Best Gifts for Cyclists: The Handy Guide

Best Gifts for Cyclists: The Handy Guide

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Each and every one of us has at least one cycle lover in their most intimate circle of people (that is, if you are not one yourself). Although it is quite easy to decide what kind of a gift to purchase for pedaling enthusiast, it actually gets tricky from this point on. Deciding on a specific gift can be rather hard, since seasoned bikers tend to already own at least one of everything. If browsing for such a gift gives you a headache, here is a list of some of the best gifts for cycle lovers.

Bike Pump

A bike pump is an extremely underrated sort of cyclers’ gift. This is probably due to the fact it doesn’t have the “glamorous” quality or the gimmicky appeal of gloves, jackets, sunglasses, etc. However, it’s a very practical gift that your cyclist friend can actually use in time of need. It can be a godsend if their tire starts deflating during a journey. There is also a great chance even the most seasoned cyclist will need this because bike pumps generally don’t tend to last that long.


Have you ever thought about purchasing stylish sunglasses for your cycle loving friend? How about thinking more practical and going for cycle goggles? Of course, this does not mean cycling sunglasses are of poor quality –they usually come with UV protecting lenses and they tend to offer a solid protection from debris.

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However, they cannot beat the old-fashioned goggles. They are usually much more robust, so if you fall off your bike, there’s a bigger chance that they will not be shattered. They also typically come with a strap that tightens the goggles around your head, which means there’s even a lesser chance that they’ll fall off in case of a swerve. Furthermore, since the protection rubber presses against your eye-area, it offers 100% protection against debris and insects.

Braces and Guards

Buying bicycle jackets and pants is all fine and dandy, but safety should always come first when considering gifts for biking enthusiasts. Another crucial part of cyclists’ equipment that is prone to occasional wear and tear is braces and elbow guards. Consider purchasing reliable high-quality Troy Lee designs, as they both look seamless and provide proper protection.

Chain Ring cuffs

In all honesty, this is a very gimmicky gift, but it’s absolutely irresistible. The cufflinks are designed to imitate the appearance of the bicycle chain ring. Since cyclist fashion is a market on the rise, maybe you should go ahead and purchase something outlandish. It’s a very charming gift that will melt the heart of every pedaling enthusiast.

Bicycle Cup Holder

Here’s a gift that’s a bit more on the practical side – it might sound a bit superfluous, but once you (or your friend) attach a cup holder to your bike, it becomes hard to remember how you ever rode without it. After all, if cars have cup holders, why shouldn’t bikes? It is a perfect gift for commuters who bike to work, as they can save a lot of time by sipping their morning coffee in front of traffic lights. If you purchase a cup holder with an adjustable grip, it is a multi-purpose tool for cyclists who travel long distances too.

Coffee Thermos

Appropriately, if your friend or family member already owns an adjustable bicycle cup holder, you can also purchase a quality coffee thermos for the long journeys. We all know cyclists’ lifestyle is intrinsically connected to the liquid chemical miracle known as coffee. Thermoses come in many shapes and sizes and they can keep your coffee, tea or other hot beverage warm while you dart along the road, and it can be a life-saver during the winter.

Custom-Made Bike Basket

At the end of the day, if you are in financial dire straits, you can always turn to DIY projects and create a custom-made bike basket for your friend. This is an especially good gift choice if your friend is into vintage bikes and charming add-ons. It can serve as a holder for meals, groceries or whatever is too cumbersome to hold while riding. As far as designs go, if you are creative enough, you can make some truly charming bike baskets.

You’re guaranteed to find at least one gift on this list that is tailor-made for a family member or a friend who is into cycling. Overall, they are all good choices that will suit both casual and hardened riders alike. However, before you proceed to purchase an item (or two), try to slip it into a conversation with the bike lover and see if they already own it. It can work if you are discreet enough, and it can save you a lot of trouble.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Coffee funds may be converted into beers funds on Fridays.