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PVY Bike Review: Are These E-Bikes Worth Your Attention?

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PVY are a direct-to-consumer bike brand whose current range of models extends to three simple, low-priced electric bikes.

Being in the competitive electric bike market, why should PVY be worth your attention?

pvy bikes fact sheet

Who Are PVY?

PVY are an electric bike brand and manufacturer that focuses on electric bikes for people on a budget. At the time of writing, all PVY electric bikes were priced under £1000/€1200.

PVY electric bikes are sold directly from the brand’s website and shipped through mainland Europe and the United Kingdom. PVY also enables customers to pay in local currency, helping them save a fortune on costly exchange rates and fees. For now, it doesn’t look as though the brand is offered in the United States.

In recent times, PVY has utilised the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to launch its newest model, the Z20 Plus. Although the campaign had a modest aim of £24,000, it’s perhaps a testament to the PVY brand that backers over-supported the campaign to the tune of £36,000.

What Does PVY Specialize In?

PVY’s specialism lies in bang-for-your-buck electric bikes. Depending on which type of electric bike you wish to buy, PVY might enter your thinking for a few reasons. If you’re after an e-bike powered by a hub motor and one that doesn’t cost the earth, PVY might be a good choice.

For now, it doesn’t look like PVY is going to specialise and offer electric bikes designed for a specific purpose, like an e-bike for disabled people or those with reduced mobility.

PVY Folding E-Bike in use

Are PVY Bikes Good?

On the face of it, PVY bikes offer a good, if not a tad humdrum, range of e-bikes. PVY bikes follow a tried-and-tested format for cut-price electric bikes. They are sold in one frame size, are fitted with a hub-drive motor and come with downright basic components.

The finish and the branding of PVY e-bikes are also very similar to its competitors. No fancy wielding or stylised graphics here, just bog-standard craftmanship that more regular bike riders might well sniff at.

The above isn’t a slight on PVY e-bikes, indeed the specification of PVY electric bikes should deliver more than enough performance for the infrequent bike rider. For example, the PVY Z20 Plus, with its folding design, wide tyres and front suspension is the ideal machine to sling in the back of a motorhome for holidays or weekends on the road.

Plus, with bikes like the Z20 Pro, PVY has aimed to stand out from the crowd by fitting wheels with six, bladed spokes.

Is PVY a Good Brand?

From what we can gather from our research, PVY seems like a fairly reputable brand. As a testament to this, PVY sells their products throughout all European countries, a feat which illustrates the brand’s commitment to prosper and grow.

Throw in their successful Indiegogo campaign (those who backed the campaign are due to receive their bikes later in the year) and you get the impression that PVY isn’t a one-man-band or side hustle.

The PVY website is professionally put together. Each of their three electric bikes has been assigned all the requisite information on their respective product pages. Information on the website is laid out clearly for users of both mobile and desktop devices.

Both pre-purchase and post-purchase journeys are catered for on the PVY website with content pages like Payment Policy, Shipping Policy and Warranty Policy. The brand has also created a simple but effective FAQ page which enables customers to find quick answers to their queries.

To help customers purchase their electric bikes, PVY currently offers the well-known finance option, Klarna at checkout. This enables customers to split what could potentially be a large purchase into smaller, more manageable payments.

Customers can contact PVY Bikes via a variety of methods, including live chat (certain hours only), email, phone and even WhatsApp.

PVY Folding e-bike headlight

Where Are PVY Bikes Made?

PVY are not explicit about where their electric bikes are made. If we had some money burning a hole in our back pocket, we’d bet they are made in the same locality as the address listed on their website.

Shenzhen in China is a hub for all types of industry, and although we’re only making an educated guess on this, it’s likely PVY bikes begin their life here too.

If you are a customer of PVY, don’t expect to wait for your bike to be shipped all the way from China. According to their website, PVY holds stock of their electric bikes in Italian and British warehouses. This helps expedite shipments to customers based on their shipping address. It’s also worth mentioning that PVY currently offers free shipping on all bike purchases.

Does PVY Make E-Bikes?

Right now, PVY does not manufacture any regular bikes – that’s those without electrical assistance. As such, there are no PVY hybrid bikes or road bikes. No folding bikes or bikes for disabled adults.

PVY Bikes Review

Reviews of PVY bikes are thin on the ground, but of those we can find, most mention their value for money.

Of all direct-to-consumer electric bike manufacturers that we’ve come across recently – especially those that have arrived after the boom in electric bikes during the coronavirus pandemic – PVY has a small media and customer review footprint.

The three bikes listed on their website for sale haven’t attracted a huge number of customer reviews and similarly, there aren’t many reviews of PVY bikes in the specialist press.

pvy bikes product round up

Best PVY E-Bikes

  1. pvy z20 pro foldable e-bike

    Folding e-bike, 250W motor

    PVY Z20 Pro

    Available in two colours this PVY e-bike would be a good option for those cyclists wanting to commute to work, or those short of space at home.

  2. pvy z20 plus e-bike

    Fat tyres and suspension

    PVY Z20 Plus

    A fat-tyred version of the Z20, the Plus also gets a front suspension fork for comfort. This combo gives the bike stability even off-road. Plus, it still folds for storage!

  3. pvy h500 pro hybrid e-bike

    Regular hybrid e-bike

    PVY H500 Pro

    A non-folding electric bike the H500 Pro has, somewhat confusingly, a 250W motor. It has a max range of 90km and would be good for pootling about on tarmac roads.

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