Evelo Review: Are These Electric Bicycles Any Good?

evelo bikes review

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If you are in the market for an electric bike you might come across Evelo. They sell a small, but perfectly formed range of electric bikes, shipping them directly to your front door, almost ready to ride.

But with the internet littered with many different electric bike manufacturers, why would you choose Evelo over another brand. Read on and find out.

evelo bikes fact sheet

Who Are Evelo?

Evelo have over 10 years experience in manufacturing electric bikes. Evelo sold their first electric bike in 2012 and continue to keep up with the fast-paced changes in the sector. Today, Evelo electric bikes feature in-frame batteries and mobile app integration.

Evelo has a presence right across the US, with colleagues in various locations. Evelo’s warehouse is located near Seattle.

Evelo’s website does a fantastic job of going behind the brand with a nice ‘meet-the-team’ style page on its website showing people from the head honchos to the people maintaining their website – and everyone in between.

Boris Mordkovich, CEO & Co Founder of evelo.

What Does Evelo Specialize In?

Evelo focus on different types of electric bikes, each designed with high-tech components and all available at excellent prices.

Unlike most direct to consumer electric bike brands, Evelo produces electric bikes with mid-drive motor. Mid-drive motors are known to feel more natural to ride than the cheaper hub-drive motors.

Being a direct to consumer bicycle manufacturer, Evelo do away with the traditional model of selling via local bike shops. Cutting out the middle man allows Evelo to offer their electric bikes at better prices to you, the end consumer.

Are Evelo Bikes Good?

Thanks to their attractive prices, premium components and specific-design, Evelo bikes are well regarded. Bikes like the Evelo Galaxy SL have been designed specifically for shorter riders, whilst the Evelo Dash is a folding electric bike, that’s been made to be easier to lift.

The Evelo Omega, the brands flagship model, is a top-end electric city bike, with in mid-drive motor, integrated battery and even automatic gear shifting.

Evelo have a long and fruitful relationship with bicycle gear brand Enviolo. Enviolo offer hub gears (no derailleur) which are known to be long-lasting and low on maintenance.

Is Evelo a Good Brand?

Evelo are very upfront with their warranty policy – a testament to their commitment as a brand. A four-year-warranty, or 20,000 miles is relatively unheard of in the bike industry. Team that with Evelo’s ten years in business and you can be sure that Evelo is a good brand.

Whilst the Evelo website can’t be described as ‘all-singing-all-dancing’ it’s packed to the gunnels with all the requisite information customers need when purchasing an electric bike.

From simple guides to help you find the right type of electric bike to detailed specification of their products, Evelo provide all the right information in all the right places.

Evelo even maintain a comprehensive support section on their website, with oodles of information to get your teeth into. Evelo have even uploaded the product manuals for each of their electric bikes so if owners misplace theirs, a replacement can be found with just a few taps.

Where Are Evelo Bikes Made?

Evelo electric bikes are made in either China – Guangzhou to be exact – or Taiwan. In a step that not many bike manufacturers take, Evelo is transparent about where their electric bikes are made, even publishing a blog, which in great detail lists the ins and outs of manufacturing e-bikes in Asia.

Like almost all bike and electric bike brands today, Evelo chooses to manufacture or assemble their bikes in Asia because its the centre of the bike industry (and in the case of electric bikes – the electronics industry). With most of the parts used to complete a full Evelo bike originating in Asia, it wouldn’t make sense to ship parts halfway around the world and assemble them in North America.

With more of us taking an interest in the origins of the products we buy, Evelo’s openness is great to see. OK, they haven’t published a full report detailing all elements of their supply chain, but in the often opaque world of bicycle manufacturing, Evelo’s stance is refreshing.

Does Evelo Make E-Bikes?

In a step many bike manufacturers have taken recently Evelo produce electric bikes and only electric bikes.

Thanks to their very helpful shipping page, we can infer plenty about the delivery and shipping of Evelo electric bikes. Evelo are available to customers shopping for an electric bike in the US, with transit times ranging between 5 and 10 business days, depending on the shipping address selected.

Unfortunately those customer shopping for Evelo bikes in Canada or even those browsing for e-bikes in the UK, will be disappointed by the fact that Evelo doesn’t currently ship outside the US.

Evelo bikes product round up

Evelo Bikes Review

It’s great to see a wealth of third-party and customer reviews on the Evelo website in order to help with a possible purchase.

As far as customer reviews go, with nearly 300 on their website, 95% of which are 5 star, Evelo are racking up plenty of good feeling about the e-bikes.

Most reviewers mention how their Evelo electric bike has changed their life, enabled them to see their local neighbourhood in a different way, or summit hills with ease.

Best Evelo E-Bikes

  1. evelo omega e-bike

    Top of the Range

    Evelo Omega

    Thanks to automatic gear shifting, powerful 750W motor with 115Nm of torque and a range of up to 100 mile range this a top-end electric bike.

  2. evelo galaxy lux e-bike

    Fully Equipped

    Evelo Galaxy Lux

    Another step-through model, but this time fully kitted out with mudguards, lights and pannier rack.

  3. evelo galaxy sl e-bike

    Step Through E-Bike

    Evelo Galaxy SL

    Still packing a bunch, this e-bike is just a shade over $2,000. A mid-drive motor gives enough oomph for hills and fast commutes to work.

  4. evelo atlas e-bike

    For Venturing Further Afield

    Evelo Atlas

    A truly versatile electric bike. Hub gears, mudguards and lights are great in the city – wide tyres and suspension fork are more suited to country riding.

  5. evelo compass trike e-bike

    Safe and Stable

    Evelo Compass Trike

    There aren’t many electric tricycles available and the Compass is a fantastic option at a great price.

  6. evelo dash folding e-bike

    Mid-Drive Folding E-Bike

    Evelo Dash

    Most folding e-bikes use a hub motor, but the dash doesn’t. With 70Nm of torque the Dash is fast to accelerate and super capable on hillier routes in town.

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