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VOOK: The New E-Trike For Fun And Fast Rides

VOOK e-trike outdoors with rider and dog

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What the VOOK is that?

Prepare to do a double-take when the sleek and innovative new VOOK e-trike whizzes by, leaving you in awe of its unique design and impressive capabilities.

The long-range e-trike has recently launched its Indiegogo campaign, revealing an ambition to make its mark on the urban landscape with an attention-grabbing design.

“VOOK was born out of our desire to revolutionize personal transportation while fostering sustainability,” explains Henry Miller, co-founder of VOOK.

He added, “There was a lack of innovative, versatile, and stylish electric trikes in the market that could cater to a wide range of users.”

This motivated Miller and his team to come up with a creative and reliable solution that would “bring pure joy and excitement to all its riders”.

Man riding VOOK e-trike outdoors

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With an optimized 50Ah battery system, the VOOK e-trike has the capacity to cover distances of up to 110 miles (180 kilometers) on a single charge.

Sporting a unique appearance, this e-trike can achieve speeds of up to 40 mph (65 km/h) and offers riders four distinct speed modes: “Safe” at 10 mph, “Eco” at 15 mph, “Sport” at 20 mph, and a “Boost” mode for added acceleration.

The VOOK’s design pays homage to the nostalgia of the red tricycles from childhood, infused with modern technological advancements. Equipped with a water-resistant LCD monitor, riders can easily monitor their speed, distance, and navigation.

Constructed from lightweight 6160 aluminum, the frame provides durability without compromising maneuverability. Puncture-proof front and rear tires contribute to a smooth and confident ride. The specially designed seat, crafted from a combination of fiberglass and eco-leather, underscores a commitment to both rider comfort and sustainable materials.

For those interested, the VOOK is presently available for pre-order on Indiegogo, with shipments scheduled to commence in December 2023. Early bird pricing for a single VOOK e-trike starts at $2300 for the 30Ah variant and $2500 for the 50Ah model.

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