Best Bike Helmets with Lights Built-In: Top 6

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There’s no doubt that wearing a helmet can drastically reduce your risk of serious injury – or even death – in the event of a cycling accident.

But accident prevention should also be a key consideration. And, when cycling at night especially, the biggest risk to cyclists is not being seen by motorists. Therefore, having a bike helmet with lights built-in can be the ideal solution.

In this post, we’ll explore the best bike helmets with lights built-in.

Best Bike Helmets with Lights: Top 6


    Unit 1 FARO Smart Helmet

    A premium cycling helmet with bright lights, emergency contact feature, MIPS option, and stunning design.


    Lumos Ultra Smart Helmet

    A smart helmet with LEDs, MIPS option, wireless controller, smartphone connectivity, and team sync for synchronized turns.


    LIVALL BH60SEPLUS Bluetooth Helmet

    A feature-packed smart helmet with LED lights, wireless remote, smartphone connectivity, GPS correction, fall detection, and SOS mode.


    ABUS Hyban Urban Helmet with Integrated LED Taillight

    A functional, spartan-designed smart helmet with discreet integrated LED tail light, ventilation, and mesh to deter bugs.


    Zacro Bike Helmet with Light

    An affordable smart helmet with rechargeable rear light, multiple ventilation holes, and replacement linings and visors.


    PHZ Bicycle Helmet with LED Light

    Features a USB-rechargeable LED light, reflective strips, detachable visor, ventilation holes, bug net, and a backpack-style carry bag.

The Importance of Helmets

There is overwhelming evidence across multiple studies that wearing a helmet is effective in reducing injuries.

Trusted bodies such as The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) in the UK provide regular analysis and their June 2020 report into cycle helmets gave a deep insight into the results of academic and industry research.

The key takeaways from the RoSPA factsheet are clear in identifying the reduced chances of injury to the head and the brain. It confirms that hospitals in London can expect to spend more time with those patients who suffer skull damage and are not wearing a helmet.

A long-term study of the potential for cycle helmets to prevent injury was carried out on behalf of the Transport Research Laboratory in the United Kingdom.

In the summary of conclusions, the report identifies that bicycle helmets should be effective at reducing the risk of head injury, especially the most common type of accidents, which are ones which do not involve other vehicles.

One reason governments with foresight across the world advocate segregated urban cycling via a kerbed lane is to separate the most vulnerable road users from the least vulnerable. Moving motorists and cyclists slightly further apart on the road could also play an important role in reducing the number of accidents.

Bicycle helmets are so popular that their manufacture has spawned many niches and new features. They keep safety as the top priority but also include features to make the riders life more effective and efficient.

Having a helmet with a Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) can limit the rotation of the brain which you can read more about here.

Bicycle Helmets with Lights and Turn Signals

Perhaps the most useful safety feature built into helmets now is some form of lighting. Urban roads are clogged with distractions at all levels which affect the ability of all users. Having a light at eye-level with SUVs, other cyclists and some pedestrians is really useful for being seen and drawing eyes to you.

Having back-up or ancillary lights at times when you are not required to have lights attached to your machine helps everyone. They provide reassurance for you and other road users.

Helmet lights should never be a substitute for the lights you attach to your bicycle. Many national and state laws are illuminating about the requirement to fix lights to your ride. LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting is better for the environment and is longer lasting. It helps your position on the road or trail to be made clearer. Further reassurance comes in the form of the bicycle lighting being easily rechargeable at home or work. Read more about rechargeable helmet lights.

Some helmets come with built-in Bluetooth for when you want to safely make a call or even make turning signals via the rear of the unit. Check out helmets with Bluetooth capabilities here.

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Best Cycle Helmets with Built-In Lights [Top 6]

1. Unit 1 FARO Smart Helmet

  • UK Flag £180
  • US Flag $210
  • EU Flag €220

Prices are approximate

Weight (Medium Size): 580g

Typical Battery Life: 30 hours

Safety Cert.: CE / CPSC

Front Light

Rear Light

Brake Lights


Built-In Microphone

Built-In Speakers

SOS Function

The Unit 1 helmet is an aesthetically pleasing and premium cycling helmet packed with safety features. It has front and rear lights, indicator lights, and brake lights. In the event of a significant impact, an emergency contact message will be sent if there is no movement, which can be canceled if needed.

