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Costco Electric Bike Review: Are Costco E-Bikes Any Good?

Costco Bikes

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For many, a Costco is a hallowed place, a shop that allows only a select few to access a huge variety of products at incredible prices. So if you’re already a Costco member and you’ve spotted an electric of theirs, should you be interested?

In this article, we use our decade of cycling industry experience to ascertain whether Costco e-bikes are really any good.

costco e-bikes fact sheet

Who Are Costco?

Costco is a well-known retail brand that sells many of its products at wholesale prices.

In the US, UK and Europe to be able to purchase from one of their warehouses or online store, you have to pay a membership fee and in certain cases, meet their eligibility criteria.

The prices aren’t extortionate – between £/$15 and £/£100 a year – and they’ll allow you access to products and prices that aren’t available to all.

In the realm of electric bikes, Costco currently sells a variety – how much exactly depends on the country you are shopping in – of electric bikes. On the UK site, at the time of writing, there were various types of electric bikes available to buy. Sadly, the same couldn’t be said for the US version, Costco.com where just one electric bike was listed.

What Does Costco Specialize In?

Costco specialises in selling products to customers at wholesale prices. If you are looking to buy a cheap electric bike then looking for an electric bike on Costco’s website is a sensible idea.

It’s clear that Costco doesn’t manufacture its own electric bikes. The electric bikes that we found listed on each of the different Costco website domains are from other brands or companies. The likes of Jetson (in the US), Dawes and Pure (in the UK) are bikes sold on the Costco website but made by someone else.

Whilst we clearly aren’t privy to the inner workings of the Costco business, we’d imagine they have a wealth of experience when it comes to buying products that it think its customers will like.

From home and garden products to food and groceries we’d imagine a product wouldn’t make its way onto a Costco shelf (virtual or otherwise) if it didn’t meet their exacting criteria on value for money. It’s the same for an electric bike – the product must have an excellent price.

Are Costco Bikes Good?

The bikes listed for sale on the Costco website are aimed squarely at the entry-level market. That’s cyclists who aren’t grappling for PRs or riding for hours on end, simply those who want to enjoy some time on two wheels or those looking for a bike to pedal the short trip to work.

With electric bikes rising in popularity, Costco has a number of assisted models for sale. They are priced at the more affordable end of the market, with most under £/$1000.

Clearly, for the cycling enthusiast or a pickier rider, perhaps Costco isn’t the best place to look for a new bike or electric bike.

Is Costco a Good Brand?

Overall, is Costco a good brand? Well, perhaps we’re not best placed to assess that question, but are the electric bike brands that Costco sell good brands? Well, yes and no. No, they aren’t the biggest or best bike brands available, but are they run-of-the-mill bikes that could get you from A to B – yes!

Shopping for e-bikes on the Costco website isn’t the most pleasurable experience. The website is very basic in its design and output. The images used for pictures of the bike aren’t the greatest either – frustrating when you’re sat behind a screen deciding whether or not to make a purchase.

The above being said, key information about the e-bikes sold on Costco, like the specification and delivery timescales is all present and correct – no arguments from us on this one!

Where Are Costco Bikes Made?

Although it isn’t written in black and white on the product pages of Costo.com, we’d imagine that all bikes sold by Costco are made in China or Taiwan.

Do Costco Make Their Own Electric Bikes?

No. Costco doesn’t currently manufacture its own e-bikes. Instead, it sources electric bikes from other brands and lists them for sale on its website or showcases them in one of its warehouses.

jetson haze available at costco.

What E-Bike Brands Does Costco Sell?

For customers in the USA, Costco currently retails only one type of electric bike brand: Jetson. Jetson is a company which specialises in e-bikes, scooters and hoverboards. To use a cringeworthy industry phrase, Jetson makes micro-mobility products.

In the UK, there are a number of different e-bike brands available at Costco, with the majority coming from TGC.bike. This company, based in the Midlands, is the home of brands like Falcon, Dawes and Li-Fe. From what we can tell it also brought up all existing e-bike stock from electric scooter brand Pure, after its ill-fated foray into making electric bikes.

Another brand listed on the UK version of Costco’s website is Rayvolt. Rayvolt are unique-looking machines which clearly take inspiration from motorbikes.

Costco Bikes Review

As far as we can see, there are no reviews of electric bikes sold on Costco.co.uk. The sole e-bike listed on Costco.com, the Jetson Haze, has mixed reviews – its rating at the time of writing was 3.9 out of 5 stars. The positive reviews of the bike include mentions of things like easy assembly, how adjustable the bike is and how well it performs, even when climbing hills.

costco e-bikes product round up

Best Costco E-Bikes

  1. jetson haze e-bike

    Folding electric bike

    Jetson Haze

    Featuring both pedal assist and throttle modes, this e-bike has 16″ wheels to help it fold into a compact footprint.

  2. pure flux one electric hybrid bike

    Simple, single speed e-bike

    Pure Flux One

    With a removeable bottle style battery, this is lightweight hybrid style e-bike. Ideal for short city trips and even medium distance commuting.

  3. dawes discover e electric hybrid bike

    With pannier rack and mudguards

    Dawes Discover-E

    Dawes is an historic brand, especially in the UK and the Discover-E is an electrically assisted version of one of their bestselling hybrid bikes.

  4. rayvold clubman e bike

    Something different

    Rayvolt Clubman

    A cruiser style electric bike, the Clubman is a two-wheeled machine that’s guaranteed to get you noticed.

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