🇲🇹 Malta🇨🇭 Switzerland
🇫🇮 Finland🇳🇱 Netherlands🇬🇧 UK
🇫🇷 France🇳🇴 Norway

Best European E-Bike Brands: Top 10

cowboy bikes

1. Cowboy Bikes

Cowboy Bikes embodies the spirit of a new era in urban transportation. It’s already become one of the most renowned European e-bike companies. With their sleek design and cutting-edge technology, Cowboy are redefining how we cycle in cities.

Based in Belgium, they’ve been producing some seriously stylish e-bikes with great features like theft-protection. They’ve even got a great support system available for a small monthly price.

The most popular model is the classic, the perfect city performer which adapts to your riding. It looks stealthy in all-black, and it’s discreet removable battery can easily be tucked into a bag or a coat packet once you’re all parked up.

  1. cowboy classic e-bike


    Cowboy Classic

    Classic model for commuting, a real head turner.

  2. cowboy cruiser e-bike


    Cowboy Cruiser

    More upright version of the Classic for a comfortable, relaxed ride.

  3. cowboy cruiser st e-bike


    Cowboy Cruiser ST

    Step-through cruiser for easy stops and starts.

ado bikes brand

2. A Dece Oasis

A Dece Oasis (ADO) produce some of the most affordable e-bikes available today in Europe. And, with more than 15,000 bikes already sold, they’re clearly doing something right.

They’ve also got a range of e-bikes available to suit almost every need.

The AIR 20, one of their best sellers, is an excellent folding e-bike. It’s compact, lightweight and comes in either a 250w or 350w for a modest boost of energy when you need it.

The AIR 28, on the other hand, is the all-rounder. For the city dweller who also enjoys a weekend ride for leisure, this could be the choice for you.

  1. a dece oasis air 28 e-bike


    A Dece Oasis AIR 28

    Great all-rounder e-bike with a step through frame.

  2. a dece oasis ado air 28 e-bike


    A Dece Oasis AIR 20

    Compact, folding e-bike with mess-free carbon belt-drive.

  3. ado a16 plus folding e-bike


    A Dece Oasis A16+

    Great value for money folding e-bike.

raleigh bikes brand

3. Raleigh

British heritage brand Raleigh has also ventured into the world of e-bikes, and they’re really turning some heads.

One of their most popular e-bikes is the Motus electric hybrid. With a powerful Bosch battery, the bike makes light work of daily rides and inclines. And, with the option for a step-through frame, it’s easy to mount and dismount.

The Stride 2 Family Cargo Bike, on the other hand, is Raleigh’s answer to the car. With ample space to fit the kids in for the school run, it’s the sustainable alternative for family transport that Europe is looking for.

  1. raleigh motus electric hybrid


    Raleigh Motus Electric Hybrid

    Easy everyday e-bike that can tackle hills without breaking a sweat.

  2. raleigh stride 2 family cargo bike


    Raleigh Stride 2 Family Cargo Bike

    Cargo bike that can fit the kids, the dog and the groceries in.

  3. raleigh stride family cargo bike


    Raleigh Stow-E-Way Folding Electric Bike

    Affordable folding e-bike that can tuck away for easy storage.

tenways e-bikes


TENWAYS are one of the best e-bike brands available in Europe today.

It started in the Netherlands with the vision of making great e-bikes accessible for everyone. Their mission? To make commuting fun and environmentally friendly.

And the CGO600 does just that. This city commuter weighs just 15 kg. It’s responsive, agile, and has a good range of 70 km. In fact, it’s so much of an e-bike in disguise that even without the electrical assistance activated, it still functions really well as a normal bike.

Where the CGO600 is the commuter, the AGO T is the explorer. With a tailored comfortable ride and a streamlined timeless style, it’s a great all rounder.

  1. tenways cgo600



    Agile e-commuter for the masses.

  2. tenways ago t e-bike



    Comfortable e-bike with a sleek design and mid-drive motor.



    The e-bike that can handle the city or the cross country ride.

rad power bikes

5. Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes is North America’s largest electric bike brand, and it’s come to Europe.

They have a range of e-bikes to suit every need, from cargo to city to off-road, they’ve got it all.

The RadRunner 3 Plus is their most premium utility bike. With refined styling, a low-step frame and their most up-to-date tech, it’s a great bike for the daily errands.

The RadRhino 6 Plus is one of their most popular e-bikes. It’s an electric fat bike with a user friendly patent-pending interface system, so it’s not just comfy, but smart too.

  1. radpower radrunner 3 plus e-bike


    Rad Power RadRunner 3 Plus

    E-utility bike that’s super versatile and fun.


    Rad Power RadRhino 6 Plus

    E-bike that helps you get more out of everyday riding.

