How Cycling Changed This YouTube Star’s Life (and Helped Her Lose 77lb)

Katie Kookaburra before and after photos
Image credit: Katie Kookaburra

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“Cycling has helped me build fitness, lose 77lb (35kg), make some of the best friends I have, and create some of the best memories ever.”

Those are the words of cyclist and YouTube star Katie Kookaburra, who recently shared her cycling story in a vlog on her channel.

According to Katie, she started out as a runner, but after an injury, she quickly figured out it wasn’t for her.

After giving up running and recovering from an eating disorder, Katie weighed 220lb (100kg) and was eager to get fit.

She embarked on her cycling journey with a mountain bike borrowed from her grandfather, and today she’s traveling the world and taking on some of the most challenging races across the globe.

Katie went from not knowing how bike gears worked to becoming the queen of the mountains.


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