Vulpine Reflective Denim French Workers Jacket – Review

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Reflective cycling jackets aren’t best-known for their dashing good looks.

I mean, they’re good to be seen when you’re whizzing around on two wheels, but it’s not necessarily the same look you want when you’ve arrived at your destination.

The likes of Resolute Bay and and Rapha have tried to fuse this gap, but they’re still leaning more towards the practical rather than the beautiful end of fashion.

That’s why I became transfixed on Vulpine’s Workers Jacket.

Vulpine Denim Workers Reflective Cycling Jacket
  • Fit
  • Function
  • Style
  • Value
  • Quality


The Vulpine Denim Workers Reflective Cycling Jacket is a stylish and practical jacket designed for commuting and cycling. It features a durable and breathable denim fabric, reflective accents for visibility, and several pockets for storage. The jacket also has a tailored fit and a classic design.


  • Subtle reflective jacket
  • Looks great
  • Lightweight


  • Could be a bit stretchier

A Stylish Cycling Jacket… That’s Reflective!

You see, not until I received it – and then not for another few days and wears after that – did I actually notice that this is actually reflective jacket!

It was only when I put on the jacket under a particular bright light did I suddenly spot the reflective material embedded throughout the jacket’s fabric.

I couldn’t believe it.

A flash photo of the Vulpine jacket in a dark room

Make no bones about it, this is a stylish jacket. It’s astonishing that this has been designed with cycling in mind. Let alone being a full-on reflective cycling jacket. It’s the kind of jacket you’d expect to see knocking around a Huge Boss shop or something.

Vulpine Workers Jacket

Obviously, despite being reflective and built for cycling, this isn’t the most practical jacket you’ll ever wear. There’s no exterior zipped pockets or windproof sealing around the wrists – but I’m glad it doesn’t.

This is a cool button-down jacket. I’m glad Vulpine haven’t ruined it by burdening it with too many features.

That said, this certainly isn’t a hopeless fashion item either.

The jacket features three open pockets on the front, plus a discreet inner zipped pocket for valuables. Sleeves are also adjustable at the sleeves, while the material is also extremely light and breathable, and is also water repellent (i.e. will hold off drizzle, if not a typhoon).

In Summary

The clean lines and style of Vulpine’s French Workers Jacket make this an instant classic. It comes in a regular fit and looks great for day-to-day urban life – on or off the bike.

Obviously, the hidden reflective talents take this jacket to a whole new level, while there’s also a good selection of pockets and other handy features that ensures Vulpine have found the perfect balance between form and function here.

This is normally available for £150, but you can pick it up for a bargain £60 from Vulpine during the summer sale.

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