State Bicycle Co. Review: How Good Are They?

state bicycles review

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Take one look at State’s website and you can see that affordability is at the heart of everything they do. But are State all about the bottom line? Read our article to delve a bit deeper into State Bicycle Co.

Who Are State Bicycle Co.?

State Bicycle Co. (often shortened to SBC) is a fairly well-known brand in the world of cycling. Arguably they have more of a following in the US, than in the UK or Europe. Established in 2009 by three friends in Tempe, Arizona, the company has gained a reputation for its on-trend, affordable, and customisable bikes. Their core range of products focus on fans of single-speed or fixed-gear bikes.

In recent times, State has pumped out several special edition bikes – collaborations with everyone from Taco Bell to the Beatles. These special edition bikes are often released with accompanying accessories like bags and clothing.

state bicycle fact sheet

What Does State Bicycle Co. Specialize In?

State Bicycle Co. specializes in designing and producing high-quality fixed-gear bicycles, single-speed bikes, and urban commuters. The company is committed to providing its customers with a wide range of options to create their ideal ride, with various frame sizes, colours, and components available for customisation.

Impressively, each bike on the State Bicycle Co. website can be customised to some extent. Prospective State riders can choose a different saddle, a differently shaped handlebar and many other custom attributes that will help make the State they choose personal to them. In this e-commerce age, when items are picked, packed and shipped at a click of a mouse, this is pretty cool!

Another notable aspect of State Bicycle Co. and one which not many brands in the cycling industry follow is that once a model sells out, it will never be restocked – or as State put it – ‘retired’.

Are State Bicycle Co. Bikes Good?

State Bicycle Co. bikes are known for their durability, low maintenance, and sleek designs. Durability and low maintenance are two important features of good urban, city or commute bikes.

State uses a variety of high-quality materials and components to ensure that its bikes are both reliable and attractive. State bicycle frames are often made from steel. Whilst this does increase their weight, in the cycling industry, steel frames are known to be robust and hard-wearing. The best steel frames won’t be harsh to ride either and should absorb the bumps and potholes of city roads.

To keep their bikes affordable State fit most of their bikes with rim brakes, rather than disc brakes. Rim brakes are fine but don’t offer the same stopping power as disc brakes and definitely won’t perform as well in wet conditions.

Judging from the reviews on the State Bicycle Co. website, there are thousands of happy cyclists out in the world on State bikes. A quick scan of the reviews illustrates that Customers appreciate the affordability of State Bicycle Co. bikes, which are often significantly cheaper than similar models from other brands. With other 12,000 reviews and counting, you’re on safe ground with a State Bicycle.

Is State Bicycle Co. a Good Brand?

State Bicycle Co. has established itself as a reputable brand in the cycling community, known for its commitment to quality, affordability, and customization. The company has also gained a loyal following thanks to its strong social media presence and community events, which offer riders a chance to connect and share their passion for cycling.

State’s website offers riders the opportunity to buy bikes monthly – a nice touch considering that, for most, a bike is a large purchase to make. For customers shopping in the US stock items ship within 1 business day!

Whilst that is incredible, delivery does attract a charge – it’s $45-$55 for a complete bike. For cyclists shopping for a bike online, the UK version of the State website details that items will be shipped as soon as possible with varying rates of shipping, depending on what is ordered.

Although State ship their bikes pretty much fully built its heartening to know that the brand maintains a larger dealer network, with hundreds of bike shops, across vast swathes of the US and Canada, stocking and maintaining State bikes. That said, should you run into any trouble with a State bicycle post-purchase, their simple design means that pretty much any reputable bike shop should be able to repair and maintain them.

Where Are State Bicycle Co. Bikes Made?

State Bicycle Co. bikes are designed in Tempe, Arizona, and manufactured in Taiwan. As is the case with most other brands in the cycling industry, the company works closely with its overseas partners to ensure that its bikes meet quality standards and are manufactured with sustainable and socially responsible practices.

Does State Bicycle Co.Make E-Bikes?

State Bicycle Co’s electric bike range extends to just one model. The 6061 eBike Commuter is quintessential State – a simple, no-thrills, affordable single-speed model that doesn’t over promise. As the name suggests, it’d be an ideal commuter bike.

The 6061 eBike Commuter uses a hub-powered motor and integrated battery. Unlike some cheap e-bikes in this category, this bike is available in three different frame sizes – this way, those of different heights can find a size that fits them. Like other State bikes, this e-bike can be semi-customised with extras like a kickstand, water bottle cage and different pedals. Customers can even add other accessories like lights or a lock so you can start riding with a complete package.

State Bicycle Co.Bikes Review

Overall, State Bicycle Co. bikes are a brilliant choice for riders looking for a stylish, affordable, and customizable ride. Whether you’re commuting in the city or hitting some gravel trails, State Bicycle Co. has a bike that can meet your needs. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, it’s no wonder that State Bicycle Co. has become a favourite brand among cash-strapped, city cyclists.

state bicycles product round up

Best State Bicycle Co. Bikes

State manufactures a decent array of bikes, but here are six of our favourites.

  1. state bicycle core line

    Excellent Value for Money

    State Bicycle Co. Core Line

    This is what State Bicycle Co. are know for. A bike that can be run as a single-speed or as a fixed-gear and it doesn’t cost a bucket load of cash!

  2. state bicycle 6061 e-bike commuter

    State But Electrified

    State Bicycle Co. 6061- eBike Commuter

    Like most State bikes this is a single-speed, but with the added assistance it makes the bike extra versatile. The 6061 on this bike refers to the aluminium frame.

  3. state bicycle 4130 all-road

    Up-rated Steel Frame

    State Bicycle Co. 4130 All-Road

    Combines the plushness of steel with tyres that can go most places and disc brakes that stop in all weathers. Can be bought with either drop bars or flat bars.

  4. state bicycle city bike

    Maximum Utility and Style

    State Bicycle Co. City Bike

    Some State bikes aren’t for flat out riding and this is one of. Born out of the traditional ‘Dutch bike’ these bikes make commutes comfortable.

  5. state bicycle klunker

    Beach Crusier Meets BMX

    State Bicycle Co. Klunker

    With a unique silhouette these bikes are sure to get you noticed. Great for cruising to the shops or riding along the seafront.

  6. state bicycle black label all-road

    Aluminium Frames

    State Bicycle Co. 6061 Black Label All-Road

    There are several versions of the 6061 Black Label, but the All-Road is the best. It’s great for all rides: commutes, gravel, road and bikepacking – do it all on the 6061 Black Label.

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