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Best Electric Bike Brands [Top 16 for Commuting]

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E-bikes are rapidly gaining in popularity, with a growing range of electric bike brands for cyclists and commuters to choose from. Mintel research shows there were over 170,000 e-bikes sold in the UK in 2020, and the figures continue to rise year on year. 

They’re priced higher than their non-electric counterparts, but e-bikes are a great investment. They’re a breeze to ride, great fun, and hold their value in the long-run. If you’re switching from a car or public transport to an e-bike for your commute, you’re also doing your bit to offset your carbon footprint. 

If you’re tempted to make the switch, or looking to buy an electric bike to ease your commute, it can be hard to know where to start. We’ve rounded up 16 of the best electric bike brands for commuters, including three of our favourite budget e-bike brands

Best Electric Bike Brands for Commuters [Top 12]

5Trek + Electra🇺🇸
7Rad Power Bikes🇺🇸
8Juiced Bikes🇺🇸

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1. VanMoof

VanMoof are shaking up the electric bike brand scene. The Amsterdam-born company produces high-quality e-bikes, which not only look great, but are packed full of technology too. So much so that their bikes have been likened to an ‘iPhone with pedals’.

From a patented theft-defence system, to a sophisticated e-shifter, to turbo boost acceleration when you need it most, you get a lot of bike for your buck. Their looks are distinctive and attractive, and if style is a priority for you on your daily commute, they’re definitely worth a look.

The range are the first e-bikes on the market with a fully integrated handlebar and brake assembly, meaning they’re just as beautiful to use as to look at. Hydraulic brakes deliver great stopping power with little effort.

The removable batteries have a range of 37 – 93 miles on average across the range, with fast charging – 50% in 80 minutes and a full charge in four hours. The bikes have a top speed of 15.5mph. 

The range is set to expand soon. New bikes will be announced in April 2022, and the release of the high-speed VanMoof V is also set for this year.

VanMoof Bikes Available

VanMoof manufacture electric bikes, designed for city riding and commuting.

Best VanMoof E-Bikes 

VanMoof’s range is limited at present, but we’d list the options in this order. The VanMoof V is due for release later in 2022, and can be reserved online.

VanMoof S5
VanMoof A5
VanMoof S3

Why We Like VanMoof

✅ Beautiful looks across the range

✅ Durable products

✅ Superior ride-quality

Shipping Notes:

  • Based in Amsterdam.
  • Ships to the UK, US, Europe, and Japan.
  • Free returns within 14 days.

Pricing: Medium to High

2. Cowboy

Cowboy are known for making quality, smart e-bikes. They’re great to look at, give you a smooth, agile ride, and have a host of smart-tech features. This is another brand where you’re getting a lot of bike for your money. 

A highlight with Cowboy is their app – a very useful thing to have on your handlebars. It includes navigation, ride data, location tracking and more. The bike’s smart wireless charging means you can use the app and charge your phone on the go. 

E-bikes do more than you might think for your fitness, and the Cowboy app allows you to track your fitness levels and see how your stats compare to the Cowboy online community. You can also sync up with your favourite fitness app. 

Cowboy bikes don’t have as long a range as some rivals – an average of 43 miles. However, this should be more than adequate for most city commuters. The removable battery takes 3.5 hours to charge fully. As a side note, until self-charging e-bikes become a reality, removable batteries are a good feature to look for on an e-bike – you can top up at work, and rest assured you’ve got more than enough juice to get you home!

In short, the range is simple, powerful and stylish. It’s also low maintenance, with a single-speed drivetrain and a minimal amount of parts. Hydraulic brakes give you great stopping power, and the lightweight frames and superior handling make for a fun ride.

Cowboy Bikes Available

Cowboy produce electric bikes, designed for city riding and commuting. 

Best Cowboy E-Bikes 

Again, Cowboy have a small range at present. We’ve listed them in order of preference below.

Cowboy 4
Cowboy 4 ST
Cowboy 3

Why We Like Cowboy

✅ Elegant, timeless looks

✅ Packed with technology

✅ Simple and intuitive to ride

Shipping Notes:

  • Based in Brussels, with distribution in North America too
  • Ships to the UK, Central Europe and USA
  • Free returns within 14 days.

Pricing: Medium to High

3. Veloretti (Electric Bikes Range)

Veloretti bikes are designed in Amsterdam and handcrafted in Europe. The company’s mission is to o make city transportation easy and enjoyable, with an e-bike to get you there in style. As such, the e-bikes feature a timeless look and simple efficiency.

