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WATCH: “Horse Bicycle” Has Everyone Turning Their Heads

Horse Bicycle

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What do you get when you cross a horse and bicycle? A horsecycle, of course!

This unconventional contraption is not limited to the realm of imagination but has made its mark in the real world. One individual, driven by his creative spirit and an irrepressible desire to surprise and delight, brought the horsecycle to life. His ingenious and Frankenstein-like creation is half horse, half bicycle, and entirely captivating.

The short video clip that introduces this remarkable horsecycle to the world showcases the creator, boldly perched atop his unconventional steed. A closer look reveals two wheels at the back, supporting the mechanical aspect of the contraption, while the front features two “legs” that evoke the image of a horse’s front limbs.

Horse Bicycle

Horse bicycle

To complete this captivating vision, a hobby horse head sits majestically atop the horsecycle, a fitting tribute to both its equine and cycling heritage.

While it may not appear as the coziest or most practical mode of transportation, the horsecycle undeniably accomplishes one thing with aplomb – it turns heads wherever it goes. This unique amalgamation of horse and bicycle defies convention, invites curiosity, and sparks joy and laughter among those fortunate enough to witness its whimsical journey.

Watch the Horse Bike in Action:

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In the realm of imaginative and unconventional creations, the horse bicycle stands as a remarkable and whimsical testament to human creativity. While it may not be a mainstream mode of transportation, there’s no denying its unique charm.

One particular horse bicycle that garnered attention rode into the spotlight back in 2015, courtesy of the ingenious mind of Rodger Cleye. His “horsecycle” made a memorable appearance on Memorial Day weekend at Manhattan Beach. This extraordinary hybrid of horse and bicycle captured the curiosity of onlookers, and for good reason.

As for the inspiration behind this equine-meets-cycling marvel, Rodger shared his motivation, saying, “My kids love to ride it too whenever dad gets off. My wife just thinks I’m nuts.” It’s clear that the horsecycle was a labor of love, built not only to amuse but also to bring joy to his family.

Another Horsecycle!

Man on horse inspired bicycle

The horsecycle itself was crafted from an assortment of unconventional materials, demonstrating Rodger’s resourcefulness and artistic flair. Styrofoam, paper, adhesive spray, and duct tape were among the eclectic components used to bring this surreal creature to life. In a nod to recycling, parts of an old guitar were repurposed to add to the horsecycle’s distinctive character.

Rodger’s description of the creation process further enhances the charm of this delightful contraption. He assembled the various pieces with care, coating them in sturdy duct tape and, for the finishing touch, painting the entire ensemble in a sleek black hue. To give his equine creation a face, he cleverly incorporated a Halloween horse latex mask, infusing the horsecycle with personality and a touch of spookiness.

So, while the horse bicycle may not be a conventional means of transport or even a common sight on the streets, it is a testament to the boundless creativity and the capacity for joyous surprises that the human mind can conjure. It’s a reminder that even the most improbable ideas can come to life in a world that celebrates imagination and whimsy.

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