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5 Things You Should Know About National Bike Month

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It’s May, which means it’s officially National Bike Month.

The time has come to break out your favorite kit, inflate those tires, and celebrate everything cycling.

But for discerning cyclists like yourself, National Bike Month might hold more significance than just a casual ride. Let’s delve a little deeper:

1. National Bike Month Has A Legacy of Advocacy

National Bike Month isn’t some fleeting social media fad.

Established in 1956 by the League of American Bicyclists (LAB), it’s a well-respected tradition with a rich history.

Back then, the LAB, originally called the League of American Wheelmen, was a powerful force advocating for cyclists’ rights and paved roads (cyclists were instrumental in pushing for better infrastructure.).

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2. It Goes Beyond the Ride

While National Bike Month encourages everyone to hop on their bikes, it’s also a crucial time for advocacy.

The LAB uses this platform to push for better cycling infrastructure, including protected bike lanes, dedicated bike paths, and secure bike parking.

Additionally, safety awareness campaigns and lobbying for cyclist-friendly legislation take center stage during National Bike Month.

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3. A Month-Long Celebration

National Bike Month isn’t just a single day of recognition.

It’s a month-long festival of cycling.

Throughout May, local communities host a variety of events.

Expect group rides for all skill levels, educational safety workshops on topics like bike maintenance and road sharing, and even film screenings or talks featuring prominent figures in the cycling world.

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4. It Highlights Cycling’s Advantages

National Bike Month isn’t shy about promoting the numerous benefits of cycling.

From a personal standpoint, it champions the well-known health and fitness advantages.

But the focus also extends to environmental benefits like reduced air and noise pollution, and the positive impact on traffic congestion.

National Bike Month is a platform to showcase why cycling is a win-win for individuals and communities alike.

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5. Join the Movement:

National Bike Month isn’t just for spectators. It’s a chance for discerning cyclists like yourself to actively participate.

Here are some ways to get involved: join local events, organize group rides for friends and family who are curious about cycling, or even write to your local representatives advocating for better cycling initiatives in your area.

National Bike Month is about celebrating the ride, but also the movement behind it.

There’s a reason we’ve been celebrating cycling for over 60 years, and with continued advocacy and participation from passionate cyclists like you, the future of cycling looks bright!

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