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Do Brompton Bikes Ever Go on Sale?

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The Short Answer

Brompton bikes rarely go on sale due to their high demand and value. However, discounts can sometimes be found during events like Black Friday or on older models. Discount codes and ex-display models can also offer cheaper options. Additionally, exploring cycling schemes or purchasing from third-party showrooms can provide opportunities to get a Brompton bike at a lower price.

Brompton bikes are some of the most popular bikes on the market, featuring virtually unparalleled build quality, a smooth ride and advanced tech. Unfortunately, all of that comes with a high cost: Bromptons are expensive.

That leads many cyclists to wonder whether they can grab a Brompton bike on sale at a more palatable price. Bromptons tend to hold their value very well (another reason that they’re so expensive), which makes it more difficult to find a discount.

Don’t lose hope, though, because smart shoppers can still sometimes find these bikes on sale.

Brompton Bike Sales?

Brompton very rarely discounts its bikes because it doesn’t need to. The popularity of these machines means that they fly off the shelves. However, you will occasionally see discounts for events like Black Friday, and these can sometimes be substantial. 

You are, of course, much more likely to secure a discount on older models, especially just after a new Brompton bike has been released. Like all companies, Brompton phases out older models, lowering the price as it does so.

Purchasing a discounted older model is a fantastic entry point into the Brompton family. You can even look at close-match Brompton alternatives that offer much the same functionality for a lower price.


Discounted Brompton Bikes

Discounted Brompton Bikes are hard to come by, but you can find discount codes online to test on the Brompton website (if you’re buying online). These usually promise discounts from around 10% to 20%, although not every code will work.

Retailers who stock Bromptons, like Evans Cycles, Halfords and Mike’s Bikes, can occassional have sales that include Bromptons, so these are always worth keeping an eye out for.

A quick google search for these discount codes will turn up hundreds of results, many of them old and no longer active. Look for the most recent, and then it might take a little trial and error. Try the code at checkout to see if it works, or install one of the many browser apps like Honey that do all the hard work for you.

Up-to-date codes are rare, but they do exist, and that’s how many people manage to secure a discounted Brompton.

Where to Buy Cheap Brompton Bikes

The best place to buy a cheap Brompton bike is from Brompton itself using one of the above methods and looking either for a live discount code or a discounted older model. Alternatively, buying through a third-party showroom can also be successful. 

Ex-display models usually sell at significantly discounted prices. These bikes haven’t been used or ridden, but they have been on display in the showroom, which means that they’re not classifiable as “brand new.” Nearly all bike stores offer discounts on display models, so if you want to buy your Brompton folding bike from the high street this is a good option. 

It’s always worth looking into cycling schemes, too. Many countries and localities offer discounts on bicycle purchases in an attempt to get cars off the road. In the UK, for example, Cyclescheme promised 25% – 39% off bike and bike accessory purchases.

Schemes like these are common and are another great way to knock down the price of a Brompton without having to wait for the company to offer discounts. 

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