Is Sweaty Betty a Good Brand for Female Cyclists? [ANALYSIS]

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Sweaty Betty has been a well known high end work out brand for many people who love to exercise without having to forfeit style or comfort.

Debatibly, they have also amassed a bit of a cult following throughout the years. Dipping their toes into many sport-specific clothing ranges which now also includes cycling clothing.

This new cycling range is predominantly focused on both trendy commuters and spin class goers’ needs and tastes. 

What is Sweaty Betty?

Sweaty Betty is a popular inclusivity focused women’s activewear brand that was founded in London by Tamara Hill-Norton, alongside her husband, Simon, in 1998. 

As a company their main objective is to ‘empower women through fitness and beyond’: an ethos that I think a lot of us can get behind as well as echo within cycling as well.

Arguably, because of this outlook, Sweaty Betty has become a big hit among fashion conscious women from all backgrounds across the world and are well known for their comfortable leggings and vibrant prints. 

Is Sweaty Betty Gear Good for Cycling?

Sweaty Betty has not always been necessarily ‘good’ for cycling. However, recently they have branched out to include a cycling specific range within their already extensive catalog. 

Within this new cycling range, which has arguably been orientated more towards leisure riders, commuters and spin class riders, there’s pretty much everything you could want.

Furthermore, there’s also fun geometric print rain coats, stylish navy jerseys, trendy looking base layers, that could definitely pass off as a nice long sleeve tee, and even cycling specific socks. 

Why Is Sweaty Betty So Expensive? 

Sweaty Betty is arguably more expensive than other brands due to their strong ethics regarding the sourcing of their materials and factories as well as the advanced technology used to create their garments.

Additionally, all products from their lines are high quality and also wear and wash with minimal to no fabric deterioration or decolouring. However, still be sure to follow instructions and wash with similar colours.

On the other hand, Sweaty Betty also liberally reduce their prices from original RRPs within sales. During these sales you’ll often be able to pick up some pricier pieces at generously discounted rates. 

If you would rather not wait for sales, then just like many clothing companies, there is the option of interest free finance; helping to spread the cost, making this brand both accessible and affordable to more people. 

Is Sweaty Betty Worth It?

Sweaty Betty is worth it, yes. They offer a great variety and fantastic quality, as well as a large range in sizes and lengths across their ranges.

Their price is also worth it as their products do last for a long time. Meaning that you’ll end up spending less in the long run as you won’t need to constantly replace worn out or damaged items. 

Last but not least, Sweaty Betty is worth it as their products look good: in turn making you feel good. Whether that be on the bike, in the gym at yoga class or even kicking back on the sofa at home. It’s important for your well being to feel good. 

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Is Sweaty Betty Ethical? 

Sweaty Betty is arguably a more ethical clothing company than many. According to their own website, they actively seek factories that are transparent, safe and fair, and able to produce our products to the highest standards.

Moreover, Sweaty Betty ensure that their products have been produced by factories that: have valid third party ethical audits, follow their ethical code of conduct as well as adhere to the Modern Slavery Act.

This is to ensure that the workers in these factories have everything covered from safe and hygienic working conditions, child labour and fair wages.

Environmentally, Sweaty Betty also cares: they use eco-friendly as well as sustainable fabrics where they can. This includes biodegradable merino wool which has been sourced from fully traceable farms.

Lastly, they are committed to reducing landfill through a charity called Newlife. This charity is dedicated to changing the lives of disabled and terminally ill children across the UK.

As well as protecting the planet via their recycling operations, this charity also offers opportunities to people from all backgrounds and abilities to volunteer and learn new skills.

Is Sweaty Betty True to Size? 

Luckily, Sweaty Betty’s products are widely regarded as true to their sizing. Thus allowing your shopping experience to be stress free as well as enjoyable. 

Rather than a total stress fest due to trying to anxiously choose which size to select for based on a bunch of mixed reviews. 

Therefore, shopping online or for a present with Sweaty Betty is a lot easier than with other brands. Conveniently, there is also the option with their leggings to go for shorter or longer in length depending on your own preference. 

