European Bike Brands: Top 3 Bicycle Makers in EVERY EU Country

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As cycling becomes more and more popular across the continent, many people are take more notice of where their bikes come from.

In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of European bicycle brands, exploring the top three bicycle makers in every EU country, as well as the UK, Switzerland, and Norway.

We’ll cover all the cycling disciplines, from European bike manufacturers to some of the best European road bike brands. And, we’ll also give a summary of our top picks for the best bike brands in Europe. Let’s jump in.

Top Bike Brands in Europe by Country

🇦🇹 Austria🇩🇪 Germany🇵🇱 Poland
🇧🇪 Belgium🇬🇷 Greece🇵🇹 Portugal
🇧🇬 Bulgaria🇭🇺 Hungary🇷🇴 Romania
🇭🇷 Croatia🇮🇪 Ireland🇸🇰 Slovakia
🇨🇾 Cyprus🇮🇹 Italy🇸🇮 Slovenia
🇨🇿 Czechia🇱🇻 Latvia🇪🇸 Spain
🇩🇰 Denmark🇱🇺 Luxembourg🇸🇪 Sweden
🇪🇪 Estonia🇲🇹 Malta🇨🇭 Switzerland
🇫🇮 Finland🇳🇱 Netherlands🇬🇧 UK
🇫🇷 France🇳🇴 Norway

Best European Bike Brands: Top 5

gazelle bike brand

1. Gazelle

With a rich heritage dating back to 1892, Gazelle has earned its reputation as a true pioneer and leader in the cycling industry.

In fact, when it comes to design legacy, it’s hard to top Gazelle. A favourite of the Dutch Royal Family, they’ve come to represent everything that is quintessential about cycling in the Netherlands; reliability, quality and iconic design.

You won’t go a day in the Netherlands without seeing at least a dozen of their bikes, regardless of whether you’re in the city or the countryside.

Now, they’re producing a range of e-bikes in a similar style to their classic models, proving that they can adapt to be not just a Dutch staple, but a bike of the future too.

christiana bike brand

2. Christiania

When it comes to transforming urban commuting, Christiania Bikes emerge as one of the most important brands in not just Europe, but the world.

Originating from Copenhagen, Denmark, these sturdy and iconic cargo bikes have redefined transportation possibilities for city dwellers and families across the continent.

Whilst outside of Denmark they were sometimes seen as a novelty, these cargo bikes represent a revolutionary shift towards sustainable mobility and livable cities.

With their unique design, they allow users to effortlessly transport heavy loads, children, or even pets, all while navigating urban landscapes with ease.

In a world with increasingly car-less aspirations, the cargo bikes from Christiania might just have provided the key, and thanks in part to them, more people are swapping four wheels for two (well, three).

hummingbird bike brand

3. Hummingbird

Hummingbird soars above the competition when it comes to innovation in folding bikes. One of the most interesting European bike companies, they’ve set themselves the task of making the lightest folding bikes on the market.

And, they’ve undoubtedly succeeded. Producing not only the world’s lightest folding bike, but also, the world’s lightest folding e-bike.

These innovations don’t come cheap, and Hummingbird is not as affordable as some of the other brands on this list by any means.

But, when it comes to product research and uncompromising quality, Hummingbird have no need to be apologetic.

They make bicycles that are the epitome of a commuters best friend, and have recently established themselves as a huge name in the world of micro mobility.

thomus bike brand

4. Thömus

Another innovator, this time from Switzerland, Thömus are known for a mix of curiosity, creation and advanced technology.

At just age 17, founder Thomas Binggeli started producing his own bikes. His hobby quickly became an obsession, and eventually, a business.

Today, the brand is known not just for its high-end race bikes, but also for its incredibly lightweight mountain bikes.

Their newest addition to their already impressive lineup is the Lightrider E-Ultimate; the worlds lightest e-mountain bike. Astonishingly weighing less than 15 kg, they’re trailblazing when it comes off-road cycles of the future.

They’re not cheap, but they are some of the best.

velosphy bike brand

5. Vélosophy

Vélosophy aren’t just another bike producer; they’re Swedish bike builders with philosophy at their core.

As the need for bicycles across the world becomes more apparent, there are some aspects which are inevitably neglected; sustainability and accessibility.

Recognising the needs of both current and future generations, Vélosophy have built a business with these features at the core. Not only do they produce bikes from sustainable, recycled materials like aluminium, but they also donate a bike to a schoolgirl in need in the developing world for every one sold.

One of the best things about cycling is that with a little bit of help, almost anyone can do it. Thankfully, brands like Vélosophy are doing their best to provide that help, making them one of the most important European bike companies around today.

Best Austrian Bike Brands

With its stunning alpine settings, picturesque countryside, and vibrant cities, Austria offers a variety of cycling terrain and opportunities. In fact, it’s estimated that 73% of Austrians use their bikes at least once a month, many of them using it daily.

