C3STROM Review: Are These Motorbike-Esque E-Bikes Any Good?

C3STROM Bikes Review

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With their numeric-punctuated name, C3STROM are already distinctive before you get to their unique moto-styling looks.

But what’s beyond those huge tyres, enormous suspension forks and sofa-like seating? Here, we aim to answer the question: are C3STROM electric bikes any good?

Who Are C3STROM?

C3STROM are a brand which sells motorbike-style electric bikes. The brand’s name is a reference to Class 3 electric bikes, of which all its models currently are, and the word storm.

A little bit of internet delving reveals that the brand hasn’t been around that long. It was founded in 2020 and released its first model in 2022. Despite its relative newest in the market, C3STROM has already attracted plenty of admirers.

Other than that (and the usual bike brand drivel on the company’s about us page) there’s little to tell.

Woman dressed in black on C3STROM bike wearing a black helmet

What Does C3STROM Specialize In?

C3STROM is a specialist in motorbike-style electric bikes. Typically these kinds of bikes offer the look of petrol or electric-powered motorbikes but with their pedal-assist or throttle mode of propulsion, they don’t attract the same requirements as motorbikes – namely things like tax, insurance and regulation.

Fitted with comfortable seating, slick tyres and lights, C3STROM electric bikes are most at home on city streets or on the tarmac at the very least. Whilst they might not be one of the very best city electric bikes around, based on their looks alone, they might be worthy of your consideration.

C3STROM use a tried and tested setup for electric bikes. The motor – that’s the unit that provides the pedal assistance or momentum via a throttle – is housed within the hub of the rear wheel.

This motor takes its power from an onboard battery. The motorbike styling of C3STROM electric bikes offers many suitable places to mount the battery without it looking silly. The motor is controlled by a unit positioned on the handlebars, within easy reach of the rider.

C3STROM make use of the battery power onboard their bikes and includes integrated lights and turn signals in their package. This gives C3STROM bikes extra utility and arguably more safety in busy towns and cities.

With a sole focus on moto-style e-bikes, there’s no room in C3STROM’s range for an electric folding bike.

Are C3STROM Bikes Good?

C3STROM electric bikes are a good option for those riders who wish to have a moto-styled e-bike with fast acceleration and eye-watering top speeds. Clearly, their design won’t be for all, but like the Urtopia Carbon One electric bike that Pete recently reviewed, C3STROM have certainly produced something out of the ordinary.

The motor is the main difference between the Astro Pro and the Astro Deluxe. The Deluxe runs a 750W Bafang motor with a tasty 90Nm of torque. This means it will offer faster acceleration and better hill climb performance than the Astro Pro.

With the Astro Deluxe, C3STROM has also introduced a rear suspension design which offers a concession to ride comfort, something not available on the Astro Pro – that’s despite its wide bench-style seating. If you aren’t a regular bike rider or you haven’t ridden in a while you may well appreciate the extra comfort offered by the Astro Deluxe.

It’s worth bearing in mind that both the C3STROM Astro Pro and C3STROM Astro Deluxe are very, very heavy – all that motorbike styling doesn’t come without a penalty. We suggest if you want to store the Astro or Astro Pro up a flight of stairs you better forget it and purchase a different type of electric bike.

Is C3STROM a Good Brand?

On the face it, C3STROM looks like a good brand. Polished website, packed with information and even a real telephone number, email address and postal address clearly displayed.

All C3STROM electric bikes are sold with a 1-year warranty, free shipping and a 15-day return policy. Whilst those figures aren’t industry-leading, they offer you – the customer – some confidence when buying a C3STROM electric bike.

It’s good to see C3STROM partner with finance provider Affirm in order to make their electric bikes more affordable to purchase. By doing this customers can purchase a C3STROM electric bike for less than $100 a month.

On their website, C3STROM include handy information like frequently asked questions and links to their product manuals – handy if you’ve lost yours or you’re keen to get into the nitty gritty of a product.

Where Are C3STROM Bikes Made?

Although the brand doesn’t state it explicitly, with a base in Hong Kong, it’s likely that C3STROM electric bikes originate from there too. This part of the world is well-known for its production and design of electric bikes so it’s no surprise to see that C3STROM come from the area.

For now, C3STROM only delivers their electric bikes in the US. It offers free shipping to all the major states.

Does C3STROM Make E-Bikes?

Yes, C3STROM makes electric bikes. For now, C3STROM doesn’t choose to offer regular or mechanical bikes, that’s those without electric assistance.

C3STROM Bikes Review

Like many direct-to-market electric bike brands, C3STROM has sought to deliver awareness of their products by providing their wares to industry experts for review. Many of these reviews exalt the power of C3STROM e-bikes and how much fun it makes them to ride.

Alongside reviews from third parties, the C3STROM is packed with many customer reviews. It’s nice to see how real-world customers rate small purchases, let alone larger more considered buys like an e-bike, so that’s a nice touch from C3STROM.

Most customer reviews of C3STROM electric bikes focus on their performance, most notably their acceleration and top speed. If these two features are important to you and you are in the market for a moto-styled electric bike then C3STROM should probably be on your shortlist.


Best C3STROM E-Bikes

  1. c3strom astro pro e-bike

    C3STROM Astro Pro

    The original C3STROM electric bike. It’s for those riders who like the appeal of motorbike styling without the hassle of owning a more powerful machine.

  2. c3strom astro deluxe e-bike

    More power, refined looks

    C3STROM Astro Deluxe

    Features the same motorbike styling but this time with a more powerful motor and rear suspension for comfort.

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