  3. radpower radexpand 5 folding e-bike


    Rad Power RadExpand 5

    Electric folding bike that easily fits into the car for the trips away.

pvy bikes

6. PVY Bike

PVY are an e-bike brand producing some affordable yet powerful electric bikes. With their team of veteran e-bike specialists, they clearly know what they’re doing.

Don’t be deceived by there affordability, they’re capable too. With fat tyres and excellent off-road capabilities, you’ll get a lot more out of them then you might expect for the price.

The Z20 Plus is one of their best offerings. It’s an all-terrain performance beast, perfectly combining power, versatility and comfort.

The Z20 Pro, on the other hand, is so well priced that it’s hardly more expensive than a regular bicycle. And, it only takes 8 seconds to fold into a compact package, converting you from cyclist to pedestrian in record time.


    PVY Z20 Plus

    All-terrain e-bike with fat tyres and triple-shock suspension.

  2. pvy z20 pro e-bike


    PVY Z20 Pro

    Very well priced folding e-bike that’s fast, green and fun.

  3. pvy h500 pro hybrid e-bike


    PVY H500 PRO

    Serious e-mtb built for power and adventure.

7. Engwe

ENGWE is another example of a company producing affordable, accessible e-bikes. Now, their bikes have reached over 500,000 riders!

Sold in 30 national markets worldwide and extremely popular in Europe, they are undoubtedly one of the best electric bicycle producers today.

The EP-2 Pro is one of their best selling models. With a huge range of 120 km, adjustable suspension and fat tyres, it’s perfect for off-road trips.

The L20 is another great seller. It has a whopping range of 140 km, making it one of the longer distance step-through e-bikes available in Europe today. At a little over €1000, it’s hard to complain about that.

  1. Engwe EP2 Pro Folding e-bike


    Engwe EP-2 PRO

    Powerful folding e-bike with fat tyres and great off-road capabilities.

  2. engwe l20 e-bike


    Engwe L20

    Comfy step-through e-bike with an impressive range available in an array of colours.

  3. engwe P26 e-bike


    Engwe P26

    Affordable e-commuter which makes for a great first electric bike.

volt e-bike brand

8. Volt

Volt is at the forefront of the e-bike industry not just in the UK, but across the continent. In fact, it’s one of the best European e-bike brands around today.

Manufactured with care and precision in London, they produce a range of 12 e-bikes from premium components. The result? Expertly built, thoughtfully designed e-bikes that are ecologically friendly and award-winning.

The Burlington is their take on a classic, step-through e-bike. With a maintenance-free SpinTech™ hub and a choice of 4 pedal-assisted speed settings, it’s a no-fuss e-bike for those who cycle regularly and don’t want to worry too much about their bike.

The London is another great example. A stunning single-speed e-bike that’s perfect for the urban rider. The detachable front rack is perfect for briefcases, backpacks, or even a takeaway pizza! It’s a user friendly and versatile bike that also, quite frankly, looks great.

  1. volt burlington bike


    Volt Burlington

    Comfortable step-through electric bike built with excellent components.

  2. volt london urba e-bike


    Volt London

    Stylish, versatile single-speed e-bike for the urban rider.

  3. volt metro e-bike


    Volt Metro

    Lightweight folding e-bike with a range of up to 80 km.

riese muller bikes

9. Riese & Müller

One of the most renowned e-bike brands in Germany, Riese & Müller bring technical innovation and excellent product quality to the world of e-bikes.

They offer a wide range of e-bike models that cater to various needs and preferences, and they’re a popular choice among electric bike enthusiasts.

They produce the R&M Superdelite, an e-bike known for its exceptional comfort and versatility. It features a dual-battery system for extended range, a powerful Bosch Performance Line CX motor, and full suspension for a smooth ride

They also make the Multicharger2 their versatile, compact e-bike with cargo capacities. It’s still agile despite its loading capabilities and works well either as a commuter or as a bike for the school run.

  1. riese muller superdelite gt touring


    Riese & Müller Superdelite

    Powerful, sporty e-bike capable of much more than your everyday ride.


    Riese & Müller Multicharger2

    E-bike with an integrated passenger seat.


    Riese & Müller Load

    Front-loading cargo e-bike that can transport everyone and everything.

haibike e-bikes

10. Haibike

When it comes to e-MTBs, look no further than Haibike.

Haibike are an e-performance oriented brand that want to get people out onto their bikes regardless of their ability. From beginner to professional, there are e-bikes from Haibike to suit everyone.

They’ve got loads of electric bikes to choose from, but there are some stand outs.

The HYBE 11 is a stunning, high end race eFully masterpiece. All the stops were pulled out for this bike. Featuring a Bosch performance drive unit and Carbon frame, it’s absolutely ready to fly through the tracks and trails.

The Trekking 8 Low on the other hand maintains some of those performance sensibilities, but offers a much more comfortable, relaxed ride. For carefree, riding pleasure, this could be the e-bike for you.