Though they don’t have the same tech features as some rivals, they’re beautiful to look at. The company sum it up pretty well in their own words: “A Veloretti is just a no-nonsense bicycle with a contemporary design and a good price.”

Veloretti offers two electric models, the Ivy and the Ace. There are options for single drive, three gears, or three gears with double handbrakes on either model. 

Everything serves its purpose smoothly and effectively. There’s an efficient mid-drive Bafang motor, and stepless Enviolo automatic shifting on the models with three gears. The smart battery can be removed for security, or swapped with a fresh one rides beyond the estimated 37 – 74 mile range.

Whichever model you choose, their looks will turn heads. They’re a seamless blend of vintage and modern styling, available in muted neutrals or classic black colours.

Veloretti Bikes Available

Veloretti make electric and non-electric city bikes, with ranges for both men and women. They also have a kids (non-electric) range.

Best Veloretti E-Bikes 

Veloretti only have two bikes in their electric range at present. However, we’ve included the Electric Ace in the Jet Black colourway separately in our top three for its stunning good looks. 

Veloretti Electric Ivy
Veloretti Electric Ace

Why We Like Veloretti

✅ Beautiful looks across the range

✅ Packed with technology

✅ Simple and intuitive to ride

Shipping Notes:

  • Based in Amsterdam
  • Ships to the UK and Central Europe
  • Free returns within 30 days.

Pricing: Medium to High

4. Specialized Bikes (Electric Range)

Specialized e-bikes aren’t cheap, but with this brand you’re getting an incredibly high-quality bike. The e-bike range consistently attracts rave reviews from the biking community, and with good reason.

There are three ranges – Road, Mountain and Active. Active will be the range suited to the average commuter, and has the option of a-frame (Vado) or step-through (Como) models. There’s also a choice between full-power or super-lightweight models.

The Active range of e-bikes are fast, functional and versatile. They’re perhaps not the most outstanding looks-wise, but are a joy to ride with an 80mm front suspension fork, high-volume tires, a suspension seatpost and an ergonomic riding position. 

Specialized’s MasterMind motor control helps you get the most out of your gear changes, and hydraulic brakes give you excellent stopping power. 

As you’d expect from a brand as invested in technology and research as Specialized, the range is full of smart features too. The in-built display features Garmin Radar for detecting vehicles, Mission Control ride diagnostics, and wireless software updates.

The lightweight SL options are a pared down version that at first glance look like a standard bike. You don’t get the sale tech package (though you can connect your phone to the Specialized app) but the benefit gained is an extremely lightweight bike with a range of up to 90 miles. There’s an optional range-extender add-on too. 

Specialized Bikes Available

Specialised manufacture road, mountain and city e-bikes. The active range is most suited to commuting. The brand also has a full range of non-electric bikes for men, women and kids, all renowned for quality.

Best Specialized E-Bikes 

Our pick for commuting would be the Active Turbo Vado, although whichever model you choose, you’re assured of a quality, high-performance e-bike.

Turbo Como SL
Turbo Vado 5.0
Turbo Creo SL

Why We Like Specialized E-Bikes

✅ Renowned for high-quality

✅ Comfortable and capable ride

✅ Commuter friendly technology

Shipping Notes:

  • Based in California with global distributors
  • Free returns within 30 days.

Pricing: High

5. Trek + Electra

Trek Bikes is regarded as one of the “Big Three” bike companies, together with Giant and Specialized. The range of this brand is huge, particularly as Trek are the parent company for Electra, and combine these popular and retro-cool city e-bikes in their range online.

Trek e-bikes follow the standard set by their non-electric siblings. You can expect excellent quality, great warranties, and the support of a vast network of dealers, ensuring that parts and maintenance are readily available.

Trek e-bikes range widely in price. However, lower-end and commuter models fall into the medium range. They’re built using high-quality materials like steel, alloy and carbon fibre, meaning Trek Bikes’ e-bikes are durable, and capable of withstanding  tough terrains and harsh weather.

Trek incorporates the powerful Bosch motor, making their e-bikes fast and capable.  This motor is standard on Trek’s Verve, Allant, and District ranges. There are three power levels, the Active Line, Active Line Plus, or Performance line, and these come with one of two interactive displays, or a smartphone hub.

The standard battery has a range of up to 50 miles, and the Powerube 500 add-on extends this to up to 80 miles. Both are removable, and charge fully in 4.5 hours.

