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Velotric Review: Are These Cargo E-Bikes Any Good?

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We get it. Your premium road bike is a downright joy to ride. The carbon frame offers silky smooth handling – and just wait for a descent on those oh-so-sleek tubeless tyres. But, what if you need something sturdier? A comfortable, powerful e-bike to haul your weekly shop or boost your small business? Think Velotric.

Velotric is a new e-bike brand,  founded by hardware pro Adam Zhang in 2020.  The team includes some of the brains at Specialised and Decathlon and produce and sell their cargo e-bikes at entry-level prices.

They’re an exciting prospect in a crowded market, but are their bikes any good? 

Who are Velotric?

Velotric is a Chinese brand that began in 2021. Its founder is Adam Zhang, formerly of e-scooter giant Lime and its team includes engineers from respected bike makers like Specialized.

A fresh bunch in an exponentially growing field, they oversee a production process that integrates modern features like Find My iPhone into clasically styled frames.

Velotric Bikes Fact Sheet

What do Velotric specialise in?

Velotric specialize in heavy-duty cargo e-bikes to lighten your load and brighten your day.

Recent itineration include a model with an extra-long platform for transporting bulky cargo – and a city bike for commuters.

In broad strokes, the brand’s mission is to make any errand comfortable and enjoyable with the right set of wheels. What this translates to is an impressively large scope of products which can even be customised further with their own brand accessories.

Are Velotric Bikes Good?

Velotric has generated a lot of chatter in the cycle journalism world. Forbes called it one of the best bikes under $1,400 – and praised the brand’s feature-rich. designs.

We’ve not ridden a Velotric design, but the spec sheets are promising: a Shimano drivetrain, five levels of pedal assist and a 500W motor. With a two year warranty, you’ve got more than enough time to test out whether the brand is a good see fit for you.

Velotric Bicycle
(Photo: Velotric)

Is Velotric a Good Brand?

Velotric have garnered coverage from Electrek and CNN. For a shiny new brand, their line-up has certainly got reviewers talking.

CNN’s Tobey Grumet Segal said that the T1 was impressively easy to assemble, even for the most inveterate flat-pack deniers. Mountain Weekly said that their brawny Discover has enough power behind it for a featherlight ride feel.

Where are Velotric Bikes Made?

Velotric bikes are manufactured in China, but the brand have offices in Carson, California. Their email, phone number and US address can all be found on their website.

A couple riding on their Velotric e-bikes
(Photo: Velotric)

Do Velotric Make E-Bikes?

Yes, Velotric do make ebikes. Infact, cargo e-bikes are their speciality.

As well as the Go! and Packer! – sturdy designs for heavy loads – the brand’s latest offerings include a fitness and commuter bike.

Velotric Bike Review

If you’re taking on the kind of errands that require a serious machine, Velotric might be just the ticket. Stick around to our complilation of the brand’s most popular models. 

Velotric Bicycles

Best Velotric E-Bikes

  1. Velotric Go 1

    Useful but far from utilitarian, the Velotric Go! is a good-looking compact e-bike for running errands around the city

  2. Nomad 1

    Forget needle thin clincher tyres, this fat wheel e-bike is a brawny option for those looking to approch all-terrains.

  3. Discover 1

    The Velotric Discover is a urban e-bike with an ergonomic step-through frame. Expect easy geometry, a plush saddle and top speed of 25mph.

  4. Packer 1

    The box-fresh Packer is stands out in its field for its extra-long cargo rack. It’s rich in features, including a discrete lockable pannier sack for precious loads.

  5. T1

    Indistinguishable from your regular fixie, the motor on the T1 is almost invisible. The lack of external wires give the bike sleek visuals, making it a choice grab-and-go ride

  6. T1 ST

    The T1 with ‘a little extra’, this featherlight e-bike tips the scale at 16kg and yet still boasts an integrated torque sensor.

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