A Chat with Brian Palmer of The Washing Machine Post

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  1. Louisa says:

    Wow, connoisseur indeed! Nice read 🙂

    • thecyclist says:

      Hi Louisa,

      Thanks for your comment boss was a pleasure chatting with Brian. Really insightful.

      You’ll be on here soon too 😉


  2. Nice article / interview, really enjoyed it. DC and TWMP…class act!

  3. Irv says:

    Lovely insight into the man behind TWMP, and the The Discerning Cyclist has just been added to my list of regular reads – great spread of articles – and the focus on style and value is welcomed too

    • thecyclist says:

      Hi Irv,

      It’s a true pleasure speaking to Brian. I think I learn at least 4 or 5 things and gain a greater appreciation for his talents everytime I finish speaking to him.

      Thank you for your kind words too, it’s really good to hear.


  4. Mel Swan says:

    Hi, I’ve jusrt come across your great article, with apologies for only taking 7 years to post!! I’ve been dipping in and out of TWMP for a number of years, love Brian’s take on cycling and, well life in general… He;s a real one-off!

    Over the years and much to my shame I’ve even threatened to turn up at Brian’s “Ride of the Falling Rain” event in August; this might be the year as my son now stays on Jura (neighbouring island). But 100 miles in the pouring rain and wind (Islay can be a tad blowy)? Time to make a decision and to literally get the finger oot!! I’m not getting any younger or fitter…

    Thanks again for posting your article, really glad I came across it, good fro the spirits.

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