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Best Rear Bike Basket: 7 Picks for the Back of Your Bicycle

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Plenty of cyclists swear by a bike basket for carrying their belongings, whether they’re commuting, trekking or cycling for leisure. Baskets make cycling with any kind of luggage easier and more comfortable, taking the strain off your back and shoulders and saving you from the dreaded backpack sweat patch.

It’s common for bike baskets to sit at the front of the bike on the handlebars, but rear bike baskets are also very popular and offer different benefits.

On this page, we’ll take a look at the advantages of front and rear bike baskets, discuss what makes rear baskets so great, and give our suggestions for the best 7 rear bike baskets on the market right now.

Best Rear Bike Baskets

  1. Proper Velo Wicker Pannier Basket

    A cute, practical wicker bike basket with quick-release attachment for trips to the shop, market, and even the office.

  2. Topeak TrolleyTote Folding Rear Bike Basket

    A sturdy, foldable rear bike basket with handle and trolley wheels for shopping and errands.

  3. Basil Bicycle Basket Crate

    Budget-friendly, durable rear bike basket with 17.5L capacity for easy transportation of small items.

  4. Basil Cento Rattan Look Rear Basket

    Stylish, sturdy rear bike basket with a dark brown rattan look perfect for carrying small loads.

  5. Mattisam Rear Bicycle Basket

    A sturdy and practical budget-friendly option, with included accessories for added convenience.

  6. Wald 582 Rear Folding Basket

    A compact folding rear bike basket ideal for carrying small items and is collapsible for easy storage.

  7. Public Bikes Wooden Crate

    A vintage-style, sturdy rear bike carrier perfect for carrying small everyday items.

Rear Baskets vs Front Baskets

Whether a rear or a front bike basket is right for you depends on a number of factors, such as how heavy a load you need to carry, what kind of terrain you’ll be travelling on, and what sort of rider you are.

Front bike baskets are generally better suited for lighter weights and for use on rougher terrain, making them popular for bike touring and hill climbing.

Rear baskets, on the other hand, are good for heavier loads and are more convenient for city riding, as they make handling and manoeuvring on city roads easier, are unobstructive when it comes to parking, and can handle flat terrain with ease.

Size also matters when it comes to a bike basket, and front baskets tend to be slightly smaller, making them better suited to carrying small items, while rear baskets tend to be larger and deeper giving them a bigger capacity.

That said, many touring riders opt for both bike basket styles to carry additional loads, while commuters and city leisure riders alike will benefit from a rear basket that can just as comfortably hold a laptop bag as grocery shopping.

Not sure which bike basket style is right for you? Check out our comprehensive guide to the best bike baskets for all kinds of uses here.


Why Rear Bike Baskets Are Great

Rear bike baskets have a lot of benefits for all kinds of riders, because of their versatility in terms of load-bearing and impact on bike handling.

They have a larger capacity than front baskets, meaning they can carry larger and heavier items. 

Their position on the bike means that they don’t really impact handling and manoeuvring, and it is easier to lift your bike while the basket is loaded than it would be with a front basket.

Rear bike baskets don’t always have to sit over the top of the rear wheel: there are plenty of options for baskets which sit on the side of your bike, too, if that is your preference.

Another benefit to having a rear bike basket is that they don’t obstruct your view while cycling and won’t affect your steering. Of course, it is harder to access your belongings while riding than it would be with a front rack — but if you’re simply transporting things from A to B, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Types of Rear Bike Basket

Rear bike baskets come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and functions, so you’re bound to find one to suit your needs.

Let’s go through some of the common types and materials of rear bike basket: metal, wicker, folding and removable baskets.

Metal Rear Bicycle Basket

Metal baskets are often affordable, sturdy, and good for holding larger items such as bags. Their minimalist style blends seamlessly with the rest of the bike, and the design of many metal baskets makes securing items with bungee straps or rope simple and easy.

Wicker Rear Bicycle Basket

Wicker bike baskets are a more rustic style and are useful for carrying smaller items, as you won’t need to worry about them falling through the basket. They can come with a lid or without, but are generally better for carrying lighter items due to the material.