You can choose to have the Bosch motor with certain bikes from the Electra Go! range too, or stick with the lightweight and pared down  Electra Go! Motor Option.

Trek Bikes Available

Trek produces e-bikes across City, Commuter, Mountain, and Road categories.  For most commuting needs, the Go! ranges will be the obvious choice. Trek are also the parent company for Electra, with their city e-bike ranges.

Best Trek E-Bikes 

The Trek Allant+ is a great mix of comfort, range, and technology for commuters, with the District + being a close second. The Electra Townie range is popular with e-bke riders too, and the Townie Commute Go! Has commuter-friendly cargo racks, a great riding position, and distinctive looks.

Trek Allant+
Trek District+
Electra Townie Commute

Why We Like Trek E-Bikes

✅ Quality build with a lifetime warranty on frames

✅ Great selection of e-bikes

✅ Comfortable bikes designed to offer a great riding position

Shipping Notes:

  • Based in Wisconsin with global distributors (including UK).
  • Free returns within 30 days.

Pricing: Medium to High

6. Schindelhauer (E-Bike Range)

Berlin-based Schindelhauer design technologically advanced, yet straightforward bikes. They value a good design and practicality above all else, and focus on minimalistic bikes suitable for everyday use. 

The range isn’t huge, but filled with beautiful, clean designs, crafted with exceptional attention to detail. All Schindelhauer bikes use a low-maintenance CDX belt drive for reliable, grease free riding. 

The e-models reflect Schindelhauer’s typical design and riding characteristics. However, when going electric you also get the bonus of powerful electric support with up to 15 mph performance. The “made of one mould” design and the specially developed frame optimises the integration of the motor, allowing for a sporty, agile riding experience. 

You can choose from single speed or 8-speed pedelec options. 8-speeds have Bosch Active Line Plus motor with Purion display, while single speeds have MAHLE Ebikemotion motor and are pretty much indistinguishable from their non-electric counterparts, for those who like a more minimalist look.

The Pinion models let you choose from a 6- or 9-speed Pinion C-Line drive. The top of the range Envilio e-bikes have enviolo AUTOMATiQ stepless transmission, and a Bosch Performance Line motor with a Kiox display.

There are both a-frame and step-through e-bikes. All models are classically styled, with beautiful vintage-style details and muted or neutral colour options.

Schindelhauer Bikes Available

Schindelhauer makes electric bikes suitable for men and women. They’re designed for city use. The e-bikes are grouped into single speeds, 8 speeds, Pinion (6-9-speed) or the top of the range Enviolo bikes.

Best Schindelhauer E-Bikes 

If it’s within your budget, the Enviolo models are a fantastic choice for commuting with a powerful motor and automatic variable transmission. The 8-speed and Pinion ranges are also sound choices.

Schindelhauer Hendrich Envio
Schindelhauer Hannah 8-Speed
Schindelhauer Emil Pinion E-Bike

Why We Like Schinderlauer E-Bikes

✅ The longevity of the Carbon Drive belts

✅ Quality craftsmanship

✅ Beautiful, classic styling

Shipping Notes:

  • Based in Berlin. Ships to the UK, Europe, and the US
  • Shipment to other countries can be arranged on request
  • Returns within 14 days at buyers cost if outside Germany

Pricing: Medium to High

7. Rad Power Bikes

RadPower is a US-based e-bike company created with the aim of bringing practical, accessible electric bikes to everyday commuters. The company has won investment and awards for innovation, and claims to be the “most funded” electric bike company in the world.

The RadCity range is aimed at commuters, with an exceptionally comfortable and smooth ride quality. Compared to rivals, it’s not the sharpest or fastest handling-wise. However, it makes up for it with an impressively smooth, calm feel in all situations and over all terrains.

It’s very easy to find a comfortable riding position on a RadCity bike. The handlebar moves up and down, and the seatpost offers several inches of height adjustment. There’s also an excellent user interface with ergonomic, intuitive controls, and a large LCD display screen. 

The latest version of this model, the RadCity 5, has a 250w geared hub motor with enhanced low-end torque, a hydraulic braking system, and a range of up to 45 miles.

The RadMission is another commuter option –  a stylish single-speed electric metro bike. With a range of up to 50+ miles, it’s a lightweight option that’s also the brand’s most affordable electric bike.

