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Best Front Bike Racks [Top 5 Bicycle Panniers]

Looking for an easier way to carry your bag as you set off on your commute, take on a longer cycle or enjoy a more leisurely ride? Well, here, we’ve got five shouts for a great front bike cargo rack at affordable prices that you should definitely consider.

Most panniers are just as simple to set up as they effective in practice. Simply attach the rack to your bike, and the panniers then hang off the rack’s rails through its hooks. A front pannier won’t risk dragging on the ground when fitted next to the front wheel, either.

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Front Bike Cargo Rack

And what’s more, a bike basket is able to carry far more than you would normally be able to in a standard backpack, meaning you won’t arrive at work looking quite so bogged down, or you’ll be able to take that little bit extra camping equipment with you, for instance.

So, let’s get on with our list of recommendations for a great front bike rack basket:

Best Front Pannier Bike Racks

1. Basil Portland Front Carrier, Aluminium (£69.99)

This aluminium front bike rack comes from Dutch company Basil, offering much in the way of practicality as well as boasting a more stylish, silver design.

Easy to install, lightweight and classy, you can carry more than 10 kg with this on your bike. Even better, while it fits best with traditional Dutch bikes, it’s an extremely versatile bike pannier rack, so should still fit nicely onto a wide range of bikes.

Basil Portland Front Carrier, Aluminium (silver) and Removable Tan Belt
  • Dimension: 29x11x42 (LxWxH)
  • Colour: Aluminum
  • Article nr: 50408

2. Basil Unisex Adult Portland Front Carrier, Matt Black (£69.99)

Another excellent model from Basil, this vintage Portland Front Carrier comes in matt black, can fit as much as 10 kg as well as the potential to add a headlamp mount to it.

A slick and sturdy design, this primarily fits on to 26″ bicycles, but again is adaptable and should at least fit all 700c wheels, too.

Basil Unisex Adult Portland Front Carrier - Matt Black, n/a
  • Country of origin:- Germany
  • Package Weight: 1.58 kilograms

3. Basil Adult’s Front Pannier Unisex Crate (£36.50)

Our third and final shout-out to Basil is this black plastic bicycle box; a fair bit cheaper but just as quality, as well as being perfectly suitable for both men and women.

This 40 x 33 x 25 cm box boasts a 33-litre volume, and can fit seamlessly on to the front wheel either with a Basil Crate mounting set (included) or with cable ties. Weighing 1 kg, it’s an ideal choice for carrying larger, heavier possessions.

Basil Unisex - Adult Crate M Front Pannier Box - Black, 40cm x 33cm x 25cm
  • Fits on front wheel carriers (Basil Front Carrier).
  • Volume: 33 litres.
  • Without mounting material (compatible with crate mounting mounting system).

4. Cicli Bonin Ventura Front Wheel Carrier (Price not available)

This black front wheel carrier from Cicli Bonin is compatible with all road and mountain bikes, and its high-quality material offers it great longevity and dependability.

Made of alloy steel and weighing 2 kg, this may be a little heavier than the others, but is another great choice if you’re tired of lugging around bulky belongings yourself.

Cicli Bonin Unisex Adult Adjustable Steel Front Rack Carrier - Black, One Size
  • Made of high quality material
  • Compatible with all Road and MTB bicycles
  • Excellent level of reliability and longevity

5. Cicli Bonin Unisex Adjustable Steel Front Rack (£115.08)

And finally, another Cicli Bonin recommendation – this time, this adjustable one-size front rack with a wooden base carrier.

Again, this bicycle rack is a great choice for men or women. Again, it’s perfect for road or mountain bikes. And again, its high-quality steel design means you can rely on it for a long time yet.

Cicli Bonin Unisex Adult Adjustable Steel Front Rack With Wooden Base Carrier - Black, One Size
  • Made of high quality material
  • Compatible with all Road and MTB bicycles
  • Excellent level of reliability and longevity

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