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Quad Lock Brompton Phone Bike Mount [Review]

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By running Discerning Cyclist, I regularly get offered the chance to review cycling gear.

At first it was a real novelty to get “free stuff” in exchange for an honest written review about it.

But after nearly nine (!) years of running this site, these review requests now come thick and fast. Indeed, it’s more than I can handle, hence why Rohan now often helps me out with these reviews.

I actually turn down most review requests these days as otherwise that’s all I’d have time to do.

But I’m still happy to test out gear that really intrigues me.

The other challenge with running a website for nearly a decade is the huge number of emails you get.

Most of this is outright spam, while others are requests to be featured on the site and others are message from members of the Discerning Cyclist community (the latter of which I love to get).

However, with vast swathes of emails landing in the old inbox, I need to be quick to sort and categorise these messages. So, when it comes to things like review requests, it’s very much a quick skim of the message to see if it’s something I want to pursue.

Occasionally, this comes back to bite me in the backside.


Well, if I skim read a message and see something along the lines of “… Quad Lock Phone Mount available for review”, I jump at the chance (as it’s a brand and product I’ve long been fascinated by).

But sometimes the devil is in the detail.

Something like: “Brompton Quad Lock Phone Mount”, for example.

Wait, Brompton?

Yes, I received a Quad Lock Phone Mount to review, that has been specifically been made to for a Brompton Folding Bike.

The problem?

I don’t have a Brompton Folding Bike.

So here we go…

Knog PWR Road Light
  • Style
  • Function
  • Value
  • Quality


The Knog PWR Road Light is a versatile and powerful bike light designed for road cycling. It features a high-capacity battery that can also be used to charge other devices, multiple brightness levels, and a durable aluminum construction. The light also has a modular design that allows for easy customization.


  • 3350mAh battery
  • Can charge phone and other devices
  • Bright 700L light


  • Fiddly to remove light heads

Brompton Phone Mount by Quad Lock

Quad Lock make phone mounts. Not just for bikes, but also for cars, motorbikes and even runners.

Phone mounts are not a particular unique concept, but Quad Lock’s take on it is.

Rather than gripping your phone in place (which is often precarious if you’re on a bumpy ride), Quad Lock utilises what is best described as a “twist and clip system”. This is achieved by either buying a Quad Lock phone case (which has the clip system built into the back) or with a universal adaptor that you attach to your phone or your existing phone case.

With the adaptor or phone case attached to your phone, you can easily and securely attach your phone to any Quad Lock mount.

Quad Lock mounts come in many shapes and sizes. Their bike mounts, for example, are available with a standard handlebar mount, an “out front” mount or, most recently, a fitting built especially from Brompton Folding Bikes that sits perfectly in the middle of the handlebars.

The good news is: I got lucky.

The Brompton Phone Mount also happens to perfectly fit the B’Twin Hybrid Bicycle that I commute with.

So, please allow me some creative license here in reviewing “Brompton’s” phone mount…

Quad Lock Bicycle Phone Mount Review

There are two steps to get your phone and bicycle read to use Quad Lock.

You need to either buy a Quad Lock phone case or attach the universal adaptor to your phone. I opted for the latter. It’s a very simple process in which you get the back of your phone case a quick wipe to get rid of any dirt/oils, and then simply pealing off the adhesive 3M sticker and attaching it to the middle of your phone. It’s worth giving this a bit of time (about 60 minutes) to let sticker provide a solid connection to your phone, although the rebellious/impatient among you will probably get away with using it straight away.

Then you need to fit the mount to your Brompton bike handlebars. This is extremely easy and just involves popping the clasp over the handlebars and then screwing the two fasteners to secure it. It doesn’t take more than a minute.

Is Quad Lock Worth It?

Quad Lock mounts cost around £30 to £40, plus the cost of a phone case (c. £30) or adaptor (£15) for your phone. That means you’ll be spending £45 to £70 on a bike phone mount – which is pretty expensive. So is the Quad Lock system worth it?

Well, value will always be gaged personally, but what I can say is that once set up, the Quad Lock phone mount is incredible easy to use and extremely secure. Other phone mounts may be considerably cheaper, but they’re often also very fiddly to secure your phone with.

Plus, you want your phone to be safe – after all, it’s one of the most valuable items that your likely to own, so spending a few extra quid on a top-of-the-range bicycle phone mount is a worthy investment in my mind.

What’s more, when you’ve already invested in a Quad Lock phone case or adaptor, you can then also use it to attach to other Quad Lock mounts, such as in a car, an armband while running or even a desk mount.

How to Use Quad Lock Mount

Attaching your phone to any Quad Lock mount is extremely easy. You simply press down the lever of the mount, place the phone at a 45-degree angle on the mount, and then twist is it into position (either vertically or horizontally) to lock it into place.

To remove the phone, hold down the lever and again twist the phone to a 45-degree angle.

It’s an extremely easy and secure way to attach your phone to your bike, as you can see in my short demo video below:

Brompton Phone Mount by Quad Lock [REVIEW]

If you actually have a Brompton bike, the specialised Brompton Quad Lock will be the ideal way to attach your phone to your bike. The Brompton Phone Mount is available for £35 directly from Brompton (although do remember you also need a phone case or a universal adaptor to attach your phone).

If, however, like me, you want a Quad Lock phone mount but don’t have a Brompton Bike, you can get the “out front” Quad Lock mount (which sits in front of your handlebars) or a mount that sits directly on your handlebars.

Quad Lock phone cases are also available for all major smartphones, including iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, while the Universal Adaptor can also be attached directly to your own phone or phone case.

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