Additionally, if you are still struggling to decipher which size to buy, there is also a virtual personal shopper feature, who can accurately advise on the sizing as well as pieces to suit your needs. 

Best Sweaty Betty Leggings and Shorts for Cycling [Top 3] 

Although currently a little limited as they are fairly new to the cycling kit market, we have rated the best leggings as well as shorts in our list below. 

Focusing mainly on flexible more athleisure wear styles, you’ll notice that the list does not feature any casual looking cycling shorts, cycling jeans or chinos

This is mainly due to Sweaty Betty keeping to what they know and do so well: leggings! But with added cycling specific features. 

Velo Padded Cycling Leggings 

The Velo Padded Cycling Leggings have been designed with generously sized side pockets which are big enough to hold an iPhone 11, making them more practical than most cycling specific tights which often don’t benefit from such a feature.

Moreover, these padded leggings also have sweat wicking functionalities to keep you cool and also fit like normal leggings which are waist high, unlike bib tights that can sometimes dig into shoulders.

There’s also the option of either ⅞ or full length in order to aid inclusivity and body positivity because, one size does not fit all. In addition to this they are also available in sizes: XXS to XXL and come in two colours. Either Navy Blue or Red Cube Print.


✅ All-new technical cycling leggings

✅ Stretchy and sweat-wicking compression fabric that’s 90% squat-proof

✅ Features foam-padded bum and internal elasticated drawcord

✅ 2 side pockets and invisible back pocket

✅ UV protective fabric features reflective detailing


  • 82% Polyester
  • 18% Elastane

Inseam Length: 27″


  • UK: £115
  • EU: €140
  • US: $148

*correct at time of writing

Comfy cycling leggings that look great and even come with built-in spacious pockets!

Availabel in Navy Blue and Red Cube Print.

Velo Padded Cycling Bib Shorts

The Velo Padded Cycling Bib Shorts with a foam pad insert are a great option for those who don’t want a tight waistband potentially digging into their stomach. This pull-up bib style short offers increased comfort as there is less pressure on the abdominal / stomach area.

Moreover, these shorts benefit from the added feature of a mesh front for added breathability and comfort as well as pockets for your phone on the back and side of the shorts: perfect for spin class or riding into work.

Lastly, these shorts are also available in sizes ranging from XXS – XXL. There is also only one colour option for these shorts which is a trendy dark navy with Sweaty Betty’s Red Cub Print on the cuff of the leg which features heavily in their cycling range. 


✅ All-new technical cycling bib shorts

✅ Stretchy and sweat-wicking compression fabric with breathable mesh top

✅ Features foam-padded bum and breathable padding at the gusset

✅ Low scoop back silhouette with flattering seam lines reflective detailing

✅ Envelope back pocket with SB branded grip tape at the hems


  • 62% Polyamide
  • 38% Elastane

Inseam Length: 9″


  • UK: £62
  • EU: €77
  • US: $84

*correct at time of writing

Velo Padded Cycling Shorts

The Velo Padded Cycling shorts are the shorts equivalent of the previous padded cycling leggings, which also come kitted out with useful side pockets that are big enough to safely keep your phone in while riding.

Additionally, these padded shorts also benefit from an internal elasticated drawcord, effective sweat wicking abilities as well as four way stretch material for improved manoeuvrability as well as comfort.

These shorts are also a great price in comparison to some other women-specific cycling shorts that tend to be on the pricier side. In addition to this, these shorts are also available in sizes: XXS to XXL. There’s also a choice between either Black and Red Cube Print.


✅ All-new technical cycling shorts

✅ Stretchy and sweat-wicking compression fabric that’s 90% squat-proof

✅ Features foam-padded bum and breathable padding at the gusset

✅ Internal drawcord, side slip pocket and envelope pocket at the back waistband

✅ UV protective fabric features reflective detailing and SB branded grip tape at the hems


  • 78% Polyamide
  • 22% Elastane

Inseam Length: 9″


  • UK: £75
  • EU: €90
  • US: $98

*correct at time of writing

Seriously comfortable women's padded cycling shorts based on the longer cycling leggings. Also comes with pockets built in that can easily fit your phone while riding.

Available in Black and Red Cube Print.

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