Alternatively there’s the RadRhino range, a versatile fat-bike option that’s a comfortable commuter option with the bonus of being a fun and versatile off-road ride too.

RadPower Bikes Available

RadPower manufactures e-bikes suitable for commuting, recreation, and utility. There are a-frame and step-through options. 

Best RadPower E-Bikes 

The RadCity is the obvious range for commuters. However, depending on your needs, the RadMission and RadRino rangers could be a great choice too!

RadCity 5 Plus
RadRunner Plus
RadRhino 5

Why We Like Rad Power Bikes

✅ Fun, innovative brand

✅ Comfortable and customisable ride

✅ Rugged styling and great build-quality

Shipping Notes:

  • Based in Seattle
  • Shipping to the UK and across Europe. and North America
  • Amazing packaging!

Pricing: Medium to High

8. Juiced Bikes

Juiced Bikes is a California-based electric bike company. They have over a decade of experience delivering high-performing e-bikes at affordable prices.

The CrossCurrent models are built with the daily commute in mind, and offer a comfortable ride thanks to a design that allows you to sit in a natural position. Forbes magazine dubbed it “a true car replacement”. 

Ideal for everyday travel on city roads, the CrossCurrent series can also handle rides in the country on reasonable terrain roads. The 52V battery and 750W motor delivers an extended range of over 75 miles on a single charge.

The display is functional, user-friendly and gives you all the information you need. There’s also the option for customisation with five riding modes.

Another option for commuters are the RipCurrent all -terrain range. These e-bikes are versatile, and while happy on your daily commute, give you the freedom to go anywhere. The bumped-up RipCurrent S can handle around 70 miles per battery charge. They’re one of the best electric fat bikes available.

The RipCurrent range is equipped with (up to) a 1000W motor and advanced pedal assist technology. This means a super smooth, fast, exhilarating ride. The intuitive, convenient thumb throttle is a standard feature on certain models, giving you power on demand when you need it.

The main downside with Juiced eBikes is they’re heavier than some competitors. However, the larger batteries mean an increased range. 

Juiced Bikes Available

Juiced manufactures commuter and fat e-bike ranges. The company also produces moped and scrambler-style e-bikes.

Best Juiced E-Bikes 

The CrossCurrent range is the obvious choice for commuters. However, the RipCurrent range offers great all-round versatility with a lot of fun. It’s a hard one to call! 

Juiced CrossCurrent X
Juiced RipCurrent X
Juiced RipCurrent

Why We Like Juiced Bikes

✅ High quality, value for money e-bikes

✅ Comfortable and capable ride

✅ Fantastic fat e-bike range

Shipping Notes:

  • Based in California
  • Currently only ship in the US
  • 14 day returns policy

Pricing: Medium to High

9. BirdBike

Bird e-bikes are a great all-rounder. They’re perfect for everything from leisurely rides, to daily commutes, and more. They’ve been crafted to move with precision and great performance by a team of aerospace, automotive, and micromobility engineers. 

These state-of-the-art e-bikes have a combination of commuter and mountain-bike features, along with sleek, distinctive looks. They’re designed to provide a thrilling ride, and premium performance, and are equipped with best in class safety features. 

Features include a manual throttle for an instant e-boost, a fully integrated backlit handlebar dash display, and a powerful 500w motor for a smooth, powerful ride. Located between the handlebars, the LCD Dash displays speed, distance, pedal assist mode, battery life and more. 

The range includes an a-frame or v-frame option, both powered by a rear hub 250w Bafang motor. The v-frame model has a low-maintenance Gates Carbon Drive belt, designed to cope with a range of terrains. The a-frame has a high performance, 7 Speed Shimano Chain-Drive. Both options have a range of around 60 miles. 

For their launch in the UK, Bird have partnered with Halfords. The a-frame is currently on sale, while the v-frame is due for launch in Summer 2022.

Bird Bikes Available

Bird produce both a-frame and v-frame electric bikes suitable for city and commuting use. At present there are two models in the range.

Best Bird E-Bikes 

There are only two options in the Bird range at present, the a-frame and v-frame. We’ve included the a-frame in the Starling Blue colourway here too as it’s simply such a good-looking bike!

A-Frame BirdBike
V-Frame BirdBike

Why We Like Bird Bikes

✅ Sustainability-focused brand

✅ Distinctive, good-looking bikes

✅ Great performance and safety features

Shipping Notes:

Pricing: Medium

10. Ribble

Ribble’s Hybrid AL range has been called the “cyclist’s choice” -with a focus on cyclists getting the most out of their bike’s range with a blend of clever cycling and assistance. you as a cyclist riding cleverly with assistance. It’s a great blend of style, comfort, and efficiency, mixing modern features and tech with classic styling.

