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8 Things Every Cyclist Should Have in Their EDC (Everyday Carry)

Cyclist fixing a flat tire

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Cycling isn’t just a mode of transport; it’s a lifestyle.

As cyclists, we often invest in gear that enhances our riding experience, from safety essentials to accessories and gadgets that reflect our personality and great sense of humor.

We take a look at the eight things that every cyclist needs in their everyday carry, regardless of whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting.

Bicycle puncture repair kit

1. A Puncture Repair Kit

It might not be the most exciting, but it goes without saying that you need a puncture repair kit.

It’s useless to carry, that is, until it’s called upon. Then, it’s a lifesaver. Fortunately, you can get a compact kit containing self-adhesive patches, sandpaper, tire levers, and a CO2 inflator for next to nothing.

With a puncture repair on hand, you can address a flat tire quickly and independently. This self-sufficiency is crucial for cyclists, especially on longer rides or in remote areas.

Even if you don’t have a flattie, you’ll be a best friend to someone who does. Don’t leave home without it.

cycling water bottle

2. A Water Bottle

Picture the scene. It’s a sweltering summer day, and you’re out for a ride, but the heat in the air is making your throat feel as dry as the Sahara desert.

Sure, it may seem like a simple accessory, but you can’t go without it when you need it. The humble water bottle, a cyclist’s trusty companion. It’s a lifeline for any serious riders. Let’s face it: few things are more gratifying than a refreshing swig of water when you’re thirsty.

But it’s also so much more. A bottle can be a canvas for self-expression and personal style, from sleek, minimal designs to branded ones that let others know that you’re a proper cyclist with good taste.

Just don’t forget to fill it up before you leave the house.

cycling first aid kit

3. A First Aid Kit

While it might not be as glamorous as the latest carbon fiber frame, a first aid kit is an indispensable companion for riders of all levels.

Okay, you can probably leave out the tourniquet and emergency blanket for a short commute to work. But if you plan on tackling any trails, going off-road, or just taking on any kind of distance, a small first aid kit can do a world of good.

Accidents can happen when you least expect them. It can be dangerous out there, from minor cuts and bruises to more serious injuries. Plasters, an antiseptic solution, and some pain relievers can go a long way in alleviating discomfort.

Do you know what else you can bring to prevent injuries? A helmet. Keep it on your head, though, as it won’t be much good to you in your bag. You’ll thank us later.

cycling multitool

4. A Multitool

It’s hard to beat a multi-tool when it comes to getting a bang for your buck.

This pocket-sized powerhouse brings versatility and convenience in a small footprint. Whether it’s an Allen key to tighten up that loose stem, seatpost, or bottle cage or a chain tool to remove a broken link, this tiny toolkit has one goal: to keep you in the saddle longer.

The multi-tool is the Swiss army knife of the cycling world, combining the essential tools into a single, portable package. It’s like having a miniature bike shop in the palm of your hand!

It might be small in stature, but its impact on your experience is anything but.

bicycle locks

5. A Lock (Or Two)

Whether you’re running errands around town, stopping for a coffee break during a long ride, or parking your bike at work, there’s no better deterrent against theft than a sturdy lock.

Leaving your bike unattended can be nerve-racking, and these days, there’s no excuse not to lock your bike. You wouldn’t leave the front door of your house open, even if you were just popping to the shops, would you?

All a thief needs is the opportunity, and when you don’t lock your bike, you’re handing it to them on a silver platter.

Bike theft is an unfortunate aspect of cycling, but the best thing you can do to prevent your bike from being stolen is to lock it up. It takes a few seconds but can save you the hassle and grief of a stolen cycle.

Whether mounted on your frame, tucked into a bag, or strapped to your body, be sure to bring at least one lock with you.

cycling snacks

6. Snacks

Did you know that according to GCN, even with moderate riding, we can burn about 600 calories an hour?

Proper nutrition plays a vital role in powering our rides, helping to keep us pedaling strong from start to finish. After all, that fuel has to come from somewhere.

Tucked into a back pocket or thrown into your saddle bag, you’ll want something replenishing when you start feeling depleted. If you’re going for energy bars, focus on those that balance carbs, protein, and fats.

If you’re feeling fancy, you can make some homemade trail mix that you can grab a few scoops of when you leave the house. If you’re not, just shove a banana in your back pocket. Just try not to sit on it.

After all, what good is it to bring all the tools for your bike if you don’t have the energy to use it properly?


7. A Few Bucks

A bit of loose change or small notes is a simple yet invaluable addition to any cyclist’s EDC. Whether on new routes or simply making a pit stop, having cash on hand ensures you’re prepared for unexpected expenses.

Despite the convenience of digital payments, there are still times when cash is king. Come across a charming rural bakery? Forget to pack water? Plan on stopping for a quick drink? Cold, hard cash can smooth out a great deal of situations.

Keep it in a secure and easily accessible location. This way, you’ll be ready to embrace spontaneity with peace of mind and confidence.

Bottle opener

8. The Bottle Opener

When it’s called upon, there’s one thing that can be even more important than money: a bottle opener. After all, you can’t open a beer with a note. Well, at least we can’t.

This is the real game changer, the ace in the hole. Unexpected, yes, but an indispensable addition to a cyclist’s toolkit. Out of context, it might seem like an unusual thing to carry. But it carries a special place in cyclists’ hearts and handlebar bags everywhere.

It’s the ultimate reward for a job well done. Conquered a steep climb? Completed a century ride? Braved the elements on your daily commute? There’s nothing quite like cracking open a cold beverage as a well-earned treat.

But perhaps the greatest joy of the bottle opener lies in its ability to bring people together to foster moments of connection with our fellow cyclists.

Cheers to the bottle opener, the unsung hero that reminds you that life is meant to be savored and shared, one ride at a time.

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