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2 New Solar-Powered Cycle Paths Illuminate the Netherlands


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Two new cycle paths, composed entirely of solar panels, have been unveiled to the public in the Netherlands this week, as reported by PV Magazine.

Wattway and Royal BAM Group introduced two state-of-the-art photovoltaic (PV) cycle paths in the provinces of North Holland and North Brabant.

The panels are shielded by multiple layers of resin and designed with minimal wiring.

During the first year, these solar panels are expected to generate approximately 160 MWh/year of renewable energy, enough to power nearly 100,000 homes.

While solar bike lanes are not a new concept in the Netherlands, the SolaRoad project pioneered the integration of solar panels directly into the surface of a bicycle lane in 2014.

The first prototype was unveiled in Krommenie, a town near Amsterdam, featuring a 70-meter stretch of solar bike path for testing purposes.

Utilizing crystalline silicon solar cells encased in tempered glass, the solar bike paths developed under the SolaRoad project are designed to withstand the weight and impact of cyclists and smaller vehicles.

The transparent top layer ensures that sunlight reaches the solar cells while providing a durable and safe surface for cyclists.

Solar Bike Lane
Solar Panel Bike Lane. (Photo: Wattway)

Netherlands a Leader in Solar Energy Bike Paths

This innovative approach not only transforms traditional transportation infrastructure into a source of clean energy but also underscores the Netherlands’ commitment to sustainable urban development.

A key objective of the SolaRoad initiative is to explore the feasibility and efficiency of integrating solar technology into existing road networks, offering a potential solution for renewable energy generation in urban and suburban areas.

The successful implementation of these solar bike paths in the Netherlands serves as a testament to the country’s dedication to exploring innovative solutions for a greener future, combining sustainable transportation with renewable energy production.

As these projects progress, they contribute valuable insights into the viability of solar roadways as a scalable and practical approach to address both energy and transportation needs.

Solar bike lane netherlands
Solar Panel Bike Lane. (Photo: Wattway)

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