It probably comes as little surprise then, that the Austrian bicycle industry is booming. With over half a million bicycles sold in 2022 alone, it’s serious business. More and more of these are e-bikes. In 2022, e-bike sales in Austria exceeded €1 billion!

There’s many famous Austrian bike brands to choose from, varying in size and specialties, but some names really stand out. KTM is an Austrian bicycle brand that produces domestically every type of bicycle imaginable, and is practically a household name. Other brands, like Simplon, are really pushing the boundaries for high-performance bikes with their carbon fibre frames.

Top Bike Brands in Austria

  1. ktm x strada 30 fit bike



    Every type of bicycle imaginable, made in Austria. Electric, gravel, kids bikes, you name it.

  2. simplon razorblade 20 iv mtb



    Austrian bicycle brand that specialises in high-performance carbon and ‘e-drive’ bikes.

  3. woom up bike



    Premium, Austrian designed kids bikes known for being lightweight and durable.

Best Belgian Bike Brands

Belgium has a strong cycling culture, and this extends to production in the country. The country’s rich cycling history, enthusiastic cyclists, and passion for cycling has led to the creation of some of the best bicycle manufacturers.

In fact, some of the most iconic brands still in existence today were born in Belgium. The bicycle market for 2023 is projected to generate €1.37 billion in revenue, and by 2028 unit sales for bikes are expected to reach 750,000!

A large proportion of those will undoubtedly come from Ridley, the legendary Belgian bicycle brand, which is in a league with the best European bike brands of today.

There’s also some other Belgian bike brands, like Noble Cycles with their impressive premium frame design, and Cowboy, who are designing sleek modern e-bikes for commuters and city dwellers alike.

Top Bike Brands in Belgium

  1. noble-bikes cinquantenario


    Noble Cycles

    Specialising in exquisitely designed high-end bike frames that are handmade in Belgium.

  2. ridley falcn road bike



    The forerunner in Belgium for road bikes, they also invented and popularised the conical headset.

  3. cowboy 4



    Minimalistic e-bikes that fit perfectly into city life.

Best Bulgarian Bike Brands

Bulgaria is a country that boasts a growing cycling culture, with a passionate community of cyclists and an increasing interest in cycling as a mode of transportation and sport.

While Bulgaria may not be widely recognized as a major hub for bicycle manufacturing, there are some interesting Bulgarian bicycle brands.

In terms of standout brands in Bulgaria, Drag Bicycles is a notable name that has gained recognition both domestically and internationally. Drag has been manufacturing bikes for over 20 years and offers a wide range of models for different cycling disciplines, catering to both recreational and professional cyclists.

Balkanvelo is another Bulgarian bike brand that deserves a mention. They’re over half a century old, and they produce bikes to suit all budgets. Sprint Bikes are also gaining traction as one of the best European MTB brands on the market today.

Top Bike Brands in Bulgaria

  1. drag boulevard urban bike


    Drag Bicycles

    Made in Bulgaria bicycles and a market share of over 40% for mid-top tier bikes in the country.

  2. reactor balkanvelo



    Bike brand producing a wide range of bikes since 1967.

  3. sprint maverick bike


    Sprint Bikes

    One of the best European MTB brands producing for those who value freedom.

Best Croatian Bike Brands

Croatia is another example of a country that isn’t necessarily renowned for its influence in the cycling world, and there aren’t too many Croatian bike brands today.

Croatia had an estimated 7% bicycle mode share in 2019. Croatians are becoming more interested in cycling, and the country is slowly transforming into a bike-friendly place, although there is still much work to be done. Fortunately, it is, and Croatian cyclists are going to get a boost out of an investment of nearly €170 million pledged to improve cycling in the country.

There is a Croatian bicycle brand in particular that stands out. Greyp is an electric bike company that produces high-end, performance-oriented e-bikes. They are known for their innovative design, creating the world’s first “fully connected” e-bike.

Apart from Greyp, there are other smaller bicycle manufacturers and artisanal bike builders in Croatia, such as Grunner X and HardCore industries, catering mainly to the custom and high-end market.

Top Bike Brands in Croatia

  1. greyp bikes g6.4


    Greyp Bikes

    Super smart bikes with fitted cameras and 24/7 online connectivity.

  2. grunner x



    Makers of the Grunner X; the world’s first smart e-bike with a range of 350 km!

  3. core industry bike


    HardCore Industry

    Specialsit domestic producer of carbon down-hill frames.

Best Cypriot Bike Brands

Unfortunately, there are no known bike brands in Cyprus.

Best Czech Bike Brands

The Czech Republic is known for its beautiful landscapes and architecture, but it’s also a lesser known fact that the Czech are avid cyclists (at least, outside of Prague).

