Can You Lease a Bicycle? (Best Long Term Bike Rental Services in UK)

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In Britain (and across the world) you can now lease a bicycle – just in the same way that you can lease a car.

It’s simple and straightforward. You simply find a leasing company, look for the correct bike and lease your bike out for your chosen amount of time.

Is Leasing a Bike Worth It?

When it comes to riding regularly, leasing can be a really great way of having access to a bike as and when you need it. Especially during the current global bikes / parts shortage

But is it worth it? This really depends on your needs and what you use your bicycle for. But for the most part it’s worth it and a great way to have access to a bike when you need one.

Bicycle Leasing: Pros and Cons

Arguably the biggest bonus of leasing a bike instead of buying one is the fact that you don’t have to store the bike long term. Equally you don’t have to pay vast insurance costs like you’d have to with your own bikes which can easily add up.

Another great aspect of leasing a bike is that you can choose a bike that suits your specific needs for that period in time, instead of realising a few months down the line that you maybe should have bought a hybrid instead of a lightweight road bike. 

However, there are negatives to leasing. The bike is not yours to do what you want with. Therefore you can’t just go modifying the bike and putting new accessories on as you wish. 

Equally, with leasing you are putting money into a bike that still doesn’t belong to you: most bike shops will allow you to buy bikes on finance, which could work out a similar price to leasing, meaning you can spread the cost out instead of spending a lump sum and still end up with a new bike.

Pros and cons of bicycle leasing

Bicycle Leasing vs Cyclescheme

First and foremost both are great because there’s not the same big upfront cost that there is when you buy a new bike, unless of course you are buying it on finance which is not always an option in some bike shops. 

However, with leasing you don’t own that bike, it still belongs to the leasing company. Whereas when using the Cyclescheme you do actually own your bike once you’ve paid it off via your wage. Prior to this the company that you work for technically owns your bicycle. 

It’s also worth noting that you are stuck to one type of bicycle when using the cyclescheme. When leasing you can choose different types of bikes instead of just one.

Bicycle leasing is having access to a bike when you need one.

Bicycle Subscriptions: The Future of Cycling?

Leasing can be a great way to figure out what sort of bike you want. Some companies will offer different types of bikes which will help you decide what may suit your needs more.

For example, some companies will let you lease or hire an electric bike whereas others will only have normal hybrids on offer. Out of our top picks there will be a bike leasing company to suit everyone’s needs and budgets. 

Pay Monthly Electric Bike Leasing

If you were thinking that you may want an electric bike, you can also lease electric bikes of all types on a monthly basis. 

They are a great and very accessible type of bicycle which will get you from A to B faster than your bog standard bike. However it will most likely cost more as e-bikes cost more to produce and therefore are worth more than your average push bike. 

Best Bicycle Leasing Companies in the UK

1. Buzzbike

From £29/month


  • Bike
  • Lock
  • Insurance
  • Repair Coverage

What is Buzzbike? 

They are a London based bike leasing company which has a monthly cost of £29.00 for a standard hybrid bike for you to use. 

They also offer bike rides to help you ease into London riding, which can be very daunting, as well as workshops to help improve on your bicycle knowledge. 

How Does Buzzbike Work? 

The bikes come at a monthly fee of £29.00. This includes: the bike, a lock, insurance and repair coverage. 

The bike itself also comes with the standard reflectors to keep you seen as well as mudugards to ensure that you don’t get wet during rainy commutes. 

Buzzbike Pros and Cons 

The Buzzbike is really great for those who don’t know much about bikes and don’t want to fork out on maintaining their own bike as they maintain the bike for you. 

All in all they are a great option for commuters as they are a cheaper alternative to driving or public transport. But the bikes are basic and they come with reflectors but not lights. However they do sell lights at a discount when you sign up.

2. Swapfiets 

From £12.90/month


  • Bike/E-bike
  • Repair Coverage

What is Swapfiets? 

Swapfiets is a European based bicycle subscription company with a low insurance excess that offers their services across many European destinations. 

They offer a range of different bikes, such as city bikes and electric bikes, and the monthly cost is dependant on the type of bike that you chose to lease. In London their prices currently range from £12.90 to £75.00 per month.

How Does Swapfiets Work? 

