Best Winter Cycling Gloves: Warm, Waterproof + Touchscreen [Top 7 in 2021]

When you’re out cycling braving the elements, it’s just as important to keep your hands warm and dry with bike gloves as it is your feet with thermal socks.

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Here are seven of the best winter cycling gloves of all kinds, from waterproof and windproof, hi-viz and leather, to men’s’ and ladies’ cycling gloves, and many more:

WATERPROOF: Funnasting Cycling Gloves (£7.99)

If you’re especially looking for waterproof winter cycling gloves, then this pair from Funnasting should have the perfect solution to your problems. These touch screen gloves are also windproof with a lightweight, breathable texture, and are suitable for many other outdoor activities besides cycling, such as hiking, climbing or fishing.

  • Touch screen design – boasts a unique three-finger touch screen design (thumb, forefinger, middle finger) which allows you to use it on all touch screen devices without taking it off in cold weather, and is sensitive enough to type a message even with just one hand.
  • Anti-skid – the palm of the cycling gloves is made with a stylish anti-skid silicon grain layer, which help to prevent a smooth effect which can help you grab things more firmly. Even when riding on rougher terrains, you can still grasp the handle just as easily.
  • Adjustable size – they also come with a zipper on the back, so you can adjust its sizes to fit your hands perfectly and to make them easier to put on or off. All of this makes them inarguably the best waterproof cycling gloves for such a cheap price, too.

WARM: Vbiger Unisex Anti-Slip Gloves (£9.99)

For especially warm cycling gloves, this design from Vbiger is your first port of call. Made of a perfect combination of jacquard fabric and soft fleece lining, it promises great warmth, a comfortable fit and great flexibility.

  • Touch screen design – with conductive fabric on the thumb and index fingers, you can still use easily your phone, iPad or other touch screen devices without having to remove the gloves.
  • Anti-slip palm – these gloves are coated with wear-resistant silicone printing, which help add friction and ensure a tighter grip on objects you may reach to grab.
  • Versatile – their elastic wrist cuffs, give your hands great protection against the cold, but they would be just as useful for other outdoor activities like cycling, jogging and hiking, too.

WINDPROOF: COTOP Cycling Gloves (£9.98)

These black windproof cycling gloves are among the trendier designs thanks to their streamlined style, and they offer great protection from more blustery conditions.  COTOP also offer free replacement within three months after purchase for any quality problem.

  • Flexible – these bicycle gloves come with a zipper, so you can adjust their size so as to fit your hands perfectly.
  • Comfortable and durable – the wrist part of the gloves is made of an elastic soft fabric, enhancing your comfort and its flexibility. The fingers part contains a new updated metallic electric touch screen mesh, which is durable and won’t fade.
  • Quality protection – the palm part of the gloves contains silicone cross strigulas, so is anti-slip, while the back of the hand is not only windproof, but breathable, too.

GEL/PADDED: Kutook Full-Finger Cycling Gloves (£14.99)

For some gel cycling gloves, this model from Kutook is your best bet, made from soft, breathable, anti-slip materials (35 per cent synthetic leather, 28 per cent lycra, 24 per cent nylon, 12 per cent neoprene).

  • Anti-shock – consists of a three-pieces gel pad in different shapes distributed at the palm, which will reduce the sense of shock you may encounter while cycling.
  • Touch screen design – again, with these padded cycling gloves, you can still use your various touch screen devices with these on your hands via the fingertip of the forefinger.
  • Detail – the gloves consist of high-quality rubber Logo and a hook and loop fastener. They are perfect for cycling, hiking and mountain climbing.

TOUCH SCREEN: Yobenki Winter Warm Gloves (£13.99)

These black touch screen thermal cycling gloves are perfect for most winter sports. Their lining is made of double-thickened fleece that keeps you warm when you exercise outdoors, as well as being windproof and suitable as both men and women’s cycling gloves.

  • Breathable and warm – these are breathable gloves with good moisture absorption and wicking properties; all of which will keep your hands warm and dry. Their elastic cuffs can also close fit your wrist, thus protecting your hands from wind and making you feel warmer.
  • Anti-slip design – the palm of the gloves contains silicon printing, which increases friction. As a result, you’ll have a stronger grip, making you safer while cycling.
  • Touch screen design – and of course, its main USP is its touch screen compatibility. The thumb and index finger tips of the gloves are made of conductive material. You can use these to operate your devices while cycling without having to take the gloves off to do so.

STYLISH LEATHER: Shock Men’s Leather Gloves (£12.99)

Made from premium leather with a smooth velvet lining, these full finger cycling gloves from Shock are as aesthetically pleasing as they are soft and comfortable to wear. A perfect pair to wear while riding, driving, motorcycling or skiing, they are perhaps the best cycling gloves out there in terms of texture and practicality.

  • One size fits all – their special ergonomic design for palm width and finger length gives it a better grip as well as making it more stretchable, while its durable mesh top is soft and breathable. They are suitable men’s cycling gloves for almost every hand size, too (palm – 21cm, middle finger length – 9cm, total glove length – 24.5cm).
  • Touch screen design – once more, you can operate your touch screen devices using the fingertip of your forefinger, without any need to take off your gloves while using them.
  • Fashionable and practical – they offer an easy entry opening, with cuff and anti-slip palm patches for a better, stronger grip.

HI-VIZ: Elite Cycling Project Men’s Waterproof Winter Cycling Gloves (£16.99)

Available in either green or black, these high-visibility winter cycling gloves are perfect for wearing as you ride through those dark nights, but they’re also just as ideal for facing difficult weather conditions. Ideal whether you’re a commuter or just a recreational cyclist.

  • Weather-resistant – the gloves are made from a windproof outer shell and lined with thermal insulated fabric. Between these layers is a waterproof membrane, while the palms are padded for comfort and protection and have a reinforced grip on the palms, fingers and thumbs, made from slip-resistant material even when wet.
  • Tight fit – they also feature wide extended close-fitting cuffs with a Velcro closure to ensure they are securely fastened around the wrist to keep water out and the warmth in.
  • Extreme visibility – with the green pair in particular, passengers will be left in doubt of your whereabouts, and hand signals will be especially easy to be spotted.

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