In fact, there are 40,000 km of marked cycle routes across the country. That’s pretty impressive considering its relatively small size.

You might also be surprised to find out that Czechia has a strong domestic bike production industry. Whilst there are no names that dominate, there a few Czech bicycle brands that are of special interest.

Favorit has a very long history of producing bikes in Czechia, and they offer a range of models for different disciplines, such as road, mountain and city bikes. Their urban models are particularly bright and stylish.

There’s also other Czech bike brands that are noteworthy, such as Festka, who focus on high-end custom-made bicycles, and Superior Bikes, who specialise in performance MTBs.

Top Bike Brands in The Czech Republic

  1. favorit bigboss bike



    Beautifully colourful bikes that are designed for low-maintenance and enjoyment.

  2. superior team xf 29


    Superior Bikes

    Specialising in top quality MTB bikes that are some of the best in the world.

  3. festka one road bike



    Road and gravel bikes with frames that are made and tested in the capital.

Best Danish Bike Brands

Cycling is deeply ingrained in Danish culture. In fact, 7 out of 10 danes over the age of 6 own a bike, and in Copenhagen, it’s 9 out of 10! Cargo bikes are especially popular, with 1 in every 4 families in Copenhagen having one.

When it comes to domestic bicycle production, they aren’t statistically the best sellers in the country, but Denmark does have many notable brands producing bicycles.

One such Danish bicycle brand is Christiania Bikes. Founded in 1972, Christiania Bikes produce predominantly cargo bikes that are designed for carrying heavy loads and are commonly used to transport groceries, post, and even children around the city.

Other Danish bike brands, like the younger, trendier Omnium Cargo, produce agile, fast and stable cargo bikes that are stylish and very functional. Another is Velorbis, where Danish design meets German production, resulting in some beautiful and durable city bikes amongst other things.

Top Bike Brands in Denmark

  1. christiana bikes classic cargo



    The first producers of the now countrywide cargo bikes, a household name.

  2. omnium cargo


    Omnium Cargo

    Famous for their agile and stylish cargo bikes with the large metal frame at the front.

  3. velobris elechic fusion



    Beautiful Danish design meets German production to create some beautiful city bikes amongst other things.

Best Estonian Bike Brands

Cycling is fairly popular in Estonia, and in recent years it’s gained recognition for its cycling culture and infrastructure. Short commuting distances, little traffic and diverse natural scenery all contribute to this.

One of the major trends in Estonia, as it has been across Europe, is the proliferation of e-bikes.

The Estonian bicycle brand that’s leading the charge is Ampler Bikes, an Estonian e-bike producer that has gained recognition not only in Estonia but also in Europe.

Their lightweight e-bike models, such as Curt, Stout, and Stellar, have won multiple awards and are being used by thousands of riders across Europe. Ampler Bikes focuses on developing e-bikes with hidden batteries.

Other Estonian bike brands include Moomoo, who produce cycling apparel for the Olympic team, and Hagen, who’ve re-established themselves in Estonia with newfound inspiration from Danish cycling culture.

Top Bike Brands in Estonia

  1. ampler bikes juna


    Ampler Bikes

    Classically designed bikes that are electrically powered for the modern age.

  2. hagen cargo



    Relocated in Estonia and producing bold cargo bikes for life’s adventures.

  3. moomoo cycling apparel



    Estonian bicycle brand that high-quality apparel for top-tier competitive cyclists.

Best Finnish Bike Brands

Cycling is popular in Finland, and it has a significant cycling culture. It’s estimated that the modal share of cycling in Finland is around 12% of all short trips.

A country renowned for it’s clean air and incredible landscapes, it’s also become increasingly popular for bicycle trips and holidays.

With a projected revenue in the bicycle market of $327 million for 2023, cycling is something that the Finnish take seriously.

In terms of domestic bicycle production, there are several Finnish bicycle brands. Among them, Helkama stands out, producing more than 25,000 e-bikes a year from their base in Hanko, Finland.

Other Finnish bike brands include Pole Bicycle Company, who specialise in high-end mountain bikes, and Pelago Bikes, who make durable, functional and beautiful bikes that encapsulate the best of Finnish bike culture.

finnish bike brands

Top Bike Brands in Finland

  1. helkama bike



    High-quality e-bikes with a huge market share designed and produced in Hanko, Finland.

  2. pole omni complete set


    Pole Bicycle Company

    Innovative MTB producer that introduced the world’s first fully CNC’d monocoque enduro bike.

  3. pelago brooklyn urban one



    Finnish bicycle brand making traditional bikes that bring joy and freedom to the urban journey.

Best French Bike Brands

Almost 54% of people in France use their bikes everyday! Cycling is one of France’s most popular sports, and the country has a rich cycling heritage. The bike market is also huge, estimated to be nearly over €2.5 billion in 2023.

