Should People Be Allowed to Run and Cycle During the Coronavirus Lockdown?

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  1. Martin says:

    Interesting conundrum. In The Netherlands we currently do not have a lock down (different approach chosen) but I have heard of places where dogs are suddenly over the moon with happiness because they get walked three or four times more often than they used to. Why would that be? 🙂 There is no easy answer I’m afraid, although I guess we could start by training dogs to use litter boxes as well. And yes, let’s face it, living is dangerous. It will kill you…eventually…

    • This is true. A friend of mine in Spain lives in quite a small house with 4 kids and a dog. In order to keep the kids energy levels under control, they’re sending one out with the dog at a time on basically a non-stop cycle. The dog doesn’t even want to go anymore!

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