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How Many Bikes Do I Really Need? (DEFINITIVE ANSWER)

How many bicycles do I need

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It might be one of the most hotly contested topics regarding bicycles: “How many bikes do I need?”

Some may claim that it is a matter of opinion and personal circumstance. But we can confirm, that is absolutely false.

Believe it or not, there is a golden answer to exactly how many bicycles one should own.

Here, we’ll reveal exactly how many bikes you need.

Life is short, buy the damn bike

❌ 1 Bicycle

One bicycle. Sure, it’s a humble start for a beginner cyclist.

Perhaps you live in the city and only need a bicycle for the odd commute. But what if the mountains start calling? Your fixie won’t make it in the rugged wilderness.

There’s only one option…

2 Bicycles

You get yourself a mountain bike to quench your thirst for the outdoors.

You now own two bicycles and feel quite content.

Then, a new obstacle is thrown your way. Your boss moved the mandatory morning meeting an hour earlier, and you have two options. You either have to get up earlier or buy an e-bike to get to the office faster. What do you do?

Bicycles in garage

❌ 3 Bicycles

You buy the e-bike, of course.

Now you have three bikes, and life seems great.

But then your rental contract comes to an end, and now you have to move. You find the perfect place that’s only a short commute away from a station that will take you straight to the office.

But all your bikes are too big and chunky. What are you going to do?

One bike leads to another

❌ 4 Bicycles

You buy a folding bike.

It’s perfect for the commute from your new place to the closest station. When you arrive at the station, you fold up your bike and get on the train. Problem solved.

You’re pretty chuffed with yourself and satisfied with your four bicycles.

Then, one day, you spot a cargo bike on your commute home… the kids would love that.

It's not hoarding if it's bicycles

❌ 5 Bicycles

What’s a bicycle collection without a cargo bike, anyway? It’s perfect for big shopping hauls on weekends and carries everything you need.

You now own five bikes.

“I’m fine,” you think to yourself. Then one day while scrolling online, you see that your favorite brand has a huge sale on their leisure bikes. You’ve always wanted to own one of their bikes but couldn’t afford it. Now is your chance.

fleet of bicycles

❌ 6 Bicycles

You buy it. Now you own six bicycles. Cycling is pretty much ingrained in every part of your life.

You find a community of like-minded people and take up competitive cycling.

Sure, you already own a lot of bikes, but you’ll need a new lighter more Aero model if you’re going to keep up.

And let me tell you a secret. You’ll never have enough bikes. And that’s why, if you want to know how many bikes you need, the answer is…


✅ N+1

You now own multiple bikes and have realised that the answer to how many bikes you need is in fact: N+1.

In the N+1 theory, the “N” represents the current number of bikes you own, and the “+1” means you always need one more bike than you currently have.

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