Home of the Tour de France – an annual race that is watched by over 40 million fans every year – which began in 1903 as a competition between amateur cyclists and eventually became professional.

It wouldn’t be right to talk about the Tour de France and not mention Peugeot. Their cycles division have had 10 wins under their belt (arguably more by other measures), far more than any other French bicycle brand. They are known for producing a wide variety of bikes and enjoy popularity worldwide.

Another one of the famous French bike brands is Lapierre; founded in Dijon and now producing a range of road, mountain and e-bikes amongst other things. Look Cycle are also worth a mention, and their professional presence when it comes to triathlons and track cycling is impressive.

french bike brands

Top Bike Brands in France

  1. peugeot ef01 folding bike



    Tour de France dominators that now produce a huge variety of bikes.

  2. lapierre xr bike



    Leader of the high-end MTB french market and on course to dominate others.

  3. look cycle 765 gotham


    Look Cycle

    Top-of-the-line carbon bikes and state-of-the-art electronic pedals.

Best German Bike Brands

Cycling is extremely popular in Germany across all ages. The country has seen an increase in cycling activities over the years, and now, at least 54% of Germans ride a bicycle at least once a month.

In terms of domestic bicycle production, Germany has a thriving bicycle industry, especially when it comes to e-bikes. Nearly half of all bicycles sold in the country are electric, and over 1.4 million e-bikes have been produced there.

Germany is home to one of the world’s most famous bicycle brands, Canyon, who are internationally renowned for their road, mountain and triathlon bikes.

However, there’s many well-known German bicycle brands. Others include Cube, who produce virtually every type of bike conceivable, and Riese & Müller, an incredibly successful German bike brand who produce e-bikes for daily needs and more.

german bike brands

Top Bike Brands in Germany

  1. canyon roadlite



    Koblenz based global leader of road, mountain, city, triathlon and electric bikes.

  2. cube elite 68x slt



    Bavarian engineered bicycles with a portfolio of nearly 300 different bikes, there’s truly something for everyone.

  3. riese muller delite4 bike

    Riese & Müller

    E-bikes to suit all needs, from business to pleasure.

Best Greek Bike Brands

Greece is another country that has a moderate bicycle culture. Boasting beautiful coastal routes, stunning landscapes and historical points of interest, the country is popular as a destination for road cyclists, especially the islands.

Revenue in the Greek bicycle market is expected to reach over $150 million dollars in 2023, and there are a few main Greek bicycle brands responsible who are big names in the domestic market.

Ponero is a Greek bike brand that specialises in high-speed track bikes. They’re handbuilt in Rhodes, and with the knowledge of former tracker rider Politis Nektarios, they’re doing great things.

Other Greek bicycle brands include Ideal Bikes, who are one of the largest producers of bicycles in Greece, and Orient Bikes, a Larissa based producer of a diverse range of bicycles, particularly e-bikes.

greek bike brand

Top Bike Brands in Greece

  1. ponero stealth bike



    Hand-built carbon fibre track bikes with innovative hidden kevlar reinforcement techniques.

  2. ideal bikes prisma e810


    Ideal Bikes

    Producer of over 190,000 bikes annually ranging from E-MTBs to kids bikes.

  3. orient my bik-e 2.0


    Orient Bikes

    Larissa based brand known mainly for their wide selection of e-bikes.

Best Hungarian Bike Brands

It’s not common practice to think of Hungary as a country known for cycling, but it is a country with a two wheeled history.

And it’s continuing that history. In fact, in 2020 there was a 15% growth in bike traffic in the capital, Budapest.

With a bicycle market that’s expected to generate over $200 million in 2023 ,perhaps it’s a country that should be better known for bikes.

There’s some known Hungarian bike brands, such as Csepel, which produces a wide range of bikes (and for the police force!) and Neuzer, the countries leading bicycle manufacturer.

A lesser known but nonetheless interesting Hungarian bicycle brand brand is Gepida. Early e-bike enthusiasts might recognise the name as one of the early pioneers in the field.

hungarian bike brands

Top Bike Brands in Hungary

  1. csepel woodlands mustang 24



    The only current all-round manufacturer of bicycles in Hungary.

  2. neuzer x400 cross bike



    Hungarian bike brand founded in 1996 that produces many different bikes and related accessories.


  3. gepida bonum edge nexus 8c



    Specialises in Hungarian designed e-bikes with lifetime warranties.

Best Irish Bike Brands

Cycling in Ireland is fairly popular. According to the CSO of Ireland, approximately 25% of people in Ireland reported cycling in the last four weeks.

And they’re not all just commuters, In fact, 87% of respondents said that exercise was a reason for cycling, and 80% cited enjoyment as a factor!

There’s plenty of great Irish bike brands, but there are a few exceptional ones.

