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Everything You Need to Know About Bicycle Insurance

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Insurance is nothing new. There’s pretty much nothing you can’t insure nowadays, so you won’t be surprised you can also get cycling insurance. But what is it? And, importantly, is it worth it?

But first, let’s get down to basics.

What is Cycling Insurance?

There are three things that cycling or bicycle insurance tends to cover: theft, damages, and you, the rider.

Theft Cover: Does what it says on the tin. If some little twerp makes off with your bike, you’ll receive either a new bike (generally if your bike was bought new and is under three years old) or a cash sum to cover the cost of a new ride.

Damages Cover: If your bike or any of your accessories are damaged either accidentally or maliciously, you will be reimbursed.

Rider Cover: Provides cover for you if you are involved in an accident, including accidental death, medical expenses, physiotherapy costs, loss of income, permanent disablement and broken bones.

You can find more comprehensive details or what is and isn’t covered here.

Benefits of Bicycle Insurance

While I don’t currently own a bike I’d say is worth insuring, if I were to invest in a decent model – I would certainly consider getting it insured.

Like anything valuable I own, I want to ensure that in the ‘worst case scenario’ I won’t be left high and dry.

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If you’ve spent into the high hundreds, or even thousands, of pounds on your bike, getting it covered shouldn’t even be a question. You wouldn’t do it with a car – and they’re much harder to steal (and it is kinda the law). But for a comparatively small cost, you can alleviate the worry of having your beloved wheels nicked.

Aside from theft, cycling insurance also covers damage to your bike. And, again, if you cruise around on a high-end model – each component can cost an arm and a leg, so whether you hit a pothole or something a bit bigger – you won’t have to foot the expense of a shiny new wheel or any other pricey accessory.

The final big benefit of cycling insurance – which applies to all riders – is the cover for you – the rider. Nobody ever intends to have a serious accident, but if you do, having your medical expenses, rehabilitation and – most importantly – your loss of earnings covered, is invaluable.


I’d say that cycling insurance isn’t for everyone. For more casual riders on a hand-me-down bike that is worth about four quid, it’s certainly not essential. However, if you’ve invested a substantial sum on a new ride, spending a bit extra to make sure if it does go missing you won’t be at a loss is certainly worth it.

Of course, you can always include your bike on a household insurance policy, however (and it is a big HOWEVER), many policies will only pay you out if your bike was stolen from your property, i.e. not covering you if your bike is stolen from elsewhere.

Comment below with your experiences of cycling insurance and whether you think it is worth it or not.


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