One of the most attractive features with Ribble e-bikes is the scope for customisation.  With millions of combinations, you create a bike truly unique to you. Using Ribble’s online BikeBuilder, you can  accessorise your bike, picking out everything from tyres, to saddle preferences, and even custom colours.

The range is powered by a lightweight MAHLE hub drive motor, with smooth, reliable power assistance and barely any drag in off mode. A Panasonic 36V/250Wh battery fits in the frame’s downtube, charges fully in 3.5 hours, and gives you approximately 60 miles of range. The MAHLE SmartBike Systems smartphone app helps you keep track of  journeys, locations, speed, and much more.

The Urban Al e is a great option for city commutes, with natural feeling pedal assistance. With three power modes to choose from, you can select as much (or as little) assistance as you need. A smart display offers connectivity to the e-bike’s system, and the iWoc Trio control button lets you control the motor assist level without removing your hands from their natural position on the handlebars.

Another great option is the CGR AL e Step Through, from Ribble’s all-road CGR family of bikes. It has a convenient step-on/off design, and 3 levels of electric assistance. The  sport edition has  a Shimano Tiagra 2×10 speed gear system for smooth, easy shifts, and mechanical disc brakes for all-weather stopping power.

Ribble Bikes Available

Ribble make both a-frame and step through hybrid e-bikes. The range has the benefit of being fully customisable.

Best Ribble E-Bikes 

If you’d like more hands (or feet!) on experience, the hybrid range is for you. The pricier CGR e-bikes offer a more seamless electric experience.

Ribble Urban AL e
Ribble Hybrid AL e
Juiced RipCurrent

Why We Like Ribble

✅ Lots of scope for customisation

✅ Many e-bikes available on cycle to work scheme

✅ Good quality and great styling

Shipping Notes:

  • Based in Preston, UK
  • Worldwide shipping options
  • 30 day ‘test drive’ option available in some locations

Pricing: High

11. RooDog

RooDog is a family run business, based in East Yorkshire. They specialise in a range of high quality, stylish yet affordable range of e-bikes. The company carry out continuous research and development into the UK electric bicycle market, which helps them to deliver innovative, high-quality bikes. 

All ranges are designed to be unisex. The classic-looking Tourer is a popular commuter choice, with a 30+ mile range, powerful LED lights, and a 5-speed pedal assist. It’s great for city, suburban, or rural roads. It’s also lightweight and very comfortable, due to an adjustable handlebar stem for perfect rider positioning. 

The Mayfair is an elegant, classic city e-bike. It has a mid step-through design, and a light aluminium alloy –  making it easy to ride, even without engaging the motor. The comfortable seat, and Dutch style handlebars make it comfortable choice too. 

Again it has a a 30+ mile range, and smooth power delivery with a 5-speed pedal assist giving you the perfect power for pulling away from traffic, hill starts, or getting to work without breaking a sweat!  

Both models are equipped with Shimano 7-speed Tourney RD-TX35 manual gears, and 2a 50W 36V rear wheel hub brushless motor.

The Chic Grande e-bike is another sound choice, designed for all riders. It’s attractive, compact, and has a classic low step through design. Again it’s a super comfortable ride, adjustable to suit your riding position and height. 

The design also allows for the easy attachment of baskets and pannier bags, great for errands or commuting.  With a 30 plus mile range, Shimano 7 speed Megarange manual gears, and 5 Pedal assist modes to choose from, it’s a popular choice. 

RooDog Bikes Available

RooDog make unisex city/commuterbikes with stepover and step-through frames. The brand also make electric mountain and foldable bikes, as well as kids balance bikes and scramblers.

Best RooDog E-Bikes 

The RooDog Mayfair or Tourer will be the ones most suited for commuter use, regardless of gender!

RooDog Mayfair
RooDog Tourer
RooDog Chic Grande

Why We Like RooDog

✅ Family-run company

✅ Quality, innovative e-bikes

✅ Lightweight and comfortable

Shipping Notes:

  • Based in Yorkshire, UK
  • UK mainland delivery
  • 14 day return policy at buyers expense

Pricing: Medium

12. CUBE

Long held in high regard by its fans for producing incredibly well specced bikes at great prices, CUBE is one of the ‘big’ German brands. Their best electric range for commuters is the on-road city and tour selection, comprising city and touring style hybrid e-bikes. 