FiftyOne Bikes is an Irish bicycle brand known for it’s handbuilt custom road bikes and factory-built gravel bikes. The assassin, one of their most popular models, is a progressive gravel bike with adaptable geometry.

There’s also Kuma Bikes, an Irish brand based in Dublin producing high-quality, ‘modern’ styled e-bikes, and TÁD, an Irish cycle-wear brand inspired by vintage styles and aesthetics.

irish bike brands

Top Bike Brands in Ireland

  1. fifty one eker 1x


    FiftyOne Bikes

    Manufacturer of custom hand-made road bikes and progressive gravel bikes like the Assassin.

  2. kuma bikes xo


    Kuma Bikes

    Dublin based e-bike company that specialises in modern, practical electric bicycles.

  3. tad kaka jersey



    Donegal based cycling apparel brand that marries vintage aesthetics to modern sensibilities.


Best Italian Bike Brands

The Italian bicycle industry is probably one of the most famous in Europe, if not the world.

Surprisingly, the Italian bike market actually dropped 10% in 2022, but it’s expected to bounce back

Italian bicycle makers have a long history producing high-quality bicycles that are admired for their creative design, beautiful aesthetics, craftsmanship and performance.

When talking about the Italian bicycle industry, it’s hard to ignore some of the iconic brands that have contributed to its fame. This list could really go on forever, but we’ve picked out top 3 here.

Cinelli, an Italian bicycle brand founded in 1948, is known for its innovative designs and collaboration with renowned designers and artists. They produce a range of bicycles for various disciplines, including road and track, are are a cult-favourite for fixed-gear enthusiasts.

When it comes to racing, there are two standouts. Both Colnago and Pinarello are well established Italian bike brands famous for producing award-winning road bikes.

italian bike brands

Top Bike Brands in Italy

  1. cinelli tutto plus bike



    Renowned for their innovative, avant-garde and stylish bicycles, from legendary road bikes to cool fixed gears.

  2. pinarello dogma dura ace



    Treviso based bike-brand that holds the highest number of Tour de France wins.

  3. colnago c68 road



    World-class producer specialising in road-bikes for racing.

Best Latvian Bike Brands

Cycling is fairly common in Latvia, and although only 4% of people use their bikes daily, they’re probably better known for producing bikes than they are for riding them. In fact, revenue in the bike industry in Latvia is expected to reach over $80 million in 2023.

In terms of domestic bicycle production, Ērenpreiss Bicycles is the most well-known Latvian bicycle brand. The company was founded by Toms Ērenpreiss and is based in the capital, Riga.

Ērenpreiss Bicycles continues the legacy of Gustavs Ērenpreiss, whose bicycle factory in Riga became the largest and most important bicycle factory in the Baltic states during the 1930s.

There are also some interesting modern Latvian bike brands. Materia bikes and Brum Brum are both building bikes out of wood, but for different ends.

Materia are using it to build long-lasting light weight bikes for adults, whilst Brum Brum are building durable, award-winning balance bikes for kids ages 2-6.

latvian bike brands

Top Bike Brands in Latvia

  1. erenpreiss bicycles paula


    Ērenpreiss Bicycles

    Heritage Latvian brand producing stylish lightweight city bikes for men and women.

  2. materia bikes gusto


    Materia Bikes

    Producer of wooden-framed bicycles that absorb four times more shock than carbon.

  3. brum brum balance bike


    Brum Brum

    Award winning wooden-framed balance bike brand producing for kids aged 2-6.

Best Lithuanian Bike Brands

The cycle industry in Lithuania has been growing in importance and attracting global attention. This growth can be attributed to the country’s favorable manufacturing conditions, skilled workforce, and cycling-friendly infrastructure.

One notable development in the Lithuanian cycle industry is the investment by Pon Bike, a leading global bicycle company. Their new manufacturing facility in Kėdainiai is set to open in 2024, with a potential annual production of 600,000 bikes!

A true Lithuanian bike brand is E-TMX (formerly ZBIKE) ; a producer of powerful off-road e-bikes that are designed with performance in mind.

Another one of the significant Lithuanian bicycle brands is Baltik Vairas. Founded during the Soviet era, Baltik Vairas gained prominence in the international bicycle industry after being acquired by Danish investor Niels Peter Preztmann and Lithuanian capital fund LIT Capital in 2013.

Whilst not being known for its brands, Lithuania is a serious manufacturer of bicycles.

lithuanian bike brands

Top Bike Brands in Lithuania

  1. kalkhoff image 1.b xxl


    Pon Bike Lithuania

    Huge manufacturer for brands like Gazelle, Kalkhoff and Focus.

  2. e-tmx-e-bikes


    E-TMX (Formerly ZBIKE)

    Start up producing some extremely tough e-bikes for the domestic and global market.

  3. baltik vairas bikes


    Baltik Vairas

    The largest OEM bike manufacturer in Northern Europe.