    Haibike HYBE 11

    Top of the line e-MTB that’s all about performance.

  2. haibike trekking 8 low


    Haibike TREKKING 8 LOW

    Comfortable, ergonomic e-bike for the days spent in and around town.

  3. haibike trekking s10 mid


    Haibike TREKKING S10 MID

    A great commuter that gets you from A-B in style and without breaking a sweat.

e-bike brands in Austria

Best Austrian Electric Bike Brands

  • Geero: Electric city and touring bikes.
  • KTM: All types of e-bikes.
  • My Esel: Pioneering wooden-framed electric gravel bike.
  • Simplon: E-mountain and e-road bikes.

e-bike brands in belgium

Best Belgian Electric Bike Brands

  • Achiele: E-bikes handmade in Belgium.
  • Ahooga: Ultra-light trendy e-bikes for the city.
  • Belgocycle: Affordable e-bikes.
  • BZEN: Super-light urban e-bikes.
  • Cowboy: Sleek modern e-bikes for the city.
  • Ellio: E-bike with automatic gearing.
  • Granville: Electric city and mountain bikes.
  • L’avenir: E-bikes for the city.
  • Minerva: Small range of e-bikes.
  • Norta: Founded in 1920s and now exclusively producing e-bikes.
  • Oxford: Electric city, folding and cargo bikes.
  • Ridley: Great electric gravel bike.
  • Veloci: Long battery-life e-bikes.
  • Venilu: Mainly e-bikes for commuters.

e-bike brand bulgary

Best Bulgarian Electric Bike Brands

  • Eljoy: E-bike brand with a small fleet.
  • E-Velox: E-bike manufacturer.
  • Maxcom: E-bike manufacturer.

e-bike brand croatia

Best Croatian Electric Bike Brands

e-bike brand cyprus

Best Cypriot Electric Bike Brands 

Unfortunately, there are currently no e-bike brands from Cyprus.

e-bike brand czech republic

Best Czech Electric Bike Brands

e-bike brand denmark

Best Danish Electric Bike Brands

e-bike brand estonia

Best Estonian Electric Bike Brands

  • Ampler: Specialising in e-bikes with concealed batteries.
  • Hagen: Cargo bike producer that also produces an electric model. 
  • Oolter: Stylish e-bike brand for commuters. 
  • Vok Bikes: E-cargo bikes for delivery services.

e-bike brands finland

Best Finnish Electric Bike Brands

  • Equal Bike: E-bike start-up.
  • Fitnord: Range of e-bikes.
  • Helkama: Small range of e-bikes.
  • Ouca: E-cargo bikes for businesses. 
  • Niekka: Premium e-bike company.
  • Pole Bicycles: Off-road specialist with some electric options.
  • Tunturi: Bicycle manufacturer that produces e-bikes.

e-bike brand france

Best French Electric Bike Brands

e-bike brand germany

Best German Electric Bike Brands

e-bike brand greece

Best Greek Electric Bike Brands

e-bike brand hungary

Best Hungarian Electric Bike Brands

  • Csepel: Small range of e-bikes. 
  • Gepida: Range of e-bikes. 
  • Neuzer: Few e-bike models. 

e-bike brands ireland

Best Irish Electric Bike brands

  • Kuma Bikes: Small fleet of quality e-bikes. 
  • Moby: E-bike sharing system in Dublin called ‘Move’.
  • Veloci: Diverse range of e-bikes produced in Belgium. 

e-bike brand italy

Best Italian Electric Bike Brands

  • Atala: Wide range of off-road e-bikes.
  • Bottecchia: Electric mountain, city folding and hybrid bikes.
  • Ekletta: Italian designed e-bikes.
  • Fantic Motor: E-bikes (as well as motorbikes).
  • Five: Range of electric vehicles including e-bikes.
  • Italwin: Bologna-based e-bike company.
  • Moto Parilla: Luxury e-bikes. 
  • Neox: Mostly e-city and e-touring bikes.
  • Noko: Premium e-bikes. 
  • Thok: Performance-focused e-bikes. 
  • Velorapida: Elegant e-bikes with vintage aesthetic.

e-bike brand latvia

Best Latvian Electric Bike Brands

e-bike brand lithuania

Best Lithuanian Electric Bike Brands

  • Baltik Vairas: Large-scale manufacturer that also produces e-bikes.
  • Charged: Heavy-duty e-bikes. 
  • E-TMX: Modern, conceptual e-bikes.
  • Pon.Bike: Manufacturer that produces e-bikes for other brands.

e-bike brand luxembourg

Best Luxembourgian Electric Bike Brands

Unfortunately, there are currently no brands that produce commercially available e-bikes in Luxembourg.