The helmet also offers an optional MIPS add-on. It does not have a built-in music or call feature, but this can be remedied with earphones. While expensive, the Unit 1 helmet justifies its price with excellent design and safety features.

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2. Lumos Ultra Smart Helmet

  • UK Flag £100
  • US Flag $150
  • EU Flag €120

Prices are approximate

Weight (Med.): 370g

Av. Battery Life: 10 hours

Safety Cert.: CE / CPSC

Front and rear lights

Smartphone connection

Wireless turning via remote

USB rechargeable

The Lumos helmet is a design award-winning helmet that prioritizes ergonomics and ease of use. It comes in two price points, with or without the MIPS system. The helmet provides both front and rear LED lights for increased visibility, and a wireless controller attached to the handlebars allows for easy left or right turning signals.

The helmet also offers smartphone connectivity for customization and ride tracking, as well as a Team Sync feature that synchronizes turns for riding groups with the same helmet.

3. LIVALL BH60SEPLUS Bluetooth Helmet

  • UK Flag £100
  • US Flag $140
  • EU Flag €150

Prices are approximate

Weight (Med.): 630g

Av. Battery Life: 10 hours

Safety Cert.: CE / CPSC

Stereo speakers and in-helmet music controls

Windproof microphone

Hands-free calling

Fall detection and SOS alert

The LIVALL helmet is a feature-packed ally for daily activities beyond regular commuting routes. It has LED lights, controlled via a wireless handlebar remote, and smartphone connectivity with a microphone and Bluetooth speakers. The microphone factors in wind noise and can be used as a walkie-talkie.

The LIVALL app provides access to features such as music lists and a double GPS correction function. It also has a fall detection SOS that sends the rider’s location to emergency contacts after a 90-second countdown. This helmet offers numerous useful features for riders and their safety.

4. ABUS Hyban Urban Helmet with Integrated LED Taillight

  • UK Flag £65
  • US Flag $70
  • EU Flag €67

Prices are approximate

Weight (Med.): 400g

Av. Battery Life: 50-150 hours

Safety Cert.: CE / CPSC

13 air inlets and 5 outlets for optimal ventilation

Soft touch straps are easy to adjust for practical sliders

Big light covers a wide surface area

Soft touch padding is easy to detach and wash

The ABUS helmet is a versatile option suitable for various riding styles, including BMX, commuting, and mountain biking. It features a simple design with an integrated LED tail light for 180-degree visibility, a clip-on peak to keep out the rain, and mesh to deter bugs.

The helmet provides ample ventilation and is budget-friendly, although the battery is not rechargeable. Overall, this no-frills helmet is designed to enhance safety and be functional without breaking the bank.

5. Zacro Bike Helmet with Light

  • UK Flag £29
  • US Flag $34
  • EU Flag €30

Prices are approximate

Weight (Med.): 300g

Av. Battery Life: 8 hours

Safety Cert.: CE / CPSC

Multiple flash features

Packing bag

2 replaceable linings

2 helmet visors

Despite being budget-friendly, this helmet offers a lot, including a rechargeable rear LED light with constant, slow, and fast flash modes, and up to eight hours of ride time. The design includes eight ventilation holes and a nine-centimeter spread on the adjustment dial, making it suitable for multiple users.

The kit comes with two replacement linings and two visors, a thoughtful addition to account for wear and tear. Overall, this helmet is a great value, offering practical features without compromising on design or functionality.

6. PHZ Bicycle Helmet with LED Light

  • UK Flag £30
  • US Flag $34
  • EU Flag €34

Prices are approximate

Weight (Med.): 250g

Av. Battery Life: 45 hours

Safety Cert.: CE / CPSC

45 hours between charges (slow flash)

Detachable visor

Large vents

Insect and bug net inside the unit

The helmet has a USB rechargeable LED light for high visibility and reflective strips for extra visibility. It also has a detachable visor, large ventilation holes, and a built-in net to prevent bugs and insects from getting in.

The helmet comes with a backpack-style carry bag for easy storage and convenience. The LED light has a strip of red LEDs around the button for toggling through flash sequences.

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