Best Luxembourgian Bike Brands

Despite being a tiny country, Luxembourg has impressive cycling infrastructure. With a national network of 600 km of cycling routes across 23 different routes, with plans to expand to 1,400 km in the coming years.

Luxembourg is small, but it’s big on cycling. It actually ranked 13th globally for the number of people who use bikes as a regular mode of transport.

There aren’t any world-famous bike brands here, which isn’t surprising, but there are some names which are establishing themselves domestically.

Project Bike is the country’s first custom bike shop, bringing in retailers from all over the world. Whilst not a Luxembourgian bike brand per se, it plays a big role in the bicycle culture of the country.

Other Luxembourgian bike brands include BeBike, another customs shop and mechanic, and Vel’OH; the country’s popular bike rental scheme.

luxembourgian bike brands

Top Bike Brands in Luxembourg

  1. bullit e6100 cargo bike


    Project Bike

    Luxembourg’s first custom bike shop specialising in fixed gears.

  2. bebike yeti citycycles 160e



    Mechanic, workshop and shop that can fix and customise your bike.

  3. vel-oh-bike-rental



    Luxembourg’s 24/7 bike rental scheme.

Best Maltese Bike Brands

Unfortunately, there are no known bike brands in Malta.

Best Dutch Bike Brands

It’s well known that the Netherlands is one of the most famous countries for cyclists in the world. The country has more bikes than residents!

In 2020, the Dutch bicycle industry produced 13.48 million bicycles and other cycle products, with 2.4% of them manufactured domestically.

There’s many to choose from, but here’s a pick of some of the best Dutch bike brands.

Gazelle is a renowned Dutch bicycle brand that has been producing bicycles since 1892. They are the market leader in the Netherlands, producing around 300,000 bikes per year.

Other Dutch bicycle brands include Veloretti, which focuses on creating stylish and affordable bicycles, and Lester Cycles, who despite being small scale, produce some of the finest hand-crafted custom bikes available in Holland.

dutch bike brands

Top Bike Brands in the Netherlands

  1. gazelle avignon c380 hmb ltd



    Heritage brand producing a range of bikes for over 130 years, the current market leader in the Netherlands.



    Direct-to-consumer bike brand that mostly produces bikes with city sensibilities.

  3. lester cycles blue steel


    Lester Cycles

    Small-scale custom bike manufacturer based in the docks of Amsterdam.

Best Norwegian Bike Brands

Cycling in Norway has gained significant traction in recent years, and commuting by bike is fairly common. Studies show that about 7% of people cycle to work in the country. There’s also significant recreational cycling taking place too.

For bike production, however, Norway is perhaps not as regarded as some of its European neighbours. Having said that, the bicycle market in the country is expected to grow by over 3% between 2023 and 2028.

One Norwegian bicycle brand involved in that push is Fara Cycling. They’re an independant maker of premium bikes, primarily focusing on competitively priced road and gravel bikes, and they’re garnering a lot of attention.

Skiens Cykkelfabrik is another of the Norwegian bike brands, but they’re at the other end of the spectrum, focusing on classic and retro styled bikes. Den Beste Sykkel is another iconic brand, founded in 1932 and the producer of some iconic Norwegian classics such as the Tomahawk.

norwegian bike brands

Top Bike Brands in Norway

  1. fara cycling road bike


    Fara Cycling

    Well priced premium road and gravel bikes.

  2. skiens cykkelfabrik bike


    Skiens Cykkelfabrik

    Specialising in bespoke bikes, components and accessories with a retro aesthetic.

  3. dbs veiel herre bike


    Den Beste Sykkel (DBS)

    Brand founded in 1932 that produces iconic models like the Tomahawk Chopper.

Best Polish Bike Brands

According to a report by the European Cyclists’ Federation, Poland had the highest percentage increase in cycle trips between 2011 and 2017 with an increase of 44%!

But it’s not just cycling itself that’s popular. Poland has a thriving bicycle industry and is one of the largest producers of bicycles in the European Union. In 2028, bicycle unit sales are projected to reach almost 1.2 million!

There are also a number of Polish bike brands that are particularly well regarded. Rondo are an up and coming brand producing some no-nonsense road, gravel and MTBs.

Kross, on the other hand, is a more established Polish bicycle brand which produces bikes for most disciplines.

Finally, there’s Zumbi, a specialist mountain-bike frame producer made by riders, for riders.

polish bike brands

Top Bike Brands in Poland

  1. rondo mutt



    Polish designed road, gravel and mountain bikes for serious and casual riders alike.

  2. kross sentio 1.0



    Large scale bike manufacturer that produces almost 300,000 bikes annually to suit all disciplines.

  3. zumbi bike enduro mtb



    Specialises in custom built mountain-bike frames with individualised geometry and paintwork.

