Best Dynamo Bike Lights: Top 6 Pedal-Powered Lights in 2024

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If you’re particularly conscious about saving the environment (and we all should be, really, shouldn’t we?) then, of course, regular cycling is a great start as an alternative to driving.

But if you really want to go that extra mile – pardon the pun – then why not fit your bike with self-powered, dynamo bike generator lights?

Best Dynamo Bike Lights: Top 6

  1. Durable and Bright Dynamo Light

    Busch & Müller 1752QTSNDi LED Dynamo Headlight

    Busch & Müller LED headlight light is a sturdy and reliable dynamo light.

  2. Lightweight Front Dynamo Light

    SuperNova E3 Pure Light

    The SuperNova E3 Pure Light is stylish, light and bright.

  3. Front Dynamo Generator and Light Set

    YSD DL10 LED Dynamo Bicycle Light

    A front dynamo light with a connected friction generator.

  4. Rear Dynamo Bike Light

    Busch & Müller Dynamo LED View Plus Rear Light

    The Busch & Müller LED rear light ensure extended visibility, without dazzling those behind you.

  5. Compact Rear Dynamo Light

    AXA Spark Steady Dynamo Rear Light

    AXA Spark Steady is a bright, light and compact rear dynamo light.

  6. Bright Rear Dynamo

    Busch & Müller Toplight Flat Plus LED Dynamo Rear Light

    Busch & Muller Toplight Flat Plus Led dynamo light offers 220° all-round visibility.

What Are Dynamo Bike Lights?

A dynamo is an energy-generating hub that’s built into a bike’s front wheel, primarily to power lights. 

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Pedal-Powered Bike Lights

Early dynamos were tyre-driven, having first become popular between the First and Second World War, when English bike component manufacturer Sturmey Archer introduced the ‘Dynohub’, which moved the generator inside the hub of the front wheel.

Initially quite clunky designs, they’ve come on leaps and bounds since then, yet although they’re more commonplace in cycling hotbeds like Germany and the Netherlands, they remain quite unfashionable elsewhere, in places like North America, in particular.

How Does Bicycle Dynamo Lighting Work?

With dynamo lighting, there’s no need to fidget around trying to flick your bike light while cycling at the same time. They run on pure pedal power.

It’s quite simple to explain, really. Using the rotation of the bicycle wheel to generate electricity, the dynamo can then produce an electric current which is then delivered to the lights. The faster you cycle, the more power generated, and so the brighter the light.

How to Fit a Bicycle Dynamo?

Installing a dynamo hub on to your bike is a pretty straightforward process. You just attach it to your front tyre, lining it up in such a way that it runs on the white part of the tyre, before fastening on tightly with a screwdriver. This YouTube video should explain it all to you in less than a minute:

Pros and Cons of Bike Dynamo Lights

Never needs re-chargingFriction dynamos also cause increased wear and tear on the tyre, and may slip in wet conditions
Safe, powerful and extremely visible form of lighting, using durable LEDsFriction dynamos (or ‘direct contact dynamos’) can make bikes a little harder to ride because they slow them down when they come into contact with the tyre
After initial investment, you may find they’re more cost-effective (no purchasing new lights, batteries, no need to pay fines if you forget your lights one night)Maintenance can be a problem – you may find strips of metal stuck in your bike or worse, you may sever the electrical circuit if assembled incorrectly
Far more difficult to steal than standard bike lights
Environmentally friendly and recyclable

Bike Pedal Powered Lights

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Best Bike Dynamo Front Lights [Top 3]

Click here to see the best rear dynamo bike lights

1. Busch & Müller 1752QTSNDi LED Dynamo Headlight

  • UK Flag £69
  • US Flag $102
  • EU Flag €80

Prices are approximate

Lumens: 150
Weight: 100g

Lights up path clearly

Detects day and night automatically

Sturdy and reliable dynamo lights

Busch & Müller are the go to hub (pun intended) for bicycle dynamo lights and this premium front light is one of the sturdiest and reliable dynamo lights money can buy.

Admittedly, the “1752QTSNDi” name is hardly catchy, but don’t let that throw you off.

As far as automatic bike lights go, this Busch & Müller dynamo will clearly light up your path with its four built-in LED lights that produce 80 LUX.

