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Resolute Bay NX1 Cordura Cycling Jeans – Review

For the most part of 2016, I have been wearing pretty much one pair of jeans: the Resolute Bay Cordura jeans that I reviewed back in March.

It’s not that I don’t own other jeans. I probably own four or five pairs (I know, what a show-off). But the simple fact is, after breaking the Cordura jeans in – none of the others that I owned came even close to the comfort and fit to that of Resolute Bay’s.

They gave the perfect amount of flexibility and stretch, and also had some neat reflective features. That’s not to say they were perfect. They weren’t.

The reflective detailing around the calf muscle started peeling off pretty quickly, and while I thought the “zip-release-reflective-bum” was an interesting concept, the novelty of it wore off after a while and I stopped using it altogether.

But now Resolute Bay are back. And back in some style.

Last month I put away my Cordura jeans and stepped into my brand new NX1 Cordura cycling jeans!

Resolute Bay Cordura NX1 Cycling Jeans
And, essentially, Resolute Bay have taken a very good product and perfected it.

These jeans look great.

I really can’t emphasise that enough. These cycling jeans look great. The fact that the untrained eye can’t even spot that these are ‘cycling jeans’ is a huge testament.

Coming in slim fit and available in indigo or black, these are smart jeans. Just take a look for yourself.

Resolute Bay Cycling Jeans

But how have Resolute Bay taken the Cordura range to the next level
Well, the change is essentially four-fold:

  1. They have removed the “zip-release-reflective-bum” and replaced it with subtle (but effective) reflective strips in the seams that run up the outside of the thigh and across the rear, as well as two strips on the rear pockets.
  2. The reflective strip on the inside of the calf is now firmly stitched on and made of durable material.
  3. A buttoned fly has been replaced by a zip-fly. Much more elegant.
  4. A gusseted crotch has made an appearance! Yes, probably only the major criticism of the original range has been rectified with a solid gusseted crotch. Good luck wearing that out.

Reflective Cycling Jeans

So you put all of these new features alongside the excellent classic styling and the solid-but-flexible 12.5oz Cordura stretch denim, and you’re essentially on to a winner.

And what’s more, they’re available at a very decent price at £85. Which, for a premium pair of jeans is really, very good – and refreshing in an urban cycling segment that is far too often over-priced.

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Cycling Jeans Reflective Features
Pete Reynolds

Resolute Bay NX1 Cordura Jeans













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2 Responses

  1. Ian says:

    Has anybody bought from Resolute Bay recently?
    I returned an order and heard nothing from them: no refund, no communication.
    Repeated attempts to contact them via email, their website and Facebook failed. There is no phone number on their website.
    Eventually I raised a complaint with PayPal and got my money back. Still nothing from Resolute Bay though.

    • George says:

      Hi, no t purchased anything from them yet but have been stalking the website for a few months or so and aside from the interesting products on show the overall site has an ‘abandoned, we’re selling up stock and closing shop’ kinda feel to it which is a shame considering the great reviews for their jackets and jeans.

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