Best Portuguese Bike Brands

Portugal has a modest bike culture, especially in the largest cities where bicycle modal shares are still relatively low and cars still dominate.

What it lacks in low bicycle usage, however, it more than makes up for in bicycle manufacturer. Portugal is the largest bike manufacturer in Europe, surpassing Italy and Germany to claim the top spot.

According to data from Eurostat, Portugal produced 2.6 million bikes in 2020, a significant increase on previous years. However, of these bikes, roughly 90% are exported to other countries.

It’s worth noting that the success of Portugal’s bike brands in the bicycle manufacturing industry has been supported by factors such as the imposition of tariffs on Chinese bike imports into the European Union, which has provided a competitive advantage to Portuguese manufacturers.

You won’t see a famous Portuguese bicycle brand on this list, and that’s because there aren’t any. Despite being a large scale manufacturer, the country doesn’t have many familiar brands when it comes to bicycles.

portugese bike brands

Top Bike Brands in Portugal

  1. inter bike


    Inter Bike

    Specialist in the assembly of both conventional and electric bikes, based in Vagos.

  2. carbon bikes frame


    Carbon Team

    Manufacturer of carbon bicycle parts for all types of bicycles.

  3. avantis bike



    Large scale bicycle manufacturer based in Oia.

Best Romanian Bike Brands

Romanian cycl ing culture is pretty modest. According to a study by Preda Publishing, around 30% of Romania’s population has a bicycle at home, with almost half of them owning one for over five years.

They are, however, large scale producers of bicycles. Romania was the second-largest bicycle producer in the European Union in 2021, with approximately 2.5 million units produced by manufacturers.

Whilst most Romanian bicycle brands are skilled manufacturers, there is one which is of a little more interest to the average cyclist.

Pegas is one of the oldest and most known Romanian bike brands. Founded in 1972 in Cluj, Pegas has a wide range of bicycles and is known for its retro-styled designs. The brand is seeing a revival of its once nationwide products.

romanian bike brands

Top Bike Brands in Romania

  1. pegas mini drumet children bike



    Revived producer from the Communist period that makes a mixture of bikes as well as e-scooters.

  2. decathlon hybrid bike riverside 120



    Huge scale manufacturer that used to produce bikes and parts for Decathlon.

  3. devron 28431 e-bike


    DHS Bike Parts/ DHS

    Huge Romanian manufacturer founded in 1999 that produces both bike parts and whole bicycles.

Best Slovakian Bike Brands

A country of astonishing natural beauty and unique cultural heritage found in its historic town and castles, Slovakia is a great country for cyclists, especially for touring. It’s also home to some great Slovakian bicycle brands.

Arko Bici is a small-scale artisanal producer of bicycles. They focus on making everything from scratch and customising every single detail where possible.

Dema Bike is another Slovakian bike brand, but they’re producing bikes on a much larger scale. Making around 100,000 annually, they sell a mixture of bicycles to suit all sorts of needs. They’re pretty affordable too.

Kellys Bike also produces a lot of bikes, predominantly for exportation. Whilst they make most types of bicycle, their specialty is in performance and off-road bikes.

Top Bike Brands in Slovakia

  1. arko bici bike


    Arko Bici

    Artisanal small-scale producer of frames and other bike components, built from scratch.

  2. dema beast 29



    One of Slovakia’s largest bike manufacturers producing bicycles across the spectrum.

  3. kelllys theos f100


    Kellys Bike

    Slovakian off-road manufacturer specialising in high-quality performance bikes.

Best Slovenian Bike Brands

In Slovenia, cycling is indeed popular and has a strong history. The country has gained recognition for its exceptional cyclists who have achieved remarkable success in professional cycling.

Riders, such as Primož Roglič, Tadej Pogačar, and Matej Mohorič, have made significant contributions to the sport and have brought attention to Slovenia’s cycling scene.

It’s also a got a bicycle market that’s steadily growing, with projections to reach a projected market volume of $311 million by 2028.

There are some interesting Slovenian bike brands, but one stands out in particular.

Rogs Bikes are the flagship of Slovenian bicycle tradition. Returning in 2017 with their infamous folding model, the Pony, they are renovating and building on the legacy of previous years.

Another growing Slovenian bicycle brand is Bjōrn, who specialise in extremely lightweight and high-end components for a range of bikes.

slovenia bike brands

Top Bike Brands in Slovenia

  1. rogbikes pony classic 3


    Rogs Bikes

    Revived manufacturer known for their legendary city bike, the Pony.

  2. bjorn-saddle



    Producers of extremely lightweight and durable components for bikes, notably saddles.

  3. berk composites frame


    Berk Composites

    Specialising in handmade, ultralight components constructed from a wide range of materials.

Best Spanish Bike Brands

Cycling is well regarded in Spain, with a large number of people choosing bicycles as their primary mode of transport.

