Paul Smith – Another Brand Riding the Stylish Cycling Wave

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Giant fashion brands like GANT and Ted Baker have release chic commuter ranges for cyclists in recent years, and Paul Smith are another brand who love cyclewear and have revealed some new  stylish cycling pieces – hallelujah! 

It’s no secret that Sir Paul Smith is a somewhat of a cheerleader for cycling. When his father asked him aged 15 what he wanted to be, he even answered: “racing cyclist”. You can see a clip of Sir Paul talking about his love of two wheels below.

And talking to Life & Leisure about the cycling-inspired PS range, Sir Paul said: “I’ve always tried to design clothes that can be worn and not just clothes that look nice on a mannequin, and this is particularly true for my PS by Paul Smith collection. 

“The autumn-winter 2017 collection is focused around six key pieces, each of which has a key function: the two-in-one jacket is reversible, the Be-Seen Jacket has reflective panels and the City Cycling Suit is made from very durable Cordura fabric.

“It combines my love of cycling with an understanding of how the modern market demands clothes that you can really live your life in.”

The PS range also reflects how major fashion designers, including Paul Smith, are opening their ears and listening to cyclists’ needs and wants. This is partly due to cycle wear being a fairly recent phenomenon in fashion circles, and also because the development of crash-proof material with a greater concentration of Kevlar puts safety right amongst considerations when putting together clothing lines, and nobody knows safety like the every-day pedal pusher.

Take the Black and Multi-Coloured Check Reversible Long Coach Jacket for example. It is evident great care has been poured into its design, with a material barely registering on the scales such is its lightness, supplemented by a strong resistance to wind and rain. Its genius comes in reversible linen, which can flick from black to multi-coloured upon your say-so, the latter ensuring you stay visible in all conditions. Safety and style going hand-in-hand.

The pick of the bunch has to be the Men’s Navy Water-Resistant Parka. A touch on the expensive side, this sleek, stylish and highly water resistant number has been labelled a brilliant investment for the city cyclist. Boasting a bonded double-face fabric and a cool petrol blue interior, there are two internal zip fastening pockets, ideal for keeping wallets and phones safe from the predictable British downpour. Cyclists will go undetected – providing they’re not bowling about in a helmet – whether it be a brisk stroll in the park or some post-cycle socialising down the local.

It is clear Smith has unveiled a snapshot range of eras gone by, and we think he pulls it off. What about you?

With Paul Smith the latest fashion giant to hop aboard the cycling fashion train, it got us thinking…who would you like to see design clothes for us discerning cyclists out there?

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You can see more of the Paul Smith cycling collection here.

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