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Cowboy Cranks It Up With Big-Name New Advisors

Kevin Cornils and Harpreet Singh Rai join Cowboy

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In the world of Formula 1, they dub it the “silly season” when drivers engage in team swaps, reshuffling the roster before the year’s end.

Similar to this phenomenon, the cycling industry is currently in the midst of its own “silly season.” This week, Strava revealed its new CEO, Michael Martin, formerly associated with Nike and YouTube. Adding to the industry buzz, the renowned e-bike brand Cowboy has shared exciting news about two influential figures joining its ranks.

In an official press statement, Cowboy disclosed that Harpreet Singh Rai, previously the CEO of health tech wearables giant Oura, will now contribute as a board member. Additionally, Kevin Cornils, the former Chief Commercial Officer at Peloton, is set to join as a strategic advisor.

woman riding Cowboy e-bike

Harpreet Singh Rai and Kevin Cornils

Cowboy aims to harness Rai’s impressive skills to propel the company to new heights. Rai’s track record includes a staggering hundredfold growth in Oura’s revenue, securing $140 million in funding, and successful launches of new hardware and subscription models.

Kevin Cornils, now the CEO of Beauty Pie and a former key player at Peloton, brings a wealth of experience in sales, marketing, and international growth strategy to Cowboy. According to Cowboy’s statement, Cornils played a pivotal role in Peloton’s global success, contributing to revenues surpassing $3 billion.

Adrien Roose, Co-founder and CEO of Cowboy, expressed a warm welcome to Harpreet and Kevin as they join the Board of Directors. He emphasized their unique expertise and successful histories in scaling technology-led companies, highlighting their pivotal role in reshaping urban mobility with connected e-bikes.

Adrien Roose, Co-founder and CEO of Cowboy.

Cowboy Aims For Big Growth in 2024

This strategic move to include Rai and Cornils signifies Cowboy’s commitment to fortifying the company’s governance and capitalizing on the profound industry knowledge and business acumen of these accomplished executives.

In the backdrop of a challenging year for the e-bike sector, Cowboy looks forward to leveraging Rai and Cornils’ strategic insights as it gears up for an even more significant 2024.

Cowboy has been making strides in innovation, introducing the Retail Partner Network to enhance customer experiences with local bike shops, launching key updates to anti-theft software, unveiling an in-app navigation experience with Google Maps Platform, and introducing AdaptivePower software. This year also saw Cowboy’s partnership with Klarna and the inauguration of its Brand Store in Brussels.

As the recipient of the Wallpaper* Smart Space Awards 2023 for Most Revolutionary Personal Transport and recognized in Time Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2022, Cowboy stands out as the only e-bike maker with B-Corp certification. Having sold over 60,000 bikes and with a global community completing more than 1.5 million rides monthly, Cowboy continues to redefine the e-bike landscape.

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