e-bike brand malta

Best Maltese Electric Bike Brands

Unfortunately, there are currently no brands that produce commercially available e-bikes in Malta

e-bike brand netherland

Best Dutch Electric Bike Brands

  • Azor: Range of e-bikes, including a folding tandem e-bike.
  • Babboe: Producer of some sustainable and affordable e-bikes. 
  • Batavus: Heritage brand with a range of e-bikes.
  • Doppio: Two-seater e-bikes.
  • Gazelle: Range of e-bikes from a legendary dutch bike brand. 
  • KOGA: Have a range of mostly strep-through e-bikes.
  • LEKKER Bikes: Amsterdam’s top rated e-bike brand.
  • Mokumono: Lightweight e-bikes.
  • Stella: One of the largest e-bike specialists in the Netherlands.  
  • Tenways: Range of city e-bikes.
  • Watt Fietsen: E-bikes inspired by NYC bike scene.
  • VanMoof: Revolutionary e-bike with tracking features. 

e-bike brand norway

Best Norwegian Electric Bike Brands

e-bike brand poland

Best Polish Electric Bike Brands

e-bike brand portugal

Best Portuguese Electric Bike Brands

  • Beeq: Manufacturer. 
  • Inter Bike: Large-scale manufacturer of conventional and electric bikes.
  • Sangal: E-bike manufacturer.
  • 50Rebels: Portuguese crafted e-bikes.

e-bike brand romania

Best Romanian Electric Bike Brands

  • DevronEurope: Italian/Romanian brand produces mostly e-city and e-trekking bikes. 
  • Evolio: E-vehicle specialist with some e-bikes.

e-bike brand slovakia

Best Slovakian Electric Bike Brands

  • Kellys Bike: Big Slovakian bike brand with some e-bikes.
  • Sharvan: Foldable, colour-changing e-bike.

e-bike brand chicago

Best Slovenian Electric Bike Brands

  • Econo: Produces batteries and components for e-bikes.

e-bike brand spain

Best Spanish Electric Bike Brands

  • BH Bikes: Innovative electric mountain and city bikes. 
  • Desiknio: Premium lightweight e-bikes.
  • Exxite: Minimalistic urban e-bikes.
  • Legend E-Bikes: Folding smart e-bikes. 
  • Moma Bikes: E-mountain, e-touring and e-folding bikes.  
  • Mondraker: E-mountain bikes.
  • Orbea: Large-scale manufacturer with a range of e-bikes.
  • Rayvolt: Bikes with electric assist.
  • Urban Biker: 4 different Spanish-manufactured e-bikes (folding, MTB, trekking etc)
  • Unno: Off-road e-bikes mainly. 

e-bike brand sweden

Best Swedish Electric Bike Brands

  • Cake: Very modern e-bikes, many ‘moto’ styles.
  • Cargo Bike of Sweden: Produce an e-cargo bike, which is very popular in Sweden.
  • Ecoride: Swedish manufactured, all sorts of e-bikes.
  • Elbi: City e-bikes.
  • Husqvarna: Wide range of electric bikes.
  • Rumble: Swedish-American moto-styled e-bikes. 
  • Vässla: Futurist looking e-bikes from Swedish start-up.
  • Zipforce: Electric motor to attach to a non-electric bike.

e-bike brand switzerland

Best Swiss Electric Bike Brands

  • BIXS: E-mountain, e-urban bicycles. 
  • BMC: E-mountain, e-urban, and e-road bikes.
  • Cresta: E-mountain, e-city and e-trekking bicycles.
  • Flyer: Urban, mountain, tour and crossover e-bikes.
  • Miloo: Fast e-bikes.
  • Stromer: High-range e-bikes.
  • TDS: Large range of largely city e-bikes.
  • Thömus: Innovative, modern e-bikes.
  • Trefecta: Premium, off-road e-bikes

e-bike brand britain

Best British Electric Bike Brands

  • Bird: Established brand with e-bike in development.
  • Boardman: Small range of e-bikes.
  • Brompton: Folding bikes with some e-bike options.
  • Cotic: Currently prototyping an e-bike.
  • Dolan: Producing some electric road bikes.
  • Emu: Affordable e-bikes.
  • Hummingbird: World’s lightest folding e-bike.
  • Moulton: Producing a compact e-bike that folds.
  • Mycle: Range of e-bikes, including a popular e-bike.
  • Orange: High-performance bikes, some electric options.
  • Orro: Electric gravel bike option.
  • Pashley: Heritage brand with a small selection of e-bikes.
  • Raleigh: Huge range of e-bikes.
  • Ribble: Selection of e-bikes.
  • Starling: Currently prototyping an e-bike.
  • Velomont: Bespoke e-MTBs. 
  • Volt: Modern, British-made e-bikes.
  • Whyte: MTB specialists with some e-bike models.

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