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People Like Cars Less Once They’ve Used Cargo Bikes – Study

Family using a cargo bike

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Amid growing environmental concerns and urban congestion, cargo bikes, including their electric counterparts, are enjoying a resurgence.

Dubbed the “golden age of electric cargo bikes” by The Verge, this trend signals a potential shift in urban mobility.

According to Andrew J. Hawkins, the transportation editor at The Verge, the industry and governmental recognition of the potential of e-cargo bikes marks a pivotal moment in urban transportation. “It feels as if the industry and the government have simultaneously woken up to the enormous potential of cargo e-bikes to replace car trips and improve the environment, and honestly, it’s about time,” Hawkins states.

A cargo bike being used for deliveries

Cargo Bike Usage Can Impact Car Ownership

In a comprehensive study published in ScienceDirect, researchers Michael Bissel and Sophia Becker assessed how cargo bike-sharing systems influence urban residents’ car ownership and usage patterns.

“The results imply that cargo bike sharing has a notable impact on car ownership. In general, cargo bikes are rated superior in regard to affective, symbolic, and environmental motives as well as on flexibility and price,” the study found.

Participants who reduced or eliminated their car ownership found cargo bikes to be a superior option, especially for their environmental benefits.

“Users who reduced car ownership rated cargo bikes superior compared to car-dependent users,” the study reports. Environmental motives and concerns were consistently cited as the most important reason for people to shed their cars and the most important reason for choosing a transport mode in general.

children being transported in a cargo bike

Infrastructure Changes Are Needed

However, cars are still rated higher in instrumental aspects such as “traffic safety, travel speed, comfort, and changing weather conditions”. While cars hold the advantage in these areas, the study emphasizes the need for improved infrastructure to make cargo bike sharing a viable alternative for more people.

The study underscores a growing recognition of cargo bikes’ role in sustainable urban mobility. As cities continue to evolve, integrating infrastructural support for cargo bike sharing could be key to reducing reliance on cars and enhancing urban living.

With the right measures in place, cargo bikes and cargo bike sharing could indeed become sustainable alternatives to private car ownership, heralding a new era in urban transportation.

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