Folding Rear Bicycle Basket

If you don’t use your bike basket all the time, or don’t want a basket to make bike storage more difficult, a folding rear bicycle basket could be the perfect choice. As you might expect, these baskets are designed to fold flat when not in use without compromising on capacity and sturdiness.

Removable Rear Bicycle Basket

Removable rear bicycle baskets can be handy for those who use their bike’s basket for shopping, as they’re often equipped with handles so you can transport your goods with ease. They may not always hold as heavy loads as other styles, but for regular carrying of small loads like grocery bags, office supplies etc, removable baskets are an excellent choice.

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Bicycle Basket: Rear Picks

1. Proper Velo Wicker Pannier Basket

  • UK Flag £73
  • US Flag $85
  • EU Flag €85

Prices are approximate

Material: Rattan

Weight: 1400g

Size: 7.8″ x 9.5″ x 13″

This classic style of wicker bike basket is a cute and practical carrier for trips to the shop, market, flower stall, and even the office.

It slots beside the rear wheel with a quick-release attachment system that’s easily installed and removed and compatible with most rear bike racks, and is held secure by a spring-loaded clasp.

The basket is made of handwoven natural rattan on a painted metal frame, and comes in a gorgeous light honey colour that lends a rustic charm to a bicycle.

It is 7.8 inches deep, 9.5 inches wide and 13 inches tall, so is perfect for small items like groceries, picnic products, flowers or laptop bags, and it can carry up to 6.5kg.

Providing the perfect blend of practicality and aesthetics, the details of the basket come together to make it look and feel high-quality, durable, practical and full of rustic charm.

2. Topeak TrolleyTote Folding Rear Bike Basket

  • UK Flag £66
  • US Flag $77
  • EU Flag €77

Prices are approximate

Material: Plastic, Aluminium

Weight: 2000g

Size: 13.4″ x 17.4″ x 14.0″

With a handle and trolley wheels, this folding rear bike basket is perfect for shopping and running errands.

It’s made of a durable engineering grade polymer with an aluminium handle to keep weight down without compromising its sturdiness, and can hold up to 9kg for ultimate practicality.

The basket is quick release so you can easily detach it and use it as a carry basket for grocery shopping or at a farmer’s market before attaching it securely back onto the bike when it’s time to travel. Plus, its foldable design makes it super easy to store.

Reviewers say they love this basket because it’s long-lasting and durable, and can carry everything they need for a day at work or for running errands around the city. The basket is designed with holes in the top so you can secure items with a bungee cord if necessary, and the basket is quite deep at 14 inches so you can confidently fit plenty of items inside.

It doesn’t come with a rain cover, so you would need to find your own way of protecting your items from showers, but the design of the basket means it would be easy to fix some tarpaulin over the top or use a waterproof bag for your items in the basket.

3. Basil Bicycle Basket Crate

  • UK Flag £25
  • US Flag $30
  • EU Flag €30

Prices are approximate

Material: Polypropylene

Weight: 860g

Size: 11.4″ x 15.7″ x 8.2″

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly rear bike basket, the Basil Bicycle Basket Crate is a great option for a practical, durable carrier.

It has a 17.5 litre capacity and weighs just 860g, making it an efficient way to carry things on your bike.

On Amazon, the basket comes in a range of colours including pink, white and black, and the classic style is unobtrusive when attached to the back of your bicycle.

It has no lid or rain protection, so you would have to protect your items from rain and the elements with a waterproof cover sold separately, but the plastic material of the crate itself is durable and will withstand bad weather.

Overall, this is a classic, durable rear bike basket that will look great on any kind of bicycle, perfect for carrying small items like office equipment or small amounts of groceries around the city with ease.

4. Basil Cento Rattan Look Rear Basket

  • UK Flag £65
  • US Flag $75
  • EU Flag €75

Prices are approximate

Material: Rattan

Weight: 1800g

Size: 19.0″ x 13.5″ x 8.7″

Cyclists looking for a rustic rear bike basket will love this dark brown rattan crate from Basil.

