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What’s the Cheapest Brompton Folding Bike? [From B75 to A-Line]

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The Short Answer

The cheapest Brompton folding bike is the A Line model, priced at £850. It is a simple three-speed steel-framed bike that weighs 11.5kg. While it lacks certain features like mudguards and luggage capacity, it offers a reliable and convenient option for city commuting. The C Line models, starting at £1,195, provide additional gear and handlebar options.

When you think of folding bikes, it’s likely that Brompton is the brand that first comes to mind. It was back in 1975 that the company’s founder, Andrew Ritchie, invented a bike with a three-part fold – a bike that could be transported anywhere and everywhere with ease. The rest is history.

However, decades of premium precision engineering and innovation means the end product can cost a fair few bob, with Brompton bikes ranging from £850 to over £3,750, depending on the model.

If you’re looking to invest in a high-quality folding bike, it’s likely you’re considering a Brompton: the brand is universally recognised, the bikes are all built in the UK, and the design is now all but synonymous with the company name.

Wondering which Brompton bike is the cheapest, and whether it’s actually any good and worth the money? You’re in the right place – read on to find out more about Brompton’s cheapest folding bike models and how they differ from their pricier counterparts.

How Much Do Brompton Bikes Cost?

If you’re buying your Brompton folding bike new, directly from the manufacturer, prices range between £850 and over £3,750 depending on the model. The A Line Brompton is the cheapest, followed by the classic C Line model, and prices rise through electric models to the new titanium framed T Line.


Here is a breakdown of how much each Brompton model costs.

Brompton A Line£850
Brompton C Line (Urban)£1,195
Brompton C Line (Utility)£1,250
Brompton C Line (Explore)£1,350
Brompton P Line (Urban)£2,264
Brompton P Line (Urban with roller frame)£2,344
Brompton T Line (One)£3,750
Brompton T Line (Urban)£3,970
Brompton Electric C Line (Urban)£2,800
Brompton Electric C Line (Explore)£2,995
Brompton Electric P Line (Urban)£3,695
Brompton Electric P Line (Urban with roller frame)£3,775

If these price points are making your eyes water, not to worry: we have a curated list of the best budget folding bikes under £500 that are great alternatives to the Brompton.

What Happened to Brompton B75?

At a glance, it may seem that the Brompton B75 is no more, but that isn’t the case. It’s simply been re-branded as the Brompton A Line, the cheapest model of Brompton folding bikes.

As it launched its 2022 range, Brompton decided to simplify the names of its range, so the B75 became the A Line, and the various other model names were duly simplified to slot into Brompton’s four distinct ‘lines’.

What’s the Cheapest Brompton Folding Bike?

The cheapest Brompton folding bike is the A Line model, a simple three-speed steel-framed bike that weighs 11.5kg and costs £850.

As with the rest of the Brompton range, the A Line is handmade in London. It features the three-part fold Bromptons are known for, three gears for city riding, and a riser handlebar that keeps you sitting upright in the saddle.

The A Line is compatible with all original Brompton parts and fittings, so you can add parts and customise your ride as you wish.


Brompton A-Line: Any Good?

Sure, the A Line is cheap as Bromptons go – the next cheapest model, the two-speed C Line Urban, is £1,195 – but it still packs a punch. Bromptons are known for their build quality and innovative engineering, as well as being a sustainable buying option that’s heralded for its UK factory.

It’s a no-frills folding bike designed to get you from A to B – whether that’s entirely on urban cycle paths or hopping between taxis, buses and trains – with ease. It’s simple and easy to fold, so no embarrassing fumbling at the bus stop or office lobby, and collapses down to a compact shape that’s easy to stow and store.

In fact, it can fit under a bus seat, into a car boot, under a work desk and into a home utility closet for near-effortless storage, which is likely to be a priority for urban cyclists. To be exact, the Brompton A Line’s folded dimensions are 645mm (H) x 585mm (W) x 270mm (D), or 25.3” x 23” x 10.6”.

With a steel frame, the Brompton A Line is relatively light at 11.5kg – a manageable weight for carrying up a few steps or lifting in and out of a car boot.

In terms of technical specs, the A Line has a simple Brompton three-speed drivetrain, the classic A Line Saddle with integrated carrying handle, push-on rubber handlebar grips and Brompton A Line brake calipers which offer excellent stopping power. The chainset consists of a 6061 forged aluminium crank with 44T chainring and integrated chainguard, and the tyres are puncture-resistant Schwalbe Marathon Racer tyres.

As this is the most basic model of Brompton folding bike, it does not come with mudguards or luggage capacity as standard, but these can be added if you so choose.

It also only comes in one colour – white – which is classic and inoffensive if a little bland.

Aside from the lack of colour options, another negative cited by reviewers is that there is no choice of gearing. The C Line, by contrast, has three models to choose from with either two, three or six gears.

As Brompton is renowned for producing premium-quality, reliable, convenient and comfortable bikes, it seems you can’t go wrong even with their cheapest model, especially if you’re just looking for a dependable run-around for work and play in the city.

What is the Difference Between Brompton A-Line and C-Line? 

Aside from the price, there are a few differences between the Brompton A Line and C Line folding bikes, most notably the variety of gearing, handlebar and colour options. The A Line does not come with mudguards or a luggage rack (though they can be added), nor does it come with any lighting.

Here’s a breakdown of the differences between the Brompton A Line and C Line folding bikes.

Brompton A LineBrompton C Line
PRICE£850£1,195 to £1,350
SPEEDThree-speedTwo-speed, three-speed or six speed options
FRAMESteel frame and forksSteel frame and forks
WEIGHT11.5kg11.26kg, 11.8kg or 12.1kg (depending on model)
FOLDED SIZE645mm x 585mm x 270mm
(25.3” x 23” x 10.6”)
645mm x 565mm x 270mm(25.3” x 23” x 10.6”)
TYRESPuncture resistant Schwalbe Marathon Racer tyresPuncture resistant Schwalbe Marathon Racer tyres
BRAKESBrompton A Line brake calipersBrompton Dual Pivot brake calipers
REFLECTORSFront and rearFront and rear
COLOURSWhite onlyMultiple

What’s the Cheapest Brompton Electric Bike?

The cheapest Brompton electric bike is the Electric C Line Urban, which starts at £2,800. It has  two gears and a 250w hub motor and weighs 16.6kg, folding down to dimensions of 645mm (H) x 565mm (W) x 270mm (D), or 25.3” x 23” x 10.6”.

The Electric C Line Urban has a range of 20 to 45 miles on a single charge, and you can fully charge the bike in four hours or give it a boost for less. A 4A Fast Charger with a two hour charge time is available for purchase separately.

To help you maximise your battery life and control your power mode, you can download the Brompton Electric app which connects your bike to your phone via Bluetooth. You can also charge your phone as you ride, as there’s a built-in USB port.

The Electric C Line Urban is built with a steel frame, reinforced Electric specific steel brazed fork, puncture-resistant tyres, and comes complete with mudguards and luggage rack – perfect for commuters.

You can also choose from two colour options, Turkish Green or Black, and from either mid or high handlebars depending on your preference.

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