Bicycle modal share is gradually rising across Spain, with some cities like Seville leading the way with an exceptional figure of 9% in 2016. Since then, it’s likely to have increased even further.

In terms of domestic bicycle production, Spain does have its own bicycle manufacturing industry. One of the well-known bicycle brands produced domestically is Orbea

Orbea is a Spanish bicycle brand based in Mallabia, Spain. It’s the largest bicycle manufacturer in Spain and manufactures and assembles many bikes at its own factory in Mallabia.

There’s also other known Spanish bike brands, such as Rizo Cycles, who specialise in handcrafted steel and titanium bikes, and Etxeondo, a Basque-Spanish brand designing some of the best cycle clothing available in Europe today.

spanish bike brands

Top Bike Brands in Spain

  1. orbea gain m30 road e-bike



    One of the oldest cycling brands in the world, producing a range of road, mountain, triathlon and urban bikes.

  2. rizzo cycles bike


    Rizzo Cycles

    Specialising in handcrafted steel and titanium bikes that are designed to be ridden vigorously.

  3. etxeondo teknika chaqueta fem



    Handmade, premium cycle clothing from the Basque country.

Best Swedish Bike Brands

Sweden is country with thriving cycling culture. For most people, it’s a common activity for both commuting and leisure, and it is considered a way of life for many Swedes.

The bicycle market in Sweden is expected to reach over half a billion dollars in 2023. In terms of domestic bicycle production, Sweden does have a number of interesting bicycle manufacturers.

Vélosophy is a conscious Swedish bike brand who not only produce models from recycled materials, but also donate a bike to someone in need for every bike sold.

In the small village of Gamleby, Pilen Cykel are a family business specialising in vintage steel touring bikes amongst other things.

Detrail is by far the leader in trail bikes when it comes to Swedish bicycle brands. Their trail bikes are developed in the Nordic forest and are designed to be ridden all over the world.

swedish bike brands

Top Bike Brands in Sweden

  1. velosophy original comfort



    Conscious brand who specialise in sustainably produced bikes and donate a bike for every one sold.

  2. detrail stig bike



    Premium handbuilt trail and mountain bikes.

  3. pilen cykel lyx ladies


    Pilen Cykel

    Family owned business producing beautiful vintage bikes for the modern age.

Best Swiss Bike Brands

Switzerland is an industry leader when it comes to cycling, and Swiss production is regarded as some of the best.

The country itself offers a variety of cycling opportunities, such as mountain biking and road cycling, and is known for its bicycle tourism. With nearly 10,000 miles of trails, it’s considered one of the worlds most bike friendly countries.

Swiss bicycle production is relatively small compared to other European countries, but there are some excellent bike brands from the country.

BMC (Bicycle Manufacturing Company) is one of the largest Swiss bike brands and is known for producing high-performance road bikes and mountain bikes predominantly, but e-bikes too.

Thömus is another Swiss bicycle brand also producing high-end road bikes. They’ve also got some impressive e-bikes, and produce reportedly the lightest full suspension e-mountain bike in the world.

Lastly, Stromer is a Swiss e-bike brand that produces high-performance electric bikes. Stromer bikes are recognized for their advanced technology, reliability, and sleek design.

swiss bike brands

Top Bike Brands in Switzerland

  1. BMC Fourstroke AMP LT LTD



    Producer of some of the most innovative, aerodynamic road bikes on the market.

  2. thomus longrider e2



    Producer of excellent road bikes and the lightest e-mountain bike in the world, the Lightrider.

  3. stromer st7 bike



    Swiss producer of e-bikes with full connectivity and outstanding ride quality.

Best British Bike Brands

Cycling recreationally in the United Kingdom is very popular, and there is a well-established cycling culture. Approximately 21% of adults in the UK cycle at least once a week.

There’s also a thriving bicycle industry, and some of Europe’s most renowned names are British. The domestic market is also large, and in 2020 the number of bikes sold amounted to over 3.2 million.

Of the British bike brands, Brompton is perhaps the most iconic. Producing some of the worlds best folding bikes, they are a household name in the majority of the continent.

Raleigh is another excellent example of a British bicycle brand. They produce a wide variety of bikes and are one of the oldest bike brands in the world.

Lastly, Hummingbird deserves a mention. When it comes to state-of-the-art engineering, they are the industry leaders for folding bikes. They produce both the lightest folding bike and the lightest folding e-bike in the world.

britain bike brands

Top Bike Brands in Britain

  1. brompton electric c line bike



    Producer of some of the most renowned and sought after folding bikes in the world.

  2. raleigh stow e-way e-bike



    British bicycle brand known for producing all things bicycle related.

  3. hummingbird single speed folding bike



    Producer of both the lightest folding bike and the lightest folding e-bike on the market.

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