After selecting your location and your preferred bicycle model at Swapfiets, you can schedule an appointment at their store to pick up the bike. Alternatively you can choose to have the bike delivered to you within 48 hours. 

If your bike were to break, Swapfiets will swap your bike for a repaired one and they will set everything up for you such as saddle height and explain everything that you need to know upon collection / delivery.

Swapfiets Pros and Cons 

First and foremost you have access to their custom service line via call, text or email which is very useful. Likewise if you have any issues with your bike they shall ensure it’s sorted swiftly.

You do get the choice of what type of bike you’d like to lease in your area, however the service is limited in some countries as they don’t offer their services in certain cities.  

3. Brompton Bike Hire

From £25/month


  • Folding bike
  • Insurance
  • Repair Coverage

What is Brompton Subscription? 

Bromptons are very practical and popular, one size fits all, folding bikes which you can hire out from Brompton themselves through their subscription services.

You can choose between either the Annual option at £45.00 or the 30 days rolling Flexi option which is £65.00. Both options offer cover and will provide the M3L version of their range. 

How Does Brompton Subscription Work? 

First you have to register yourself online by choosing either the Annual option or the 30 days rolling Flexi option, depending on whether or not you want the bike for a long term or short term basis. 

Upon signing up to the subscription your Brompton is delivered to your door. This service also benefits from free repairs and servicing. 

Brompton Subscription Pros and Cons 

Bromptons are usually very expensive to buy new, therefore the Brompton hiring services allow you to use one as and when you need it instead of buying one outright. It’s also a great way to figure out if a Brompton would suit your needs before buying one. Also, in subscribing you get the bonus of a discount on a future Brompton purchase.

However, it must be said that they are not suitable for everyone’s needs. As they are quite a specific bike: it’s folding abilities paired with having little wheels reduces it’s versatility in comparison to a hybrid. 

4. Zoomo

From £40/week


  • Electric bike
  • Servicing
  • Cancel anytime

What is Zoomo? 

Zoomo is a company that currently offers five different types of electric bikes to hire on a weekly subscription basis. As well as that, they also sell and produce the bikes that their company offers. 

Therefore you can lease your chosen bike at a weekly rate, rent to own or just buy one of their Zoomo bikes outright and keep it for your own personal use. 

How Does Zoomo Work? 

Once you have chosen your desired e-bike plan, you can then decide between having your bike either delivered to you or whether you want to collect the bike yourself from one of their London locations. 

If you were to choose their flexible weekly renting service, it can be cancelled at any point and the price starts from £40.00 per week. Their customer service is open to you 24/7 for any issues that you may have, such as a puncture. 

Zoomo Pros and Cons 

Zoomo offers a lot of flexibility given their range in services and plans that they provide. Similarly, when leasing one of their bikes you also have the benefits of warranty and servicing being included as well as the bikes being of a great quality. 

However, if you do decide to buy one of the bikes, either outright or rent to buy, you do not benefit from servicing. Equally, another downside to this service is that because the bikes are electric and high quality they do cost a lot more than other leasing companies. 

5. Hurrecane 

£180 deposit then from £1.65/day


  • Electric bike
  • Servicing
  • Cancel anytime

What is Hurrecane? 

Based across Britain, Hurrecane offers a vast range of electric bikes, from electric fat bikes to electric cruisers, to rent on a monthly basis. 

All of the bikes do incur a standard deposit fee of £180.00 and the price of the bikes are dependent on both the type of bike that you’d like and the area that you will be leasing the bike from.

How Does Hurrecane Work? 

First and foremost, on their website you have to select the bike that you’d like to lease and then proceed to choose the county that you’d like to hire the bike from. Then you will have to pay an upfront deposit of £180.00 as well as the first month’s fee of the bike.

Once that has been completed your electric bike will be delivered to your door, charged and ready to go. The cost of your subscription covers the cost of: servicing, tyres, battery, motor and any component failure due to wear and tear.

Hurrecane Pros and Cons 

When subscribing through Hurrecane you benefit from a lifetime warranty on your leased bicycle. Equally you aren’t roped into a long term contract with this service either, meaning there’s no obligation to carry on if you no longer require the bike.

However, this service is another slightly more costly one but you do get a better range of electric bikes. Moreover, although they are available in the UK they don’t allow for you to select your location in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland either. 

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