Lightweight, Breathable + Waterproof Cycling Jacket [DOES IT EXIST?]

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When it comes to finding the ideal jacket for commuting in milder weather, there are three things I really want from it.

And as you may have cleverly deciphered from the name of this post, those three key elements are being: lightweight, breathable and waterproof.

Essentially, I want a jacket that will keep me dry on the outside if it rains, without making sweat profusely on the inside.

The trouble is, while there is no shortage of waterproof hardshell jackets out there, finding one that is actually breathable is far less common.

So, I spoke with Scottish brand, Endura, to find out how/if a lightweight, breathable and waterproof cycling jacket is possible and what goes into creating one.

This post is in collaboration with Endura, a maverick cycling brand that has been providing riders with comfortable and functional cycling apparel since 1993.

The Problem with Waterproof Jackets

There is a fundamental paradox that comes with designing a truly waterproof jacket. The common logic would be that if you want to keep water out, you need to make sure the outer material – as well as all of its seams – are impenetrable. And that does work at preventing water from entering. But that mission is entirely in vain if this causes your body to sweat more and thus generate your own reservoir of sweat that can’t escape.

So, the challenge for any breathable waterproof jacket is to stop water coming in, but allowing moisture to go out.

Fortunately, there is some good news. Perspiration droplets are considerably smaller than that of other water (including rain). If you were to create a “sieve effect” whereby the wholes in the sieve where small enough to prevent rain entering, but large enough to let perspiration to escape, you would create a breathable product. Hallejulah!

And that’s exactly what Endura have done in order create the Urban Luminite Jacket II – one of the most popular commuter jackets in the UK.

Lightweight, Waterproof + Breathable Cycling Jacket

Endura’s Urban Luminite II has been built to give the urban commuter exactly what they need: a lightweight, waterproof and breathable cycling jacket. But it also goes beyond that, with 360˚ reflective prints that are designed to be at a driver’s eye level, as well as sealed seams and zips.

The Luminite also comes equipped with zip sealed mesh vents under each arm – so if your ride is really heating up, this can provide easy access to more air for your body.

Indeed, you really couldn’t ask much more from a bike commuter jacket. There are even hand warmer pockets with soft microfleece lining (zipped) as well as an additional zipped chest pocket. That means you’d also have plenty of safe dry space for your valuables when you ride.

So, if you’re looking for the best lightweight, breathable and waterproof cycling jacket for commuters, the Endura Urban Luminite Jacket II is worthy candidate at £109.99.

Plus we’ve got some good news… because until Sunday 10th July 2022, Discerning Cyclist has teamed up with Endura to offer an exclusive 10% discount on all purchases when you use promo code ENDURA10.

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