But this dynamo light doesn’t waste energy during the day as it automatically recognises the difference between day and night and switches its lights setting accordingly. During the day it will give off a dimmer light which is designed purely to enhance your visibilty to other road users, while at night it will make use of its full power to show your route ahead.

When you arrive at your destination, the light will automatically switch itself off within four minutes.


  • Bright and reliable
  • Value for money
  • Energy-saving

2. SuperNova E3 Pure Light

  • UK Flag £113
  • US Flag $159
  • EU Flag €120

Prices are approximate

Lumens: 205
Weight: 90g

Automatic daylight setting for safety

Service life of over 50,000 hours

Lightweight, durable and minimalist

The SuperNova E3 Pure Light is an elegant bike solution for any bicycle. It’s stylish, light and bright.

This minimalist light is also very durable thanks to its anodized aluminium casing.

Like the Busch & Müller dynamo light, the SuperNova also has an automatic daylight setting for safety, while switching the brighter light so you can see where you’re going at night.

Comes with a five-year warranty and has an expected service life of over 50,000 hours (which would last you 68 years if you cycled two hours every single day).

Designed to be mounted on the front fork of your bike.


  • Long-lasting
  • Saves you money over time
  • Light but durable

3. YSD DL10 LED Dynamo Bicycle Light

  • UK Flag £55
  • US Flag $34
  • EU Flag €40

Prices are approximate

Lumens: 200
Weight: 240g

Suitable for different bike types

Bright for a budget dynamo light

Can be used in all weather condition

If you need a front dynamo light with a connected friction generator, this convenient set gives you everything you need to get it going.

This light doesn’t have the same smart features as the top two in this list, but it still provides a solid 200 lumens which is more than enough to light your path.

The DL10 is designed to be attached to the fork right of your wheel.

Overall, a good value front dynamo light setup for those on a budget.


  • Value for money
  • Waterproof
  • Bright enough for night ride


  • Doesn’t have smart features

Best Bike Dynamo Rear Lights [Top 3]

4. Busch & Müller Dynamo LED View Plus Rear Light

  • UK Flag £30
  • US Flag $21
  • EU Flag €35

Prices are approximate

Weight: 80g
Size: 13 x 2.5 x 5 cm

Extended visibility with two LED lights

Light and easy to fit

Quick charging after three minute ride

Consisting of two LED lights (one at the top and one at the botttom) this rear dynamo light spreads the light across the entire device to ensure extended visibility, without dazzling those behind you.

The Busch & Müller LED rear light is very easy to fit, with bolt slides to fit either 50mm or 80mm mounting holes.

The automatic standlight is fully charged after a three minute ride, while the light switches itself of four minutes after the bicycle stops.

A very good all-round rear dynamo bike light.

5. AXA Spark Steady Dynamo Rear Light

  • UK Flag £13
  • US Flag $23
  • EU Flag €18

Prices are approximate

Weight: 70g
Size: 10.5 x 5 x 2.5 cm

Compact rear dynamo light

Visible up to 500 metres away

50,000 hours LED light lifespan

A very compact rear dynamo light that can be seen from up to 500 metres away.

The AXA Spark Steady is very easy to fit using push connections and can be mounted to 50mm to 80 mm holes.

This steady light (featuruing a single LED light with a lifespan of 50,000+ hours) also features a parking light which will stay on for four minutes after you stop pedalling.


  • Easy to fit
  • Compact
  • Bright and visible up to 500 meters away


  • Single-led light

6. Busch & Müller Toplight Flat Plus LED Dynamo Rear Light

  • UK Flag £58
  • US Flag $58
  • EU Flag €49

Prices are approximate

Weight: 65g
Size: 11.7 x 5 x 2 cm

Reflectors are glass protected makes it durable

220° all round visibility

Designed to be lightweight and neat

The bright rear dynamo light offers 220° all round visibility and is also extremely sturdy thanks to it’s glass protected reflectors.

Can be a bit fiddly to fit compared to other models, but is still a good back dynamo light for your bike thanks to it’s lightweight and neat design.


  • All round visibility
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Neat and lightweight


  • Can be tricky to fit

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