With a metal frame overlaid with synthetic rattan material, this is a stylish but sturdy bike basket that’s perfect for carrying small loads, whether that’s a laptop bag for the office, items from the grocery store, bike locks and accessories or even a small pet.

The basket is easy to install, sturdy and deep enough that you don’t need to worry about items falling out, but it’s easy to add a cargo net or bungee cords for peace of mind when carrying larger items.

At 1.8kg it won’t add too much weight to your bike while still feeling solid and reliable enough to protect your belongings as you cycle.

It is unnoticeable while riding, which is often a key requirement for cyclists selecting a rear bike basket, and its position over the rear wheel means it shouldn’t interfere with your legs’ range of motion.

The basket’s mesh lining makes it easy to attach to your bike, and the plasticky texture of the synthetic wicker means it won’t get damaged in the rain.

5. Mattisam Rear Bicycle Basket

  • UK Flag £35
  • US Flag $40
  • EU Flag €40

Prices are approximate

Material: Metal

Weight: 1230g

Size: 15.9″ x 11.6″ x 6.5″

As wallet-friendly rear bike baskets go, this one is a great choice: it’s minimalist, sturdy, practical and comes with all the accessories you need to make sure your belongings are kept safe and secure on the go.

The MATTISAM metal bike basket is compact and perfect for holding items like books, backpacks and small shopping items, while the larger size can hold bulkier items and even pets.

The basket comes with a multifunctional basket cover that can be used as a raincover, basket liner or as a sun blocker, and has a reflective strip to make riding in the dark safer.

It also comes with an insulated bag that’s perfect whether you’re carrying your lunch to the office or fresh items home from the supermarket, and the elastic cargo net included keeps items secure and safe from falling.

Also included is a pet cushion for ultimate comfort for your furry friend, and a little duckling bike horn that will add that extra bit of cuteness to your journey.

The basket’s water-repellent coating means it won’t rust if it gets wet, and the carrier can be installed onto your bike with either screws or zip ties for ultimate compatibility.

Overall, this is a solid, lightweight, practical rear bike carrier with plenty of added extras, coming complete with everything you need to transport small items by bike.

6. Wald 582 Rear Folding Basket

6. Wald 582 Rear Folding Basket 2
  • UK Flag £35
  • US Flag $40
  • EU Flag €40

Prices are approximate

Material: Metal

Weight: 1270g

Size: 12″ x 7″ x 8″

This compact rear folding basket is ideal for those who need to carry a few small items but don’t want a big basket on the back of their bike all of the time.

It mounts to the side of the bike’s rear rack and is the perfect size for small grocery bags, and it can be collapsed when not in use and clasped at the top to keep it secure when stowed.

The black colour is minimalist and stylish, and the metallic crate design is unobtrusive and will blend in with any style of bicycle.

As it is an open basket style, you will need to add a waterproof cover and liner if you need to protect your shopping, backpack or other items from wet weather, but its tall sides mean your items will be secure and unlikely to fall out while riding through the city.

The fact that this basket folds down so flat is a really big draw, as there’s no need to remove it between uses and it won’t impair your ability to park your bike in tight city bike racks or in your home.

7. Public Bikes Wooden Crate

  • UK Flag £81
  • US Flag $95
  • EU Flag €95

Prices are approximate

Material: Wood

Weight: XXXg

Size: 11.7″ x 15.7″ x 6.0″

Okay, so this isn’t technically a basket, but it’s so charming we just had to include it in this list.

The Public Bikes Wooden Crate is a stylish, durable rear bike carrier that is perfect for carrying produce, flowers, picnic items or even a work bag on the back of your bicycle, and its unique, vintage style is sure to turn a few heads.

It’s a simple design, with carry handles for if you wish to remove it to carry your items by hand and a stamped brand logo, and the crate style means it can carry small items without the need for a basket liner.

You may wish to add a rainproof cover for wet days and bungee cords for securing loose items, but this bike crate is certainly not all style and no substance: it’s sturdy, well-made, practical and durable with a decent capacity for carrying everyday items.

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