All of the range are powered by Bosch motors, and have Shimano gearing. Those at the top end have RockShox suspension. Three of the five in this range (The Kathmandu Hybrid SLT, Kathmandu Hybrid Pro, and Touring Hybrid Pro) are available in a choice of a-frame, v-frame or step-through options. The others are step-through only (Ella Cruise Hybrid and Supreme Hybrid SL).

The Touring Hybrid is a great commuter e-bike. Built around Bosch’s powerful third-generation motor and PowerTube battery, the centre of gravity is low for safety and easy handling. It’s also easy to find the ideal position to enjoy your ride. 

Practicality-wise, the Integrated Carrier provides a solid means of carrying day-to-day possessions along with you. Shimano hydraulic brakes give you great stopping power, and to top it off, it’s a pretty stylish bike to look at too.

The Ella Cruise Hybrid has a sleek, retro-classic design, and is another good choice. There’s not much difference feature-wise between it and the Supreme Hybrid SL to be honest. Both have a tapered head tube for easy, intuitive handling, and a frame specifically designed for low-maintenance hub gears.

CUBE Bikes Available

CUBE manufactures e-bikes of all types – from mountain bikes, to city and tour ranges, to utility and cargo bikes. The City and tour models are the natural commuter choice for versatility and ease of riding.

Best CUBE E-Bikes 

The Touring Hybrid is a great choice, with a range of frame options to suit most riders. It’s well-built, versatile, and can cope with a range of terrains.

Touring Hybrid Pro
Ella Cruise Hybrid
Supreme Hybrid SL

Why We Like CUBE E-Bikes

✅ Great quality bikes

✅ High spec levels with components

✅ Comfortable to ride

Shipping Notes:

  • Based in Waldershof, Germany
  • Order via your nearest CUBE dealer
  • Cube Bike UK is part of the Oneway group.

Pricing: Medium

Top 4 Budget E-Bike Brands


13. Eskute

Eskute are based in Poland, with warehouses both there and in the UK. The brand focus on finding unique, innovative solutions for everything from suspension design to the manufacturing process, helping to keep prices low and their e-bike accessible.  

Power, reliability and control are priorities in Eskute bikes. The range is  powered by a high-performance Bafang mid-drive motor, with a rated power of 250 Watts and a maximum 80 Nm of torque,. This makes long distances and steep climbs easy and enjoyable.  The high-quality, high capacity battery with a Samsung offers a maximum range of 80 – 85 miles on a full charge. 

The Polluno is a good commuter choice, a comfortable, versatile city e-bike that allows you to get around with speed, safety and comfort. It’s a reliable and economical bike for your daily commute, with a unisex aluminium frame that’s easy to hop on or off of. It’s comfortable too, with a shock-absorber front fork and a comfortable, soft gel saddle.

Tech-wise, the Polluno computer offers easy access and management via a LED smart display. This can be interfaced with a smartphone through the upcoming Eskute App. 

The Wayfarer or Voyager are also  great choices for everyday e-biking, perfect for urban commutes, or for recreational rides. While the Voyager stands out with classic MTB looks, neither of these on  first look are obviously an e-bike. If you like the pared down style, they’re great value-for-money.

Eskute Bikes Available

Eskute make affordable mid and hub motor e-bikes. They produce mountain and city versions, and although the city range is perfect for commuting, the e-MTB range are versatile daily rides too.

Best Eskute E-Bikes 

The Polluno e-city bike is a great commuter choice – it’s affordable, comfortable, and capable. The Wayfarer e-city or Voyager e-MTB are also good options.

Eskute Polluno
Eskute Wayferer
Eskute Voyager

Why We Like Eskute

✅ Great value for money

✅ Good quality and simple styling

✅ Focus on reliability and innovation

Shipping Notes:

Pricing: Low to Medium

14. Swifty

The Swifty bike range has been developed in the UK by a team of e-biking experts and has been produced by one of the world’s leading edge factories. There’s a focus on promoting the suitability of E-Bikes for the future of transportation.

Swifty offers a range of e-bikes to suit various budgets and needs. Their bikes use some world-leading components, like Shimano, CST and Kenda tires, and Zoom and Promax suspension and brakes. The electrics use reliable LG or Panasonic cells. The company offer great customer support too.

The Swifty at656 and at650 are simple but capable models for e-cyclists on a budget, with simple styling. They’re both technically mountain bikes, but are lightweight and agile enough to lend themselves well to the daily commute. 

Both have a range of around 35 miles, 3 levels of assist setting, powerful disc brakes, and double wall rims to help prevent punctures. A great perk for a bike of this price-point is the additional walking mode, which engages the motor from a standing start up to 5mph.

The Swifty Liberte is another great commuter option, although being a folding bike it’s a bit like marmite – people will love or hate the style!

However, it’s a comfortable ride and surprisingly capable for zipping about town or on a short

The battery provides up to 30 miles of pedalling assistance, and walking mode is again a feature.  The easy fold mechanism mean its easy to store, and powerful disc brakes give you great stopping power in all weather conditions. 

Swifty Bikes Available

Swift make affordable e-bikes for those on a budget. There are electric mountain bike or folding bike options. They may not be to everyone’s taste, but are a great starter or budget e-bike and are surprisingly capable.

Best Swifty E-Bikes 

You’ll love it or loathe it, but for city or short commutes, the Swifty Liberte is a great option. The brand’s electric mountain bikes are worth considering too if funds are limited.

Swifty Liberte
Swifty AT656
Swifty AT650

Why We Like Swifty

✅ Small, innovative company

✅ Affordable e-bikes

✅ Good quality components

Shipping Notes:

Pricing: Low

15. Basis

E-Bikes Direct are known for being a big Amazon seller, and their in-house brand Basis incorporates a range of affordable e-bike options.

Basis uses tried and tested technology to offer lightweight, reliable, and efficient bikes. They’re great for commutes, errands, or just zipping around town. The low price point and excellent value for money spec-wise might convince those on the fence that e-bikes are worth a shot.

The Cardinal Step Through is a great commuter range, available in 2 models. Both have the same general design, and you can choose the specs to suit your lifestyle.

Cardinal Rigid is designed for flatter terrain, with ‘blade’ non-suspension forks and an economical 7.8Ah battery. The battery still offers up to  25 miles of assistance however, plenty to cover the majority of town/city commutes.

If you have a more demanding daily journey the Cardinal FS might be a better choice. With upgraded front suspension and a 13Ah battery, this is a versatile and multi-purpose e-bike that still comes in under the 1k mark.  

The Basis Hybrid Full Size Folding Electric Bike gets around the issue of wheel size thats prevalent on typical folding bikes. It’s a great combination combination of full-sized hybrid bike that can be blacked neatly for transport or storage. 

The 9.6Ah battery has a range of approximately 30 miles, and the 250w front hub motor delivers consistent power. Surprisingly, for an entry-level e-bike, there’s a also a front and rear disc braking system. 

Basis Bikes Available

Basis manufacture affordable e-bikes suitable for short city and rural commutes. There are step-through options, as well as an innovative full-size folding hybrid model.

Best Basis E-Bikes 

The Cardinal range is the obvious choice for commuters, with great specs for the low price-point. If storage space is an issue either at home or work, the full-size hybrid folding model is practical, without the disadvantages of typical folding e-bikes.

Basis Protocol
Basis Cardinal ST
Basis Hybrid

Why We Like Bird Bikes

✅ Amazing value

✅ Very affordable

✅ Innovative design

Shipping Notes:

  • Based in Sussex, UK
  • Ships UK and Europe
  • Available on Amazon

Pricing: Low

16. Ancheer

Ancheer has shot to fame in recent years as one of the biggest sellers of e-bikes on Amazon, with a huge number of positive reviews to boot.

The company offers a broad range of e-bike models, including folding e-bikes, electric mountain bikes, city e-bikes and more.

All of their bikes come in at under $/£1000, so they’re undoutedly great value too. Ancheer are 100% worth checking out if you’re looking for a cheap but reliable electric bike.

Basis Bikes Available

Basis manufacture affordable e-bikes suitable for short city and rural commutes. There are step-through options, as well as an innovative full-size folding hybrid model.

Best Ancheer E-Bikes 

Ancheer’s top seller is their electric mountain bike, followed closely by their excellent value folding electric bike.

Mountain E-Bike
20″ Folding E-Bike
Electric City Bike

Why We Like Ancheer

✅ Really good value

✅ Great range of bikes

✅ Innovative design

Shipping Notes:

  • Based in USA
  • Ships worldwide via Amazon

Pricing: Low

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